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  1. Found this interesting tidbit just now. Good for Australia?


    Montana had FEWER traffic accidents when they had NO speed limits! It's called the Montana Speed Limit Paradox. Data collected by the state of Montana showed that when driving on highways with no posted speed limits, drivers actually drove safer and slower!


    The number of deadly car accidents doubled (increased by 111%) when Montana enforced strict speed laws! How is this possible? Further research showed that when given no regulation on speed, drivers buckled up more often and were more generous with car spacing because of a fear of collisions.


    Drivers wanted to be prepared for any person who might abuse the system and therefore, the carefulness of motorists increases!


    Read more about this odd paradox via the link http://www.motorists.org/press/montana-no-speed-limit-safety-paradox

  2. If you haven't seen Forward Unto Dawn, perhaps it's a good time to check the torrents. Was ok-ish but what I really am liking at the moment is HALO 4: Spartan Ops - not the game, just the cutscenes. A cutscene is available each week with 10 in the series. As of writing this post we are half way at Episode 5. Episode 6 will be released this coming Tuesday.


    Anyway, they sold me on this series the moment they showed the UNSC Infinity (5.7km long) ram a CSS Class Battlecruiser (1.7km long) after exiting slipspace - you can see this 5 minutes in to the video below. Along with Commander Sarah Palmer giving this classic ass-kicking line:


    Commander Sara Palmer[/b]']The Covies. They believe this is the home of one of their Gods. The way I see it. If those freaks want to meet God it's OUR DUTY to help them along.


    The CGI is getting to the stage that select frames from certain characters in the cutscene could easily be mistaken for a photo-realistic image of a real live on-set character. The thing that destroys it is facial expression paired with the very minimal lip syncing that has been the bane of computer CGI since forever-never.


    Since I'm only interested in the cutscenes I'm posting up the Cutscenes so far and if you'd like to add any other episodes as they come along please feel free.



  3. Ok!


    So here you go - your opportunity to tell the people that browse this forum and click on this link exactly what you hate but everyone else seems to like.




    I'll be first on the dancefloor to break the ice so here goes:


    * Call Of Duty: I hate this shit with a vengeance. I don't care if it's reaction time or it's a certain "way" --- to me it's just an unrealistic cluttered mess of a game and I'm glad so many people like it... it will keep them off the Battlefield servers.


    * iPhones, iPods, iPads, iShit in general: Stop stop stop stop STOP. STOP! In 2007 it was awesome. In 2009 it was at it's historic peak. In 2012 it's the SAME OLD GAAD DAMN SHET over and over and over again. Gosh why are people so enamoured with these things? The iPad mini? lol GTFO!


    * Chicken wings: I can't understand the infatuation. Ohh the meat tastes so yummy? Yeah... all 3 grams of it. Give me a drumstick anyday. Next...


    * Big Brother, X-Factor and any reality TV Show - Survivor Series: I can't stand it. Everyone wants to watch it around me and it just forces my brain into a semi-permanent coma. The only thing I can stand is The Amazing Race because....... umm, actually no. I can't stand that one either. They all suck. Plain and simple.


    * XBox360 / PS3 / Game Console controllers. We have the best interface for games. It's called a keyboard and mouse... unless you like to be heaped in there with those with an aiming disability.


    * Facebook and Twitter: Hey you been on Facebook? Why don't you reply to me on facebook? Why don't you poke me? .... SHHHHHHH... calm yourself. Life need not be wasted on shit like facebook. Look outside. It's a... it's a... it's a... it's a tree. Behind that is this thing called "the rest of the world". All that? *waves hands around* you're missing out on all that while you're on facebook.


    Ok... well... you get the idea.

  4. Thanks guys. I haven't had much to do with the android app development. I'm still waiting for a MyPhone so I can see what they have done. It still uses the website/web app and grabs pages off of it and that hasn't changed much.


    The other issue is that it's done on ASP/IIS which is an old sinking platform. In fact I started migrating my other stuff over to PHP/Apache shortly after starting the project --- and in fact the 3hr project did start off in php but I moved it to ASP because the other developer that was supposed to write certain things moved to melbourne at the last minute and I had to make a decision to either write a whole heap of libraries in php or use the existing stuff I developed years ago in ASP. I chose the latter and now I guess I'm paying the price for it as ASP is far less flexible and PHP is just all round easier to work with, setup, even the server platform is much better. But anyway I can think about rewriting later on down the track. The ASP install is at least good enough for the moment and if the app isn't going to take off after this there's no point rewriting it. :D


    I sound so confident don't I :lol: (not)!.

  5. Hello all - sorry to drag out a very old thread but I didn't want to start up a new one...


    If you remember this was an app I developed last year and in the past year there have been a lot of hurdles by the other guys to get the paperwork sorted but... confirmed by my business partner in Manila, the first MyPhones (Android 4.0.4 1Ghz phone devices) have ThreeHR as an embedded app.


    The MyPhone throughput is around 200,000 phones per month and ThreeHR is on there along with Facebook and Twitter so this was an absolute monumental achievement already. So in a few months we'd have potentially half a million phones out there with the app and hopefully tens of thousands of users (fingers X'd!). But having lots of users isn't the goal. Now however the real battle begins... I'm seeing a lot of user account activations on the app but I really want people to actually start using it to meet up :S which is the whole point.


    I'm not sure how far this ship will sail but it's been a tough journey so far and hopefully we can make something good out of it. We're working on some sort of marketing campaign to take advantage of this massive opportunity -- but I am weary that it's all up to us to make it happen. I don't want it to be just one of those apps that's bundled with your phone that nobody uses (which is far too often the case... and the battle is definitely uphill!).


    Anyway if you want to check it out you can see the new MyPhone here: http://www.myphone.c...whats-new/c1otb


  6. Hi-ho people of ns-music,


    Anyone here do soundtracks for film and/or just orchestral music in general?

    If so, just thought I'd start up a Film Orchestral thread... as these people tend to be very hard to find :P with all the other more popular styles of music going around.

  7. I guess you could if you install a viewer like remote desktop on your ug802. I guess I should try it myself as I use RemoteDesktop on all my other android devices. Amazingly I never thought of using it on that device lol. Also partly because I'm not using my own account on the usb stick, it's a new account I created for my son and he's got lots of games like angry birds installed.


    Yes I guess SNES emul would be good. Lots of other uses for these devices I'm sure we just scratched the surface. Another friend of mine is using it as his in-car entertainment hub... he just plugs it into his head unit with a hdmi converter O_o and I also suggested to him he could put a 3G USB dongle on the device and make it a wireless hotspot for his other devices so his car is a huge wifi hotspot :lol: and he could also get it to do the rear camera stuff etc. Good potential for lots of custom installs.

  8. In all seriousness Apple needs to lift there game or we need some other company(ies) to step up and provide some serious competition to Google (Android). We need competition, afterall the improvements go both ways. Android has had a superior feature set, which Apple has caught up on and Apple has superior polish which Android has caught up on. If Android wasn't dominating, Apple would be able to keeping getting away with their overzealous control of a device that is no longer theirs. At the same time Android also benefits greatly from Apple as they have to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition. As it stands at the moment unless they start focusing on innovation rather than lawsuits they are in serious trouble of a repeat of what happened in the PC arena. The lattest stats show Androids are now filling around 75% of new phones sold compared to less that %20 percent for Apple. Just one year ago it was only just over 50% for Android. They have several main hurdles to conquer. People are most influenced by there friends. With the Android market share growing at such a rapid rate this is a real problem for them. People want choice. Samsung offers a model of phone to suit nearly everyones tastes, not to mention customise how the OS looks to suit their taste. There is one iphone. Maybe it is time for them to reduce profit margins and provide some vareity before they get swollowed up by the market. They have a hell of a lot of cash in researve. Perhaps it is time to spend it on R&D and seriously try to innovate. The other thing is they have made the iphone a fashion statement. People's tastes however change, yet the iphone has remained stagnate. IOS still looks much the same. The iphone 5 looks really quite similiar to the iphone 4. I think the fall in the market price is reflecting this. Don't get me wrong, with that much cash reserves if they get serious and pump a lot of money into R&D they could easily become dominant again, but if they don't make some serious changes they will begin to suffer in the mobile space.


    +1! This is what I've been saying for months...



    I know exactly what point – at least for me – that Apple stopped being revolutionary. It stopped becoming revolutionary with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone4 was the peak of Apple’s revolutionary awesomeness. Nothing could really touch Apple back then. I remember the keynote and when they held up that thing and Steve Jobs compared it to a Leica camera I could just feel the salivation and desire drench the room. It was that visceral.


    But now? iPad Mini…. are you serious? That was almost as dry as a Microsoft presentation, and Microsoft have pretty dry lifeless presentations. Apples was still higher but it was swooping dangerously close to it.


    But as you have pointed out the competition have either caught up or are catching up in various features and it now also appears that Apple is taking notes also – so we’re not in groundbreaking awesome mode like before. Incremental meh mode.


    I never give a company a free ride. I am willing to give Apple exactly as much credit as is due… and anyone else that gives them a smidgeon more is ruining it for the rest of us. You HAVE to keep these companies hungry. If they are underperforming, bloody TELL them! Shout it on the blogs. Make noise. Because that is what keeps them innovating. Apple is doing exactly what any company in its situation should do: They are in a good safe place. Their products are renowned the world over. They don’t want to rock the boat.


    That’s the problem. Their competitors are hungry – the wolf on top of the hill is not as hungry as the wolves climbing the hill – as the saying goes. This is a dangerous time for Apple – where they will be tempted by the force of mediocrity – of stability – of dollar signs on the millions of loyal iFans who tout their products as the second coming. Apple is not a religion so people shouldn’t revere them. That is reserved for actual religions out there. A company making electronic devices? That is just wrong.


    Microsoft was in that boat for the past 10 years of this sort of mediocrity before they woke up. Nokia took at least 5 years to wake up before they realised Symbian was killing them. Every company that has a golden period has this propensity to get soft – stop taking risks. Look at Microsoft in the past 24 months. Complete turnaround. These buggers are fighting as if their very survival depended on it… and with it incredible innovation.


    I hope Apple loses market share big time and management is rattled to the core because of their really mediocre refresh (except for the iMac which I just had to fall in love with)- but seriously they need to snap out of their own reality distortion – stop procrastinating / litigating and start innovating. Serious innovation. Innovation that they have been renowned for.

    the white elephant says: iOS and iPhone need widgets. They need a much larger display at say 720p HD. The problem is that iOS is optimised for 480×320 and then 960×640. Various static points. It’s not exactly free-scaling up and down like the other competitors have done. I really hate it when Schiller talks about iOS as “the most advanced” mobile phone operating system. The most successful, yes. The most lucrative – by FAR – yes. The most advanced? No! And again, this is getting back to the whole reality distortion issue. They haven’t even recognised that they are falling behind the competition. They need to snap out of it – as well as their fan base – and start to seriously think about implementing these features in to iOS and bringing it up where it’s lagging behind.


    That is my problem at the moment with Apple. They aren’t even recognising that they got to get moving. It’s probably ingrained in their upper management culture. They can do no wrong. They are the best. They are the biggest publically traded company in the world. That can get to you. It makes you believe that you are untouchable. Well… from the looks of their share price (90 billion wiped out from peak as of close of business last) they are in for a very very rude awakening soon. Apple have driven itself into the ground before and it was all upper management bullshit before Steve swoooped in to rescue them. He’s left them at the top and, gosh, it looks like it’s the same old bs all over again. Unbelievable. I hope I’m wrong – but what else can I think? All the signs are there. Procrastination? Incremental improvements? Is history going to repeat itself. I hope not sir. I hope not. Let’s just hope against hope…



    PS: Their market cap is now below $500bn. That's a 25% drop since September. That makes them an incredibly cheap buy if they are going to go back up... or if it's just a pitstop on the way down then, well, I guess we'll see.

  9. I was using Ubuntu on a notebook just the other day. We were on set and it was the only laptop I had available. I tried importing images from a 5D Mk II. Surprisingly it connected... but it was unable to view the 1080p videos.


    Ubuntu is great. Just a shame about video driver support - at least in my experience. Still - perhaps there is hope for Android with the sheer size of the customerbase! :D :D :D

  10. UPDATE: Bad news... I was going splendidly well. Installed ConnectBot and this thing called Develop Trial from Android Market. Successfully did some SSH sessions (if you plan to use it I suggest after your first connection going back in and changing the settings to FONT: 20px - gets me 25 lines). Original font was NOT legible.


    Basically the very last thing I tried was the flash player..... and every time I go into settings it shows me that flash in installed and silly me didn't try pixlr.com at all until the very end.


    I know that it works on the other Android sticks like the UHost but they are only single core and I'm barely happy with the dual core on the UG802 (which is much better than the others.... so you can imagine how hard itwould be downgrading performance even more).


    Anyway, I have started to get quite nicely at home with the android pc on a stick for general browsing... so I'll be doing a little write up of that soon. But unfortunately this project is stillborn.

  11. I think it's not so much what Apple is doing wrong, it's moreso what all the others are doing right.


    Let's be honest here. The average customer looks at the iPhone5, iPhone 4S and iPhone4 as the "same" product. It hasn't evolved. Plain and simple. In fact, you could take the position that the iPhone hasn't changed much since it was released back in 2007. Same icons, same UI, same everything. Just minor improvements here and there.


    I think this is why Analysts are puzzled. Apple is losing its coolness. The whole supply chain debacle does contribute, yes... but with fkup after fkup apple supporters have deserted the company before and they will do it again.The exodus is growing. Analysts need to factor that into their equations.


    I was just talking to a friend this afternoon and we brought up the whole iPhone sux thing. I said "you can't even have wallpaper on the damn phone". And his response, to my amazement O_o was... "yeah... and you can't even change the ringtone!"


    Wait... what? Are you serious? You can't even change the ringtone? O_O if so, that's crazy.





    Now look at Windows Surface Phone and, gosh, Android. It just feels more exciting. Apple isn't doing anything wrong. They are just not doing enough of the stuff that made them awesome a few years ago. That awesomeness is gone.


    So many videos around the net but this one seems to sum it up pretty well:



  12. Hi,


    In the last few months there has been a thread that many of you may have wondered in to... and that is the MK802, MK802 II, UG802, MK808, UHOST - $50-$80. Android 4.0 / 4.1 - 1080p hdmi PCs on a stick! thread. If you haven't, I recommend skimming through it a little just so you know what we're on about.






    But firstly, a little pretext: A few years ago I attempted to shoe-horn my entire business onto an Atom-based PC - I bought a HP-Mini 501, upgraded the ram to 2GB, upgraded the HDD to 500GB, got a bigger battery and TO THIS DAY it has been my office away from home. I have everything on there- all browsers (as I'm a web dev), my IDE which is CoffeeCup, HeidiSQL, RemoteDesktop, Photoshop and a few other helper apps and I've had at times used that one little netbook to deploy huge sites whilst away from the office. Was it slow? Well, yes - but it got the job done and the trade-off was worth it in that I could just sync it with the server, go off on my little inter-state or overseas trip, confident that whatever happened I could jump on the net with this thing and sort everything out. It was freedom.


    Now, I guess you could say I'm getting a little picky. I want to, just for the hell of it, free myself from the PC/Mac ball-and-chain - at least for the "Web Developer" role that has been haunting me for, well, since forever. Sure other people have made the jump but there have been a few things that have kept me anchored (until now) to the PC/Mac platform.


    1. Adobe Photoshop

    The biggest problem with moving away from a PC or Mac - for me - was this. I *had* to use Photoshop for almost everything I did. From fixing up logos to designing layouts, cutting up images for html, resizing and editing client image assets... it was a workhorse and running it on a PC or Mac was the only way. WINE just didn't cut it.


    2. Office

    Clients would send me their content in word documents, data in excel spreasheets, even power point.


    But in the last few years a lot has changed. Google Docs allows me to open anything and everything via the cloud. I just drag whatever it is - a spreadsheet - a word document, powerpoint, into google drive and click on the file. Chrome brings up a web-rendered version of the contents. Excellent.


    I now use GMail as my cloud source hub for all my emails - including my companies domain emails - so I can access them from anywhere and don't need a local repository. Same with calendar.


    But then there was still Photoshop. Aaah photoshop photoshop photoshop. Adobe brought out this photoshop "lite" bs a few years back but that was simply ludicrous.


    I found something today, however, forwarded by a friend, that knocked my socks off.


    It's called pixlr --- how do you run it? Well, you go to www.pixlr.com and click on the appropriate version. So I go there, I click on it... and something resembling Adobe Photoshop pops up. Ohh yeah :rolleyes: I've seen all this bs before. It's not going to work well.


    "Those who are familiar with photoshop should feel right at home using pixlr". Sounded more promising than the others... so I started fiddling. Without looking at the documentation and using only my existing photoshop knowledge I opened an image, copied a selection, I decided to use the mouse wheel to see if it zooms in and out. IT DID :o to my surprise. Hmmm... this is closer to photoshop than I thought. I re-pasted it as a new layer....... it was at this time I had to look up some functionality. I couldn't find "opacity" - but, thankfully after a google search, other pioneers asked the question on several support forums and I was away (if you're curious it's just a simple settings tab you have to click on to bring up each layer's properties).


    I must have right-clicked by instinct and it brought up (usually) the right thing - properties for the layers and all the usual suspects where there. Lighten, darken, difference etc... so it was, genuinely, a photoshop clone. :o impressive! And it was FREE!


    The only downside (if you'd call it one) was that the version that did this was actually written (ironically) in Adobe Flash. MY GOSH! The android and iphone apps were far crys compared to this thing. But fear not I thought... the UG802 I have is at least a dual-core and it can actually play flash... so my project over the weekend will be to install everything I need to run a website business onto that tiny little usb pc.


    What I plan to install:


    pixr.com (replacing PhotoShop)

    RemoteDesktop (already purchased form the app store, equivalent to PC Remote Desktop).

    Google Docs for picture viewing

    GMail for sending/receiving emails

    ES File Explorer for file management


    These ones I'm requesting anyone's suggestions:

    IDE environment for PHP - any recommendations?

    MySQL Client - any recommendations?

    FTP program - any recommendations?


    If I can get all this sorted I'm going to try and build one of the next website projects SOLELY on this usb-stick. I'll also document it as I go... kinda like a vlog experiment. We'll see what happens. Maybe it'll be d.o.a if I can't get anything to connect to the MySQL server to properly form the queries. Who knows. All I know is that I have a few rules:


    1. I can't use windows... or osx... for ANYTHING. It *has* to be done on the android stick (or one of my other android devices, eg phone for reading emails).

    2. The only exception would be for Rule 1 is testing how the website looks on PC/Mac (which I have to do anyway).



    :S place your bets........... I'll give it a try right? Or, as Yoda says: NO! No try. DO... or do not. There is no try.



    pixlr default.jpg






  13. Just another chime in to note the CONTINUED downward trend of AAPL - now trading in the high 500s and at ~560billion market cap (from a peak of 644 billion 6 weeks ago).


    Even stronger recommendations to NOT buy AAPL stock with the shakeup of upper management, the sacking of Scott Forstall, underwhelming pricepoint and screen of the iPad Mini and general averageness of the iDevice lineup.


    Apple Inc. (AAPLtiny-fullstar.giftiny-fullstar.giftiny-fullstar.giftiny-halfstar.giftiny-blankstar.gif) is not recommended at this time, holding a Dividend.com DARS™ Rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars.




    UPDATE: As of 2:55 AM AEST, Apple has officially crossed the $564/share mark, making it in to BEAR territory (20% drop).


    Since the stock is still technically 39% up this year, and with no clear sign of a return to awesome performance, 39% is looking like a pretty good exit strategy for many pundits holding apple stock... hence the massive sell-off we're seeing.








    ... and, I have to say it, but I *told* you so.






  14. And for another update on the AAPL stock price... (note: peak is from release of iPhone5)


    Trending: downward.


    and this analysis from a pundit suggests it's not necessarily Apple but the market's perception of Apple (no new breakthrough product, exponential growth can't continue forever) that is indeed why there is a downturn.


    expectations are part of the problem. It is not that Apple is anything but a great and massively profitable company. It is just that it is impossible to maintain exponential growth forever. Reviewers seemed to go out of their way to find fault with the i-Phone 5 and there are many people pointing out that the “i-Pad Mini” is the result of AAPL reacting to the success of their rivals, rather than leading the way. The smaller tablet may be successful and Apple’s earnings may be stellar, but the mood seems to have changed. Analysts will be highlighting, rather than glossing over, any weakness. It is hard not to disappoint traders accustomed to regular, massive beats in revenue and EPS.

    The point is that, as far as traders are concerned, perception is reality. If it is perceived that growth is slowing, or that there is no revolutionary new product in the pipeline, the stock will suffer, maybe unjustifiably. AAPL is a solid company that will offer long-term investors a decent return for years to come, but it is no longer the darling of the markets that can shrug off bad news, whether that is about the company or the economy in general. Apple is being punished by the market, not for their own success, but for the market’s own previous ‘irrational exuberance.’



    Read more: http://community.nasdaq.com/News/2012-10/apple-aapl-a-victim-of-its-own-success.aspx?storyid=184433