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  1. You come home and plug your phone into a little slot on the table and on turns the screen in front of you. From here you can access TV, internet, emails and your phone all on a touchscreen. It would be great to be able to message friends using a larger touch screen. Furthermore, everything would be synced together so you can access it all like a central hub. Perhaps even have two or three around the house at once?


    After perusing some of the stuff from CES 2012 and MWC that just wrapped, this up and coming generation does that and more. A particular video of note:




    The above is a game, but the tech could be used for anything and everything, a full desktop........... and with 4G/LTE the speed will be sufficient.......... and with resolutions on the new tablets exceeding 720p+ the visual detail will be sufficient to put the entire desktop on. Your post is about 10 months old, and within 10 months so much has happened :)




    i don't think the billion dollar desktop hardware business is gonna be going anywhere anytime soon. maybe 3050, but i doubt it this century. you think in 5 years time the desktop computer is going to be a niche market? lol


    no offence but i think you're getting ahead of yourself. up coming technology is exciting but 5 years? not gonna happen.



    i think if in 5 years time the desktop market would become "niche" then the likes of intel, nvidia, amd/ati, gigabyte, eVGA, Asus, etc will be shitting in their pants.

    and if GBear is still following this thread, his post is 24 months old. Just reading his opinion (which I'm sure was the opinion of many as little as 2 years ago) is amazing to see that, quite frankly, the industry did to a 180 and all this upheaval that is happening in front of us is unprecedented. It's crazy......... 24 months and IT HAPPENED within that timeframe. Microsoft is making Windows 8 for ARM, nVidia went Tegra with ARM for SoC, phones are going quad core 720p... desktops are dead to the mainstream, you'll find countless references to that. It's even in the latest Verge podcast and it's not even "debated" it's just accepted as fact. 24 months is barely any length of time for anything major to happen in any industry at all - yet in the IT industry what has happened in the last 24 months would have taken an age, a decade, half a century, in other industries. Just amazing to look back.


    There is a newer buzz-word used to describe the era we are in now. It's not the desktop is "dead" per-se... we are now, apparently, living in the "Post-PC era". Whatever that means lol. I guess it means just that. Tablets, smartphones for the mainstream (aka "The cars"). Desktops for the hardcore (aka, "The Truck" as Steve Jobs put it). Cloud and connectivity for everyone ("The roads").

  2. For the non-indoctrinated watching, view (perhaps for the first time in your life) the epic backstory that is the Mass Effect. Watch "Vigil's Tale".


    The short version, to entice. To plant the seed of curiosity in your brain so sincerely and deeply that you will be compelled to click on the other 2 videos "to get the detail".


    and then, the full story 1/2





    Now, run along and count the minutes, the hours, the days until Mass Effect 3 comes out so we can (using a classic cliche'd line from another epic trilogy) end this distructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.

  3. Haven't seen much thoroughfare in Tech & Gadgets these past few months so perhaps it's time to dig up some old threads, but after doing a bit of reading, perhaps 2 old classic videos coupled with 2 new ones may be the way to go.


    The oldest of these videos is the now infamous Microsoft's 2019 Vision of the future. All bollocks back in 2009. AS IF we'd have all of that in 10 years. Looked like an absolute pure fantasy. Barely 3 years later, the writing is on the wall (no pun here) with Windows 8 Preview being the cliché'd "harbinger" of the metro user interface used so intricately in the 2019 vision video, is NOW being rolled out for mainstream launch across all devices. Looks like Microsoft has been marching to this drum for some time now in its relentless effort to bring their 2019 vision to fruition.


    But in the video we saw a lot of technology that, quite frankly, didn't even exist in 2009 and we couldn't even fathom how they would exist. Most notably were the ubiquitous pieces of glass just hanging everywhere with CGI of Metro touch screen interfaces plastered on them. The special effects were indeed convincing to the naked eye and it looked awesome, but our brains kept telling us "how"? We couldn't see a path towards this tech, especially not by 2019. Enter OLED, AMOLED then transparent AMOLED. Back in 2010 at the CES and in 2011 they demoed transparent displays - but there was a catch. They could only emit light, so things like darkness were not possible. This made everything seem glowie like those tablets in Avatar and in the Mass Effect video game series. Nice to look at but at the end of the day you would go back to a traditional flat panel in a second. In CES 2012 however, Samsung brought forth the latest iteration................... and it was good! It could do blacks - and Samsung wanted to drive that point home - and they did it by having a nifty little gadget called "blinds" which allow you to draw the blinds on your transparent window and literally block out the sunlight coming through, effectively solving the black/darkness issues of previous amoleds. This also demonstrated that the pixels could look solid, whereas the other previous tech would still let light through.


    Then, of course, there's Ray Kurzweil's excerpt from Transcendent Man showcasing the Law of Accelerating Returns. When I watch it, it readjusts my perspective of the other 3 videos - and in my head I realize that, hell yeah, that stuff is not only possible, it's just around the corner... and it's probably going to be here way before 2019.





    samsung ces 2012 transparent window



    windows 8 preview (just skip through as it's quite long)



    vision 2019 (many of you have probably seen it - just skip through if you need a refresher on what is shown)



    accelerating demands (again, an oldie but goodie - ties in the near future ahead of us)


  4. amazing!



    ... and to think 18 months ago, in a thread titled - ohh i dunno, something like "the phone is now the main device" people scoffed at it. ridiculous. pure fantasy. many said it will be at LEAST 5-10 years, the desktop isn't going anywhere, people want a solid machine, rah rah rah. people who dreamt up stuff like walking around with your desktop-pc in your pocket that would sync to a large flat panel when you got home would be a reality in a few years were smoking something :lol: . i admit i was an early adopter of this line of thinking, but i always had my doubts the pace was too optimistic and it'll be around 2014 or more before we see anything proper.


    it's barely 2012 and the stuff is knocking on our doorstep. these really are heady days. scary in fact. the conventional desktop is truly dead to the mainstream. why buy an i7 with 16gb of ram when your mobile phone (with admittedly much lower specs) will still get you facebook, youtube, half-decent games (for the casual gamer), email, calendar, cloud apps like fb/twitter/messenger/maps, rss feeds, and potentially now Office and Windows 8...... running on ARM processors. Which means everything else (Photoshop, 3DS Max, Word, Excel, etc) the stalwarts of business productivity will be made for ARM also as the mass market demands it.


    now i look at the next NEXT lot of predictions and they don't seem like pure fantasy anymore. 2 words come to mind: relentless inevitability.


    These phones now have 1280x800 displays... others have 720p (1366x768 perhaps, or close to) - that's enough to run full screen photoshop, 3ds max, excel, dreamweaver, word, music apps like audition/cakewalk/logic.... and since the phone has an ARM processor most likely, there *IS* no difference anymore. the phone *IS* the new PC. amazing!!!!!!! :) :) Tegra 3 has 1080p max output. Yep. You connect your Tegra 3 (even the 40nm 1st gen out right now) via HDMI to a flat panel, you can have 1080p streaming from your phone.... just insane.




    i just began watching schmidts keynote at mwc 2012 2011 a few minutes after writing the above, and the sentiments he literally echoed in his speech is uncanny!


    if you haven't got much time, you just got to fast forward to 6:20 and he'll bring up his "prediction" posted 2 years ago here: http://www.nissansil...dpost&p=5680685 and be BLOWN away. Since this is 1 year old, the prediction that smart phones overtook the desktop took only 12 months, not 18!

  5. As all of you are all undoubtedly aware, the Japanese version of Asura's Wrath came out and it looks magnificently epic... however I can't understand the dialog because it's all in Japanese.


    There are a few vids (mostly from the E3 demo last year) that reveal portions of the story. Most notably (and the one I'm attaching to this post) is the prologue which sets up the story.


    There's spaceships, space battles, demi-gods the size of planets, swords the length of the earth and, ohhh... crazy shit in general.


    The reviews are in and they say that 70% of the time you are watching cinematics. You know what? THAT's MY KIND OF GAME! :lol:


    anyway, there's entire walkthroughs of this game. the first 18 minutes, seriously, it puts Mass Effect 3's opening sequence to shame on sheer scale and casualties lol. But I must say I love both. Both ME3 and AW coming out within days of each other.


    story plot



    example of some gaming dynamics (and check out the size of his sword lol)


  6. i doubt a apple>microsoft buyout would be allowed should that occur imagine the pandemonium plus the patent craziness it would be like the google>motorola deal in the works now but way worse and look how closely scrutinized that deal is.


    There were antitrust issues when it was just Microsoft vs Apple... but now it's Apple vs Google vs Samsung vs Sony vs Nokia vs Microsoft vs HTC. It's a crazy mix-mashup. The last bunch of patents by the consortium (Which included Microsoft AND Apple AND Sony et al) was for the Nortel patent stash... so these verticals are overlapping in the market LIKE CRAZY now. The operating systems are spanning these form factors (eg Windows 8 will be on phone, tablet AND desktop. Same with Android and their ChromeOS shebago but to a lesser degree for the moment. Same with iOS and Mac OSX - but from Apple's perspective they are just trying to "integrate" more features between each OS to make them seem similar). But the point is, it's no longer a segregated market. The software is also not segregated - it's overlapping. Desktop... mobile... tablet. There's not even a differentiation in the consumer space anymore. A person chosing a device to "read their facebook and emails each day" are going to be looking at tablets, smartphones, pcs, netbooks, notebooks, ultrabooks. You see? Sure some people know what they want but, just as an anecdotal example, I personally don't know what my next purchase will be. I got an ageing notebook, a 2 year old vaio, 1 android tablet and some phones. What's next? Well I've been eyeing the ultrabooks, perhaps even a macbook air (yes, yes, i know). But it's all for the SAME REASON. I want something I can do some work on out of the office. my digital "home away from home". it used to be a netbook. it's now a 7 inch tablet with a telstra 3g sim. in a few more months it *could* be an ultrabook... or another tablet. or even the galaxy note which i've been eyeing.


    the market is wide open and the players are scrambling. it's anyone's game. consumer = win.......... and apple..... :o wow. they are in such a position at the moment.

  7. AAPL as you know are sitting on a cash horde of US $97 billion. At one point mind 2011, their $76 billion cash horde (at the time) was larger than the United States governments cash reserves ($73 billion).


    Really? The highest valued tech company in the world holds more cash than the most powerful government in the world.................... I tell you, the papers had a field day those few weeks.


    But now, before Steve Job's untimely demise (RIP) he did mention that Apple was "waiting" for the acquisition opportunities that will come up in the future.


    This is the question.


    After Q1, 2012 - because of the unprecedented demand in China for the iPhone 4S, and with the iPad3 being supposedly announced in March, new iPhone being unveiled in the months following that, we are going to see a cash horde of well over 100 billion dollars. Perhaps even 110 or 120 billion.


    WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE WAITING FOR WITH $120 billion? What company is so big that you'd need over 120 billion dollars to get an (at least 50.1% controlling steak) controlling interest in?


    Facebook? Well, the entire IPO is going at 10 billion, giving it a valuation of 100 billion (10X).


    Or what about RIM?


    Google already bought Motorola.


    .... or do Apple have their sights on, perhaps, larger companies. Companies hovering around the $200bn marketcap mark? Making a "controlling portion" around the $100-120bn mark?


    Could it be Google?

    Could it be Sony?


    ... or could it be... oh no... surely not. Not Microsoft? :o


    Or could they?


    WHAT IF Apple did get control of Microsoft?

    WHAT IF Apple did get control of Google?


    Either of those two has some pretty crazy ramifications for everyone.

  8. Before Prometheus, there was Blade Runner. That 1982 film was THE LAST sci-fi film Ridley Scott produced.


    I have never really appreciated Blade Runner until perhaps 5 or 6 years ago. Before that, it was dark and bleek and I didn't understand it.


    Now it, more than ever, is making me salivate over what potential Prometheus has.


    To mull over some of the shit they went through to make Blade Runner, it may give you some sort of insight as to the genius mind(s) that will be at work on Prometheus.


    The Dangerous Days documentary is actually quite long and has many parts. I've selected 2 parts that, at least for me, really drum up the awesomeness. You will need the better part of an hour should you decide to click on these 2 clippets. Be warned, you will be looking forward to Prometheus incessantly after watching some of these production doccos.


    Part I



    Part II

  9. Here's a little gem I found out over dinner last night:


    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - if you haven't watched it yet (the one with Clive Owen heading up the cast) and plan to, DON'T do it yet!


    Why? Well, there are several obscure reasons that require plot revelations to make any sense - suffice to say that the producers probably didn't want to make a trilogy for the Hollywood (American) market, so the story was heavily culled and the backstory of the female lead was severely distorted. The original Swedish trilogy (which is available in English dubbed - so no subtitles to read) has a very deep detailed backstory for the female who, in fact, is the focus of all three films.


    So it is up to you. If you prefer the latest production value with devalued/decimated script, watch the Americanized version with Clive Owen. If not, watch the original Swedish trilogy in dubbed English.


    The titles for the dubbed Swedish versions are:


    The girl with the dragon tattoo



    The girl who played with fire



    The girl who kicked the hornets nest (ENGRISH TRAILER!!!)







  10. This company looks like it's going into the stratosphere as the biggest company........ in the world :o


    it actually became the largest company (by market cap) but exxon mobil stock rallied to pip them by around 2bn (something like $416bn vs $418bn).


    But, you see, Apple has just launched the iPhone 4S in China and have said the "staggering" demand for the iPhone 4S was causing issues.


    Read that again: China. Staggering demand.


    I mean, it's not a sure bet, but my uneducated opinion on the situation leads me to believe if you can get your hands on some AAPL stock at the moment, you may be riding a swift bullish stock for some Q1 gains and, who knows, pip Exxon mobil for the #1 ranked company world-wide.



    I must say I keep on underestimating apple and I keep having to eat humble pie.

  11. We've all seen the video from 2009 about the year 2019


    (ok ok ok, if you haven't, here it is - but don't tell anyone. shhhh).


    Well, the good boffins of MS have decided to out another vision of the future.


    What I'm trying to figure out.................. is how they plan to do the 3d holograms. O_o

  12. Excellent! I'm glad someone's getting some good stuff from it. I posted the condensed version in off-topic... and even though it's on it's 2nd page, the posts are, for the most part, utterly purile. Half the stuff they spew out gives me no indication they even watched the video. I've had to restrain myself letting loose a volley of profanity in there - I've kept it civil. You can tell some are 16 year old kids with nothing better to do than sound off on a forum and try and wax lyrical about their worldly knowledge :lol: but i digress, I was once 16 and I did the peacock dance online so I can't say I blame them. It's just frustrating that they step on good stuff and don't even take the time to understand it even on a basic level (I mean a "basic" level is all I'm capable of anyway, it's biosience after all).


    Let's take this post from the fitness section.


    Where are the purile posts? People are simply questioning the reasoning behind pissing away public and university dollars on something with very little clinical relevance. This research isn't to help people, it's to make the people doing the research, and the companies funding it very very wealthy.


    I'm sorry but I thought your question was the various forms of the fox0 gene and had further scientific-related questions. This is the first time I'm hearing this issue raised. The first reply under the original post on the first page is a perfect example of a purile post.


    Heck, do a little research and you will see that she has founded a pharmaceutical company called "elixir pharmaceuticals" (as in, elixir of youth).


    The video gave nothing but a simplistic view of something very very complicated. We have such a small amount of knowledge on the complex systems in our body, that too think we can go turning receptors on and off/turning them down and nothing bad will happen. Either in the short or long term (not that any long term testing will be done), is simply mind boggling.


    My point is - the research money could be better spent elsewhere, but this particular research prays on human greed, from both the person wanting to live forever, and the people wanting to cash in on it.


    /end rant.


    This is a fair point but you've failed to mention this "point" until this post. Your points were something else prior to this last post.


    But in response to this, I'm not too surprised - it is the way capitalism works. Ray Kurzweil, for example, owns a dozen companies too, many that manufacture the pills he recommends in his regimen - doesn't detract in any way from my opinion on his theories on the acceleration of technological growth. If anything he's putting his money where his mouth is. I haven't looked up the company you are citing for Cynthia Kenyon but I don't see any problem with her investing in something she's researching.


    Just to add, sure it's healthy to question people's motives - but this woman has been in the field actively since the 90s and she's had that company since 1999. I've tried to find some negative detractors of her work on the web and they may be there but not with the initial searches I've done... which leads me to believe at least initially that this person isn't exactly ruffling even the most ardent conspiracy theorists feathers. The irony is, perhaps, that nissansilvia will be one of the first websites to actively diss her work as google spiders this page and factors it into search results for people searching for "Cynthia Kenyon" and appear to, at least in one post, label her some sort of money-hungry exploiter of the scientific research community.