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  1. hey thats awesome i just tried it -- I plugged a wireless mouse in and tried it - works brilliantly :)


    using ES file explorer to navigate the gigabytes upon gigabytes of movies and entertainment media on the fileserver is just awesome with a wireless mouse on my knee and the scroll wheel works - fkn awesome couch experience. Click to go into a folder, right-click to leave, mouse wheel to scroll the pages. too easy. With the others you got to do a lot of pointing and moving as you "grab" the list and flick it like a finger gesture to scroll... gets annoying after even just a few times. Scroll wheel ftw.


    The uhost is my default choice if I'm just going to watch movies on a big screen. for sure. or at least until some of those tweaks make its way to the ug802.

  2. you can even get a custom rom now for the ug802 :) so it looks like it's going to be a killer bit of kit on xda-developers very soon!



    I must say that although the speed of the ug802 is brilliant when compared with the a10 cpus like the uhost and mk802-ii, the uhost is by far and away the best software installed device. The default launcher is fantastic, but it's the little things that really stand out - like the fact that on my touchpad, if you run your finger down the right-hand edge (like on other notebooks) it scrolls down the page... and the volume up/down buttons on the keyboards actually *do* something! On the others, ug802 included, running my finger down the right-hand edge just made the mouse move down more... and the volume controls had no effect. Whoever fiddled with the default rom of the uhost took more time to get those little things working right and it's a much better experience.

  3. Wow... just wow. I'm looking at the ticker which is active at the moment and a whole 2% has been shaven off the share price since trading began a few hours earlier.


    Market cap as of writing right now? 580 billion. Yep - 10 billion just got wiped off just like that. That brings the total fall from the record high to 64 billion dollars.


    This was them LESS than 1 month earlier (25th sep)





    51 billion *snap* gone... just like that.


    update: just finished trading and... holy crap. down 3.6%


  4. Will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.


    It's clear that AAPL stock has declined - a total of almost 12% since the launch of the iPhone5, mapgate, chinagate and now verizongate. I'll leave out the nefarious details - the point being the slide is continuing.


    Stock did have a slight uptick because of the possibility of an iPad mini very soon. Also, releasing their earnings could also either bolster or weaken their share price and market cap... which has shrunk from an incredible $644bn only a few months ago... to now $593bn (was $590bn a day ago before the "uptick").


    Some analysts are now getting themselves some good deal of traffic by writing articles that prey on peoples fears. Apple stock continues decline... or whatever title in a similar vein and you've got a massive spike of pundits vying to rip your article to bits. Is it time to leave the AAPL bandwagon, or "Apple Stadium" as I'd rather call it.


    Stock is like a stadium. It slowly starts to fill up and you've got no problems getting in because everybody is entering in dribs and drabs along a very long expansive window of opportunity. You're in early - awesome. You're coming later - well, you'll still get something good.


    Then, the game is over... time to leave. It's a stampede. The trick is... to exit JUST before things become obvious the game is up. So... that is the million dollar question. Actually, for Apple, the million dollar question - or "Trillion" dollar question is : What is the next big thing? Cos Apple doesn't do very well in established markets where competitors are catching up. The competition has arguably caught up already. So they must either super-innovate and come up with something that is not a Tablet nor a Phone... or they need to fiercely compete with the rest of the world combined who are either on microsoft's fledgeling platform or the super-established Android platform that is now enabling devices in a 4:1 ration (4 android devices activated for every 1 iphone / ipod / ipad).


    Must... wait... and... see.

  5. I just received my ug802... and I plugged it in today and I have to say it is BY FAR the fastest android stick I own - and it's literally 15 bucks more expensive. After using it for even less than 5 minutes it was clear to me that this thing is the way to go. It is speedy enough to use things like web browsing fairly busy sites (I'm talking about gong to smh dot com or theverge dot com and getting a fairly quick load time... perhaps in the 10-15 second range from the first go). Of course a half decent PC will load these pages in 1-2 seconds flat but we have to remember an x86 sucking down 90 watts is 10-20 times faster (and literally takes 10-20 times as much power) than the android pc - so fair is fair - it's decent for what it is.


    Unfortunately software-wise there were a few niggles - as in, it wasn't as well set up as the uhost. Uhost has a built-in microphone, which meant that skype and voice search would work - and it does! From the back of the tv no doubt! It's sensitive enough that you can blurt out something with a strong voice and it'll work. But it's not a deal breaker - as a usb mic and webcam would be what you'd use if you were seriously going to use these things anyway and not just showing off to the realtives (which is what i did... i called overseas and they were talking to the tv - was hilarious!).


    The launcher on the ug802, although comprehensive, was quite "flat". There is also no "shutdown" widget unlike the uhost and mk802-ii ... but in any case, everything was snappier - everything! Youtube, downloading, gmail, watching youtube movies, installing apps, snap snap snap.


    The websites are quick enough that I'd perhaps use them for some casual browsing. The uhost and mk802-ii were a lot slower... and I'd never really use them for browsing -was just way too slow - but the ug802 was quick enough to be bearable - at least for my own tastes thus far.


    All in all, I'd recommend you get an android stick with the rockwell RK3066 chip (more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockchip ).

  6. I think it goes something like this:


    1-handed use : 4.3 inches is the sweet spot give or take an inch. Phones are in this category.


    2-handed use : 7 inches is the sweet spot give or take a few inches... so anywhere from 5 to about 10 inches is comfortable. Even though Phones can be in this category they are going to still have to work with point #1 so they would be at the lowest end of this scale... with tablets occupying the middle to high end.


    So, if you have a 5" phone and usually use it with 2 hands there is no problem. If you are used to using a phone with 1 hand and plan on getting a 5" phone AND you have small hands... you may have a problem.

  7. I'm not sure if this may help but have you tried downloading MX Player from the Play Store? I use this on my SGS2 and plays .avi and .mkv files well.

    Yes this worked for me on my UHost. Didn't want to play some files when I got it and MX Player did the trick. Now it plays it all regardless of which player I choose.


    Essential apps are: Latest YouTube App from the playstore, ES File Explorer, MX Player, GMail and if you want to download videos off youtube, JetVD ( jetvd dot com)

  8. This may seem like a dumb question, but can these run movies off a powered external drive? I am going to be spending 3 weeks in hospital in the near future, and am trying to work out the best way of watching things. Thanks

    mk802 (original) no. Tried it and no you can't.

    uhost - I've seen it done and I'll give it a go tonight.

    ug802 I've seen it done and I'll give it a go but I don't have that one yet.

    mk802-ii apparently you can and I'll try it.


    EDIT: I found a vid on youtube of the original mk802 running an external HDD



    all I can think of is... it "depends". If the hard disk is low power - eg 5400rpm, not 7200rpm - 2.5" or even 1.8" and not 3.5" - if you can get an external power supply to "help" with the power requirements of the drive.......... perhaps. Because all I know is, I plugged in my 500gb 7200rpm 2.5" SATA external HDD into my mk802 and it did not work. It had some very strange behaviour. It would constantly start the drive... making triple clicking noises. Kinda like the same noise you'd hear when pressing down on a DSLR camera and having it take 10 or 15 photos in succession. I thought it was a noise from outside - but then I realised after a few minutes it was coming from the HDD O_o ... hope I didn't break it. It works, still... may have worn the read/write head assembly a fair bit *shrugs*.

  9. pman has the same one I've got. Now my repertoire of android usb sticks are as follows:


    1x mk802 (original but "supposedly" upgraded to mk802-ii standards *cough-bs*)

    1x mk802-ii (a friends who kindly dropped it off. he bought it for his parents but his parents couldn't give 2 shits and he couldn't give a f**k, so it's at my place with small keyboard and touch pad. woohoo!)

    1x uhost (got it a few days ago. killing it!!! good speed and beautiful presentation for such a cheap device). it is my favourite... until perhaps the dual-core ug802 comes along in a few weeks.


    the keyboard I purchased which should be arriving soon is this guy:



    it's a Logitech K700 but it's the same keyboard that comes with Google TV but it's called (as a package) the Logitech Revue.


    I may use my sunday afternoon to create a video and up it to ye olde youtube for comparisons sake. i'll repackage my uhost, mk802-ii and mk802 and put em side by side.... maybe.

  10. I just received my UHost U1A and, compared with the "supposed" mk802-ii (really an mk802 original) this thing is at least twice as fast! O_o and it looks better. Everything that came in the packaging worked for Aus and was great. The box was great. The unit was finished in really nice material and the unit worked very well out of the box - except for 1 thing: When I booted it up on my plasma (which only is 720p) it would appear to load, then, the hdmi signal gets lost.


    For a hunch, I plugged it into my 1080p monitor. It booted through into 1080p. I then immediately switched it to 720p. Shut down. Moved it back to the 720p tv and it was fine. That was the only problem I had. Everything else was really great. So much better than the mk802 experience I had. This units browser was actually useable and went at a fairly decent speed.


    I'm getting a ug802 in another week or so and I'll compare all of them. But so far, the UHost is a fantastic product. It's almost up there with opening, say, a Galaxy S or Nexus packaging wise... it's not as classy or as pristine as an Apple product but it comes comfortably close - as in you'd be pleased with the similarities it shares with the big brands out there. I was impressed with their attention to detail.

  11. I think you'll get a good signal.


    Oh yeah... looks like these things are coming out every week or so. The one to get now is one called a SainSmart Mini PC (or just "sainsmart pc" in eBay). It's basically a rebadged mk808 - some of them actually say "Google TV" on the outside of them too. Running Jellybean 4.1


    example link to eBay


  12. for some reason the seller I bought it off offered a $6.99 express option - so I took it. that's just a big mac meal anway...


    now. a couple of things to say:


    1. After unboxing and wot not I came to the realization that THIS IS NOT A MK802 ii :angry: it's just an MK802 (no "ii" after it). F**K OFF. -- I'm still deciding on what to do about this. The eBay entry clearly stated "MK802 ii" but the photo, after doing some google image searching on the two devices for appearances sake, is definitely the bog standard mk802 that I've got. but in any case, I proceeded. I've come this far anyway...


    2. The adapter that they sent me was for their international plug from china. Not only did it not work in an Australian plug but when I did plug it in to the adapter they gave me there was almost no grip at all. You could just lift it up like a cup of tea off a table and you wouldn't have known it was "connected". Most other adapters will usually "click" or have some healthy resistive force whilst pushing them together so... you know... they stick to each other. This one... nada. And when I turned on the power... nothing happened.


    3. I decided to power the f**ker myself. I found in my parts bin the mini usb plug for my Creative Zen. It's the same socket so I pushed it in to the power usb area (I had to google it to make sure... but thankfully instructions abound over the interwebs on this model). It booted up.... waited 2 seconds... then the tv lost signal. this repeated for a few minutes. I figured, hmmmm, perhaps it's "booting up for the first time" or something. But eventually I had a spot of genius. Perhaps the Creative Zen charger doesn't have enough milliamps to provide proper power. I then (painfully) yanked my Asus charger... the one for my Nexus 7 tablet and used it as the base charger plug instead. I plugged in the usb-to-mini usb adapter chord that I had lying around - and plugged that in to the mk802.


    SUCCESS. The thing booted up. Ok... finally! Some progress...................................


    Things looked good. I looked at the specs and, to my bemusement, these guys were selling an mk802 with "upgraded" ram... so it has the same ram as an mk802 ii (ie 1 gig) but it still hasn't got the ii's power regulator and direct-to-hdmi socket. I had to use the adapter they provided. Grrr.... but aah well.


    4. I finally install a few niceties... es file explorer. the youtube app was a really old one - had to uninstall and then install the latest app from the play store. I tested it out and it works great. I think that honestly the difference in playback between the mk802, mk802 ii, ug802 is - well - basically 0 when it comes to multimedia playback. they all do it quite well. the only reason to go ug802 is for other niceties.


    5. I feel ready to move this thing into my son's bedroom (it's his first PC) - he's only 11 weeks old but he has a lot of angry birds to play, fish farts to push, fruit ninjas to slash and, well, video streams of gumby to watch. So... confident that I've set everything up, I move the entire setup from my office den to his nursery area. Plug the thing in to the led tv in the room. A beautiful crisp 1080p picture comes up. Wow :) looks fantastic. Rock solid. I adjust colours, etc... then I go to open up ES file explorer to see if I can start streaming a nice kids video............... and.....erm.... f**k.


    you know what happened? it's a killer.................. it can't find the wifi from the front room. :o what?


    yes peoples. My phone still has 2 bars... sometimes 1 bar. So does my wife's. Sure it's not the strongest signal. It has had to go through a few brick walls and around a few corners so I can understand it's a little weak.... but no signal?

    I then proceed to take the wireless router itself out of its box (it's in its own cabinet rack along with a QNAP, UPS and a few other network devices). I put it on top of the cabinet - it's a 3 antenna router, and extend the arms at various angles. I walk back to the nursery... JOY! Signal... and 3 juicy bars at that. I thought I must have been handicapping the singal all this time by keeping it buried in that cabinet. But boy was I wrong. After connecting to ES file explorer and trying to stream a movie... the signal when from 3 bars... to 1... to none. :o


    yep. the signal was phony. I tried moving the router back and fourth, kept looking at my phone, my tablet to see if the signal strength would boost up... and sure enough every now and then the signal comes right back, only to go away again, which means in my understanding that it was a false reading in the first place. After perhaps an hour, I was no better off than when I started.... except my wifi router was out... the qnap was on the desk, sparkling clean as it was full of dust so i just had to clean that thing....... and the kids android PC was still not connecting to the network and I basically just wasted my time adjusting a router which, in the end, didn't make any measurable difference to the signal anyway, whether it was in the rack cabinet, out, on top, on the side or whatever. it didn't make a difference.




    So now... I'm going to have to buy a wireless repeater for around 40 bucks tomorrow just to boost the darned signal. It's ok though... I did a little more reading on the ug802 and mk802 ii. There is in fact an even NEWER kid in town - only a few days old in fact.


    So if you want to get one and haven't taken the pluge, perhaps you should take a look at the newest kid on the block: the MK808.


    Yep. The MK808 is basically a UG802 with a few improvements. The same Cortex A9 chip... but with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 - a new bigger 8GB of ram storage and... are you ready for this clincher? It has a DUAL wifi antenna for "better signal response". LOL.


    Wondeful. Talk about rubbing it in my face at the end of a long day (thats what she said).



    Anyway folks... I'm going to move that little mk802 into the front room again... at least until I get the repeater tomorrow. Fun times ahead...

  13. PAW server O_O holy crap. I must look into it! At least for my home website.


    Now, a friend of mine just received his mk802 ii. He bought it with that qwerty keyboard controller thing.... which turned out to be absolute rubbish.


    However, the mk802 ii is.... BRILLIANT!!! Yep - it's THAT good :o to my surprise. I was hoping it was good, of course, but it actually IS good.


    The good points:


    1. It plugged directly into my 1080p monitor where we used it in 1080p. You can fiddle with the scaler / overscan in settings to make it stretch to the full width of the screen.

    2. We connected it to my (relatively) old 42" Plasma TV (with a native PC res of 1024x768.... even though it's a 16:9. Go figure). Anyway the PC, the Notebook, practically everything I've connected to this plasma except for, of course, the XBox360 and PS3 came out STRETCHED sideways because the pixels are, in fact, rectangles not squares. It really *should* be 1366 x 768. It's not... so it was a very happy surprise to find that the mk802 connected to the plasma tv at 720p and displayed the correct aspect ratio. Writing was clear and crisp, sound was fine. We browsed some web pages and for the very first time ever I was able to use my 42" plasma as a web browsing computer WITHOUT the skewed look.

    3. We then connected it to the wifi network and found my local NAS server... went into movies (via ES-File Explorer we just downloaded from the PlayStore) and streamed some movies off of the server over wifi.


    I KID YOU NOT! To my complete surprise... the thing streams movies faster than my 1075T on wifi with VLC Player O_O ... and when you seek to another part of the movie, it's seriously instantaneous. No lag. Now it may have been the codec and the hardware optimisation on the mk802 that helped out, but regardless of the explanation it was amazingly quick, fast and responsive.




    Yes... there were a few complaints but not what you'd expect:

    The first complaint was the rubbish keyboard / air mouse that came with it. It's "supposedly" an air mouse - you know, point it at the screen somehow and the mouse follows - but it didn't do that. Or at least we couldn't figure out how to get it to do that. It had nothing that resembled a beam or pointer strobe thing on any of it's exterior panels.


    Another complaint, though admittedly quite small, was the fact that when you'd open the task manager down the bottom and use it once, it disappears completely after that. You can't get back to the app drawer --- except from the top-right menu. I thought that was a little wierd and a shame because apart from that the implementation of Android 4.0.4 seemed to be perfect!


    Third, but this could be reversed, was the fact that we couldn't install Google Chrome on the device........ yet. The play store stopped us saying that it wasn't compatible with our device. It actually *knew* what the device was and listed it - but it wouldn't let us install chrome. This will most likely be fixed at a later stage. We installed Dolphin and we were able to install flash also.


    Fourth complaint - but again, this depends on what you need your computer for - the flash player is quite slow. I didn't care about this but my friend did care. It annoyed him to no end.... and I guess he has his reasons. I couldn't give 2 shits about flash not working myself, though it would still be nice to have - at least for the next few years as flash content slowly fades away.


    On the 1080p monitor, try as we could, we couldn't get the display area to cover the entire edge of the screen end-to-end. We got close... but there was a lingering half cm gap on the left and right edges... which left 2 very thin black bars on either side of the monitor. It wasn't that bothersome as my monitor is black itself... but perhaps other people would find it annoying (such as my friend who coudln't stand it lol). (For the record, on the 42" 720p plasma we got it to overscan end-to-end beautifully. A perfect fit!).




    It was quite fast to boot.


    The picture was rock solid in both 1080p and 720p.


    HDMI did the sound very well. No problem.


    Playback over wifi was great - and we tested it on 720p and 1080p videos. All were fine.


    The seek time as you're jumping around a movie was the fastest I've seen on any computer in the house... including the quad core desktops. It really was amazing from a $50 device.


    Android 4.0.4 was implemented very well and, apart from those few niggles which were more slight annoyances than any real issues, ran just fine.




    For $50 this thing is great --- and even though it was the 1.5Ghz single core version - my gosh, it was fast enough. The browsing speed could have been faster and I'm sure having a dual-core ug802 would have done the trick but - for general web browsing, playing light games, reading, streaming videos - this thing is just fan-bloody-tastic. I can't wait for mine to arrive in the next few days. I got 2 on the way - a UHost and an mk802 2. I already ordered a wireless keyboard with trackpad also. :) fun times.

  14. Already finding some crazy uses for this product. Has quite the potential in my line of business (and probably so many others).


    One client wants a ticker with real-time stocks to display in their waiting room area. Now all I have to do is plug one of these babies in and hook it up to the company's internal wifi... then it's just a question of loading up a nice web ticker or make a custom ticker for them that will run full screen and use super huge fonts to just scroll across the screen. Add their logo and some branding words of the day. Hey - you got a deployable, cost-effective and valuable tool to offer clients that want that stuff. Then think menus on TV monitors, other types of tickers, waiting room ticketing systems, etc!


    This is probably something awesome :) but yeah.

  15. holy fkujk... more of them. under $50 too O_o






    And this one....





    I finally settled on this guy:




    UHost U1A


    free shipping



    ICS 4.0.4

    CAN DO IPTV (yep... support for web camera)

    and... AND... has a Quadrant score of over 3000. Something like 3170.


    The MK802 ii has a quadrant score LESS than my Nexus S! It's score is only 1250. 2.5x faster!!!

    And it does up to 2160p sunny jimbo.


    The Hiapad Hi-802 with i.MX6 Q-U-A-D C-O-R-E processor just about 10% slower than a Nexus 7 running Tegra 3........ is now available for cheap as a Mini-PC Stick in various forms:



    Here are some benchies








    the press release



    the video



    the link to buy the f**kers



    (or if you prefer eBay with other accessories like QWERTY remote, etc...)



    Here's the link to the similarly priced UG802 (but its DUAL CORE Cortex A9 ffs!)



    I'm buying a few... O_o - unfortunately I already bought an MK802 II............ and then 20 minutes later I stumble on the UG802. BAH!!! Aah well...


    oh and...







  17. I'd obfuscate your email address unless you like getting hit with more and more spam from scraper bots...


    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">


    Just insert this in place of your a href mailto:email@address link and hey presto!

  18. As computing power expands, needs expand with it. Nowadays we expect to type in youtube and stream anything we want in at least 360p... and are kinda disappinted if there is no 720p option. Screens are now 1360x768 and go way past 1920x1080...


    I pulled out my old Celeron 2.4Ghz machine (Circa 2005) with 1 GB ram deciding whether or not I should keep it so that when my boy grows up I could show him how computers "used" to be :lol: and... boy... don't just forget youtubeHD... just plain forget youtube. Skype runs better on my Samsung Galaxy S phone... and using photoshop with anything larger than 1000x600 - nowadays (we'd design with "retina display" in mind, so that's around 2500x1600 on average) you are looking at a giant carking flubbering mess of bent silicone my friend. It just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.


    If you just want to open files and write in a text document... your 500mb hard disk with 64mb ram is still overkill. A commodore vic20 would have sufficed.