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  1. Excellent! I'm glad someone's getting some good stuff from it. I posted the condensed version in off-topic... and even though it's on it's 2nd page, the posts are, for the most part, utterly purile. Half the stuff they spew out gives me no indication they even watched the video. I've had to restrain myself letting loose a volley of profanity in there - I've kept it civil. You can tell some are 16 year old kids with nothing better to do than sound off on a forum and try and wax lyrical about their worldly knowledge :lol: but i digress, I was once 16 and I did the peacock dance online so I can't say I blame them. It's just frustrating that they step on good stuff and don't even take the time to understand it even on a basic level (I mean a "basic" level is all I'm capable of anyway, it's biosience after all).

  2. Go take rapamycin and see how long you live ;). Just because no side effects ( that they say) were recorded in simple animal systems does not mean it will not have potential long term effects in humans. She also forgot to mention the possible side effects in her speech. How convenient.

    Re-watch 12:15 - 12:30 in that video. She mentioned the side effects and she cautions people to not go and take rapamycin.

  3. I think such a pill is a long way off.

    How wither they prevent people from getting diseases that kill them, or even things like athrits for which we currently don't even have a cure for. What's the point of theoretically living to 200 if we won't have a cure for cancer and you will most likely die of that before old age?

    Re-watch from 6:35 - 7:00 in the video.


    I hate study like this, world needs a higher death rate, not everyone living to Yoda age...

    Actually it's the reverse. The world needs, if anything, a lower death rate. A lot of resources are required for procreation and making an organism grow - then there's all the energy expended passing on knowledge, education, etc. If this entire process were spread out it would actually mean less overall resource expenditure.


    It's good to hope and dream but it won't happen in our lifetime and I hope that it doesn't. It'll just be another way to further divide rich and poor, it will most likely cause long term health problems and in the end the only real winner will be the pharmaceutical industry.

    It's already happened in our lifetime :lol: there is already rapamycin http://news-in-revie...lements/131926/ which is already out in the general public. It's an immunosuppressant drug and anti-ageing is actually a "side-effect".

    For reference in the video, go to 11:45.

  4. ^ no economic incentive yet.


    guppies are a water creature that multiplies voraciously and has very short life-spans... and they usually are prey to many predators. when biologists took the predators out of their environment, you'd expect the guppies to just continue to multiply and overrun the pond. but what they observed was that the guppies simply put off procreation and their lifespans increased, simply because there were less predators and, perhaps, less reason to be so voracious in reproduction - since this favours both the predator and the guppy to survive (kind of bent, but if you look at it from a neutral perspective, it is providing a rich environment for "life" to grow).


    humans are dealing with over-population in developing nations and the "s"-bend shows that as a population matures with resources, food, healthcare etc, our populations also follow the curve of the guppies in the pond. we reproduce less and live longer. voracious reproduction could (speculative) be natures reaction for a stressful and competitive environment. make the environment less stressful and have less of a need for reproduction and things like over-population literally take care of themselves. Australia, as an example, will be in population decline without an immigration policy bringing people into the country.


    Once China and India raise the standards of living of their population and their populations taper off at the top-end of the S-curve we'll have higher standards of living, low population growth and longer lifespan potential across the majority of humankind. Perhaps by then Africa will be the only place with a population that is actually still increasing - everywhere else - Europe, China, Inda, Australia, United States, will be either holding their population levels or be declining.


    This is without even doing any gene manipulation.




  5. New research has given rise to some new concepts and reinforced some old ones:


    Caloric restriction extends lifespan... which was kind of a "told you so" by many nutritionists and advocates of low-cal diets but here's the science behind it.


    Fox0 is what you need to activate and there are ways to do it (hint: Caloric restriction) which is the key here.


    The empty gonad. Not a typo. Very interesting whilst on the same subject even tho it's off the topic of diet.


    Fast forward to 35:35 to get the topic-relevant materials



  6. This is a great segue to a few other related topics:


    We've come full circle and hit upon why it is so advantageous for there to be a certain lifespan in and of itself in nature. I mean, if fruit flies lived longer than they did, we'd be overrun by them. If turtles didn't live for centuries, they'd never find a mate since it takes them decades to even run in to another one of their species in the wild. Lifespan is a natural equilibrium to allow the best progress of DNA and it seems that lifespan, too, can be heavily influenced by tweaking a few simple factors... much like our muscle size is regulated by a few simple factors and that, as we've seen, can be heavily influenced by tweaking a few simple factors also.


    But more interestingly, as harris pointed out, are we assuming that humanity is going to remain on this tiny blue speck (earth) in the centuries to come?


    The universe is a big place... it can take us a long time to reach other stars. It would be advantageous for the human lifespan to be preserved for longer periods of time - many centuries - for such exploration to be even possible.


    And talking about extended lifespan as being unnatural - how much of our lives are unnatural already? What are you looking at when reading this post? How natural is that? What do you carry in your pocket? How many injections and booster shots to immunize you from various diseases have you had in your life as prescribed by your local GP? What do you have on your feet to protect your skin from the bare earth?


    I'm sure eyeglasses and braces were seen by some as being unnatural - just let the eye deform and be happy with your reduced vision - it's natural, right? Or let your teeth just grow the way they want to grow naturally, right?


    Or do we say, we have the technology, and since we are a natural byproduct of evolution, which in and of itself is a natural process, then perhaps everything that we do is, by implication, natural - *including* braces and eyeglasses... and including life extension pills.


    If an alien race were to observe the earth, would they draw a line around our species and say - well - *that* isn't actually natural to that planet.


    When we look at the national geographic channel and see these amazing species doing mind-blowing things, do we perceive that as "unnatural"? They have this crazy skin under their arms or they've developed a symbiotic relationship with some other species and do this bizarre thing - like silkworms and ants (ants take the silkworm out for walks and basically farm them - amazing docco) ... perhaps it's an ego-centric phenomenon. perhaps if the ants and the silkworm could think and ponder as deeply as we can they may have thought the same thing: We are different - we are unnatural because nothing else in nature does what we do.


    Is that really so?


    We evolved into the species we are today naturally. Everything human beings do from the way we live to the spaceships and cars and computer chips we build is the result of natural evolution and interaction. So when did it become unnatural? It isn't a valid proposition when you step outside and obey the parameters you define for other species. We are, by our own definition, natural and everything we do is natural. There simply isn't a way for us to do anything unnatural because by doing it, it makes it part of the natural process.


    Therefore one could take the position that life extension technology and taking pills and living hundreds of years more than previous is, in and of itself, a natural process for our species. Just like shoes braces and eyeglasses... and pacemakers. And rugby league.


    If other species could ponder the self as deeply as we can, most likely:


    - Spiders will think they are unnatural since many of the female species of spiders will eat the male after sex.

    - Otters will think that the building of their dams is unique to them and "unnatural" since other species don't do that.

    - Penguins will look at the world, and us, as natural - but they are unique, since they all congregate in the antarctic to mate and since noone else does it, makes it unnatural.

    - Whales sing to each other in the ocean... which they may believe to be unnatural too.



    So...... humans.......... we're unnatural cos we build amazing things like cars and planes and iphones and scrabble and meat pies.

  7. Sweet.


    Just thought I'd throw these tidbits in just in response to a few trends in the replies:


    1. Contrary to this popular belief, populations won't explode if the lifespans of people rise. If people start living longer, they start putting stuff off longer. Instead of getting married at 16, they get married at 32 (like we do today) and with a life extension program that is wide-spread in the population, marriage may be something you don't even think of until you are 50 etc, etc. So lifespan extension spreads out people's goals. They have more time now so things get spaced out more. Retirement for such a future, again, would probably be way past today's natural lifespan expectancy.


    2. The video does specifically speak of extending the "youthful" range of people - so "being younger longer". So it's not like you start to decline at 40 and have a miserable old-age extended period of suffering. This is more like being a 20-30-40-something year-old - being able to go out and enjoy life for the better part of a century. What would this do to things like investment strategies? Housing prices? Job promotions? You may have people partying like crazy for 40 years before settling down. Other people may dive into research and spend the first few decades of their adult life grabbing 5 or 6 phd's in various related fields before making incredible insights in advanced research. You may have others that work themselves to the ground saving and investing to become late-rich highrollers at 50 or 60 years old - but, since the advent of the life extension practices, still be young enough to now enjoy it for decades upon decades to come.

  8. There has been a very recent (last few years) change in the perception of ageing that has recently been shot to the forefront of the general public in a TED talk by Cynthia Kenyon from the University of California - a Biochem professor doing research on age-related genes.


    There was, up until very recently, no real "definitive" life-extension technology known to man-kind. Sure, take care of yourself, eat well, don't smoke, don't drink too much alchy, exercise regularly balh blah blah-di-blah blah............ but that still didn't rock the house with longevity figures.


    Now we have research that shows this statement to hold true:


    Ageing is controled by hormones.


    Read it? Unless you're "in" that field that may not have struck you as mind-blowing, but trust me - it apparently is (cos it's not my field either lol).


    Life extension: I'm not talking about the vague assumption that you'll peak in your 30s and 40s, before starting a slow decline into your 50s, picking up speed in your 60s and if you make it to your 70s and 80s have to deal with an array of age-relaed ailments that will make the last years long and hard.


    I'm talking about "life-extension" - the type you take a pill each day for the rest of your life, f**ks with your internal bodily functions and, voila, you're pushing 60 and don't look a day over 30. Yep. It's like that. Not here right now, but close... and so if such a thing were to become available, what will that mean for your plans of the future? What if, through some clever gene therapy, our biology could be pushed routinely past 100yrs or 120yrs old? and, for the "majority" of that time period, remain in the "youthful" stage of physical ability?


    Now Cynthia (the professor in the TED video) is obviously a scientist with a reputation - so she's not going to go any further than saying something like she does in the talk - experiments that "hint" at possible life extension.... but it doesn't take a genius to follow the basic principles of this rather simple yet amazing situation:



    The summary:


    In biology and in the anatomy of living things, there are ancient "pathways" in the body are shared among species... such as growth hormone and IGF-1 insulin..... we have it, mice, ants, worms... these ancient pathways regulate the simple principles of growth and repair.


    .... and also, it seems, the "speed" setting of ageing to a great degree. It's the main reason why worms live for 20 days and turtles live for 150 years... different ways these hormones are secreted, managed and distributed throughout the body.


    Apparently, our biology is internally "capable" of living a lot longer than are programmed to live in nature.


    If you follow the video it will explain this in more elaborate detail - the other side (summary only) is that considerable life-extension is possible by regulating these genes through oral medication and finding a "balance" and perhaps other pathways also - that allow FOX0 (responsible for cellular repair activity) to do it's work, allow cells to function, enhance garbage collection, repair damage etc.


    I'm not going to write much more- no point since a wonderful overview is provided in this TED speech. If you're interested in looking in to this some more, check it out:




    It's the nature of my inquisitive mind to wonder this, but quite possibly there are some of you reading this post which will live past 100, perhaps in the decades to come with more research and more life-extension some of you will conceivably even pass 200 yrs old... and by then, which would technically be around the year 2200, biological science maturity could very well be at the stage of "indefinite extension".............................. but it's of course crazy to throw around such numbers now - today - the year 2011 - since we're only right at the cusp. The tip of the iceberg, even before proper real human trials have even begun.... but it's a tantalising proposition. Not cheating death, just taking your merry time getting there :lol:

  9. Music: MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Michael Jackson. But the best 80's music was found in hindsight.


    yeah i agree. i didn't bat an eyelid ad this stuff whilst growing up, but now thanks to stuff like youtube i'm thinking OMG how did i miss this, this is gold! :lol:














  10. This girl has just passed through my daily musings of youtube and I strangely found myself listening to this particular song over and over and over O_o and it's not even what I normally listen to:



    (eye candy at 0:51 :yes: )


    not sure what you guys think. just pointing it out. i dont' konw what it is.... it sounds like same ol same ol, nothing new... but for some reason it just sounds , well, i just like listening to it. don't konw why.



  11. In the 80s, my age was in the single digits and my dad would hand me $5 and tell me to go down to the shops and buy him a packet of cigarettes - I still remember the brand: Benson and Hedges Extra Mild. was $4.50 or something.


    I WAS A CHILD! :lol: and nobody saw a problem with it - least of all me. lol.


    I thought it was fun.


    Also - perhaps why I found movies and music (back then) so frustrating was everytime I saw a special effect I'd cringe and or do a facepalm... thinking, my gosh, that is a prime example of the limit of human technical ability... i couldn't see past that. But nowadays, since I *know* all those effects are easily achievable with today's toys and PCs, they become simply artefacts and trivialities of a bygone era and I can look at the rest of the movie with less of a snub and go - hey - that actually was pretty good. I'd used to say something like "man, if it wasn't for those crappy special effects i may just have liked that movie". Now when I'm watching an 80s movie and I see a blue glow around a person or something just isn't matching up, I get warm and fuzzy inside. Completely different feeling from before.

  12. If you are a late 20s early 30s kinda, erm, person... then you would have had some portion of your childhood garnished well by the 1980s. The "decade" that generally summarises over-the-top makeup, prince, madonna, cyndi lauper, wild tunes on the radio, lots of leather jackets and ho-ho-ho-ho-hopeless special effects that were so bad you had to actually use your imagination to figure out what they were trying to achieve.


    Yep. The 80s, whilst it was going on, was this time where stuff was just going nuts. It wasn't the 70s. Gone were bell bottom pants, the beatles, all that sort of music. In entered this new type of music, colour became super mainstream, the TV jingle was part and parcel for any large corporation. Wierd hairstyles and wierd fashion were "the rage" (they still are but, hey, there was a distinct 80s look about it). When it all ended and we hit the 90s we all collectively sighed a deep gasp of relief, as if saying to our collective selves "Whoa! Thank goodness that wild turkey ride make-up ridden, hairspray filled experiment in human society ended!"


    Sure the 90s were great too - I'm sure many agree - but the 80s remained "awful" to me. Ohh yeah. The 80s WERE FORGOTTEN! GOOD RIDDANCE! All throughout the 90s, the 80s were "the past I don't wish to remember". Even the cars sucked.



    .................................. ok ok ok well they still suck. But I mean c'mon.... forget the cars. Concentrate on the rest. The movies, the music, the fashion, the tv commercials, the lifestyle! My rediscovering of the 80s began quite a few years ago but what really hit it off was Beyonce's song "Love on Top". Everyone was saying "Ohhh it sounds so awesome, so fresh, so different!"


    :o :o :o wait... :o :o :o wait ...






    Different? O_o come again?


    "Yeah. Like the whole sound is fresh and new".


    I felt like screaming "excuse me miss but HOW OLD ARE YOU?" it's clearly a hark back to the 80s. Look at the music video?! Which was a 90s music video which was, in turn, harking itself back to the 80s.


    Did you get that? :) it's an 80s thing........ give or take a few years, I mean from 1993 or prior is really "80s stuff" that just took longer to "get out" into the wild, including movies. So stuff released in the early 90s I still count as 80s.


    Then recently I just started going down memory lane (with youtube showing full movies of popular 80s movies) I started watching them. Cos, well, I could. For free.


    Some movies:

    Predator. Holy mother f**king shit how could I forget this masterpiece?

    AL|ENS. Crazy good.

    Marked for Death.

    Short Circuit

    Breakfast Club

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off


    Die Hard

    Neverending Story

    Empire Strikes Back

    Return of the Jedi

    Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Indiana Jones - The Temple of Doom

    Romancing the Stone

    Jewel of the Nile




    Endless Summer Nights?

    Who is Johnny?

    Ghostbusters Theme?

    Michael Jackson - BAD, Thriller et al.


    TV Shows?

    Holy crap... A Team? Miami Vice? Hart to Hart? 21 Jump Street?




    I mean...... I look at scenes from these films and read the comments underneath. Stuff like "best movie ever" or "they don't make films this good anymore" rah rah rah rah rah... and I did really start, for the first time ever (cos remember, the first time through the 80s - when it actually happened - I wasn't liking it!) to actually appreciate and enjoy the 80s.


    So for those of you who are reading this - you most likely fall into 1 of 3 camps.


    CAMP 1: You're too young to understand wtf is going on. Sorry kid...

    CAMP 2: You're old enough to remember but you've not give the 80s a good look-see.

    CAMP 3: You're old enough to remember and you know exactly what I'm talking about!


    Typical 80s action scene:



    Some 80s music:





    Anyway, not going to spam the thread with vids. Would like your opinion on what you think of the 80s.

  13. Some big things to note for the new patch................................




    Fixed a problem with spawn timer now showing blue border on startup and lost spawn point

    Fixed a problem where player who joined queuing on End of round got spawn screen stuck on screen, but unable to do anything with it untill next round loaded

    Fixed a problem where camera would change to 3rd person on killcam when killcam was turned off in server settings

    Fixed stat references on several dogtags

    Fixed for surveillance ribbon not counting TUGS

    Fixed a missing combat area lines on the minimap for Grand Bazaar conquest small

    Moved a tank spawn in US base on Caspian Border so it would not be destroyed by a falling tree

    Fixed a problem where placing C4 with the russians soldier was playing US faction VO

    Fixed a problem where TV guided missiles could be shot into its own helicopter and destroy it

    Fixed a problem when attempting to fire lock on weapons without a target

    Tweaked the chat, it should now be a bit easier to read

    WHY? Because the chat was getting in the way of peoples FOV and was very annoying.

    Fixed several vehicles that did not properly shoot rockets and guns towards their predictive sights

    Fixed the G17 Supressed Laser not working properly

    Added alternate HUD colors to help colorblinds

    Added a network interpolation setting. This allows users with good bandwidth reduce latency, but might increase some stuttering. The user can find what works best for his connection by tweaking the slider.

    WHY? People getting sniped AFTER they take cover and simply dying from behind the protection of walls, the usual thing.

    Increased the Spawn protection radius on TDM

    Fixed a problem with smoke on land vehicles, Missiles should now miss more often

    Fixed a problem where users could end up with IRNV scope in any vehicle

    Fixed a problem where player dies if vaulting over a ledge and into water while sprinting

    WHY? If you've never died vaulting over a small rock, you haven't played BF3 long enough!

    Fixed several crashes and increased general stability

    Fixed a problem where the user was unable to revive two players that have the bodies one over the other

    Fixed so you can assign an axis and use as a digital input. This makes it possible for the player (on pc) to assign one of the sticks on a gameped to be used for throttle/brake.

    Fixed a problem with the Kill camera acting up when suiciding from parachute

    Fixed air radar was showing to much. now lasertagged, heatsignature above threshold, enemy missiles and capture points are only visible on air radar

    Fixed a problem where the game would enter a technical hang if the user pressed pause menu and tilde at the same time

    Fixed a problem where you could get green flashes on screen

    You can now reassign cycle weapons

    Fixed so the weapon zooms automatically after bipod deploy is gone when using zoom toggle

    Fixed a problem where the parachute would stay stuck in air if the owner was killed



    Balance Tweaks

    Fixed several weapons so they are properly suppressed and hide the player on the minimap when fired.

    Tweaked Tactical Light so it is not as blinding over longer ranges.

    WHY? Because people would use that light to basically blind the enemy and it just became, well, too effective it altered gameplay considerably.

    Tweaked the IRNV scope so it is limited to usage only at close range.

    WHY? Because with the IR scope it's just like the olden day high contrast hack. Players stick out like a sore thumb... so it altered gameplay mechanics.

    Reduced heat masking effectiveness of Spec Ops Camo.

    Fixed a bug where Ammo spec would give additional 40mm grenades instead of Frag spec.

    Increased the number of additional 40mm grenades from Frag spec.

    Fixed so AT mines only live for 20 seconds after a player dies to prevent infinite mines. (We want to make a different fix in the future, it’s in JIRA).

    WHY? Because engys could spam hundreds of mines and simply reap kill points much later after they had respawned several times, yet their mines are still in place (guilty, guilty!)

    Increased the Time to Live on sniper caliber rounds to allow extreme distance shots.

    Fixed several weapon descriptions, calibers, and fire rates. The weapons themselves have not changed.

    Fixed so the M9 and MP443 pistol can be equipped by the opposing faction when it is unlocked at 100 kills.

    Fixed Laser Guided Missiles missing their targets if the target is moving too fast.

    Reduced the effectiveness of Stealth on Air Vehicles.

    Reduced the effectiveness of Beam Scanning for Jets.

    Reduced the damage done to Armored Vehicles and Infantry from AA guns.

    WHY? Some players got real good at killing tanks with AA (raises hand.... yeah, I took a few enemy tanks out with AA. took a while, but got there eventually).

    Increased the damage RPGs and Tank shells do to AA vehicles.

    Slightly decreased the accuracy for all weapons on fully automatic, burst fire is now preferable at mid to long range.

    WHY? Cos fully automatic weapons aren't accurate. Thats the reality.

    Increased the effective accuracy of long bursts for LMGs when using a bipod.

    Slightly increased the range of the 44magnum bullets.

    Increased the close range damage of 4.6x30mm and 5.7x28mm bullets.

    Increased the reload time of the Mortar from 3.5sec to 4.8sec and increased the time it takes before a shell hits the ground.

    WHY? Because mortar spammers (such as myself for a time) would set up shop, find a nice juicy tank or target, shoot 2 rounds, then get up and find another spot before getting mortard back. This way, the increased time makes mortar spam less effective.

    Reduced the aimed accuracy bonus given by a Suppressor for the MP7, P90, PP2000, PP-19, and UMP45.

    Increased the range and FOV for designating targets with the SOFLAM and vehicle Laser Designators.

    Decreased the effectiveness of 12g FRAG ammo when equipped on semi-automatic and automatic shotguns.

    Slightly Increased the power of Fighter Jet Cannons against all vehicle targets, especially Helicopters.

    Decreased the power of Miniguns against Jets and Helicopters.

    Increased the power of Stingers against Jets.

    Flares reload times for Jets and Helicopter Gunners have been increased.

    Tweaked the AN94 so its burst fire better conveys the real world advantage offered by this weapon.

    Added Single Shot to the AN94 as an available fire mode.

    Slightly increased the recoil on the M416 and removed the Burst Fire mode (this weapon incorrectly had burst fire, which was not authentic).

    Tweaked the spawns for TDM on Kharg Island, Grand Bazaar, Caspian Border, Seine Crossing, Operation Firestorm, Damavand Peak and Noshahar Canals

    Moved a tank spawn in US base on Caspian Border so it would not be destroyed by a falling tree

    Tweaked the Gas station Capture area on Conquest on Caspian Border

    WHY? Because there are a few areas, namely the rock near the road leading down to B in conquest, you can prone and nobody has a f**king clue you are there.

    Tweaked the max vehicle height on Noshahar Canals