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  1. yeah. they needed him. Samsung hits record $5.2bn profit as it sells 20,000 Galaxy handsets an hour - as analyst warns 'Apple will fail without Steve Jobs' http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1tLPoRGm1
  2. What do you see in our future?

    so in summary, technology arcs nearing their level of maturity and widespread use (price / performance / efficiency / reliability / availability) - wireless networks (local and wide-area) - digital storage space (online in cloud and on devices themselves) - portable computing power (low power, high performance) the next hurdles that are definitely on the horizon: - UI / augmented reality - still in it's infancy. google glasses, contacts, wearable comps - ubiquitous screens with various forms of display, touch and camera support: table tops, fridges, storefront glass, billboard systems etc, etc.
  3. Very true. One of the big issues with DSLR as video is the (almost) complete lack of good IS, unlike professional video gear. However the tradeoffs of awesome bokeh and low light shooting are great. At such a wide angle with a steady hand you can kinda get away without image stabilisation. But of course for a zoomed in telephoto that would be a nightmare so it is definitely what you want to shoot depends on the lens choices. I find that for photography you can't go past 24-105 when you've got a flash and you're holding the camera body freehand. With film, however, the slowness of the lens at f4.0 just makes it semi-useful for the stuff I am trying to get into since the IS isn't even an issue when using a tripod or steady rig. Only downer with the 24-105 for me and why I'm not getting one (going a 24-70 if anything) is it's one stop slower than a 24-70. The f-stop of 2.8 vs 4.0 matters more to me for what I need lighting wise. For my type of stuff the extra low-light and extra bokeh potential is more than an extra 35mm of reach but I've seen spectacular results on both. Also, the 50mm f1.2 is actually more expensive than the 24-105! and at f1.2 you can shoot at midnight with the illumination of an iphone and it'll still pick it up *mouth waters*. Been going through the lens choices from Vincent Laforet - after seeing his short film Reverie on a prototype EOS 5D Mk II. Basically turned the film industry on it's head.
  4. ME3 reveal

    (be sure to select the 720p version and go full screen!) Release date: December 31st 2011. (* placeholder date only). Gaming Engine to be used: tweaked UE3 (as with ME1 and ME2).
  5. ME3 reveal

    to have the same ending, just longer, you take the existing scenes and you run them in slow motion. to add more to whatever was there, adding on to the "end" creates a new ending which continues on from the old "end" point and fleshes it out. Thus "new" ending. The "old" ending relegated to "just before" the actual new ending.
  6. What do you see in our future?

    yes, ignorance of the general population is an issue. We would want more and more people to make "informed" decisions and knowing the bigger picture. This will result in less needless lingering. Well put.
  7. ME3 reveal

    holy f**k they did it - they announced new endings AND it's going to be completely free: http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/games/895368-mass-effect-3-extended-cut-announced-for-this-summer
  8. What do you see in our future?

    ^^ which is extremely important to ensure that technology matures properly. the brakes are just as important as the engine. our civilization, in fact life in general, is cautious in that regard. brilliant ideas must be tempered with caution. not just from the scientists and inventors that create them and tout their awesomeness, but just as important are those people within society that gaze upon these inventions in a different light. Our world would not be as robust, our security not as stringent and our countermeasures against everything from financial crises to germ warfare to building codes wouldn't be anywhere near advanced if we just allowed technology (even during it's infant stages) to progress unchallenged. A new idea can be great but it is also unchallenged. Just like in the now infamous story concept from HG Wells "War of the Worlds", the aliens ended up dying as their biological cells were attacked and destroyed by earths various microorganisms at the cellular level - "... for man has EARNED his right to live among earths various creatures, and it is his right against all challengers" - so too it must invariably apply to anything and everything NEW built upon complex systems or in this case, a new idea introduced into an existing sea of mature ideas - biological or intellectual - these new ideas must EARN their place in our society - be challenged against skeptics and old ways of thinking.............. and THEN, only then, when it has been poked and prodded and put to the test - demonstrated resilliance against economic, practical and societal forces, is it then a pervasive force that propells the human race forward. If we were to somehow allow some new technology through without exposing it to all these levels of criticism, and as it wraps itself into our already complex layers of technology that bind us all we ultimately have made ourselves more vulnerable as a species ... to introducing a technology that may be remarkable in some respects may, down the track due to our "sheltering" of it from scrutiny, develop severe WEAKNESSES that are to our detriment. Thorough testing and healthy criticism are worthy reasons to push a technology back further, they also force those creating the technologies to modify/adapt their original ideas, including things that they may have not realised were weaknesses - go back and address them and bring their new IMPROVED ideas back to the table. Such an iterative process creates even more beneficial technologies. The tablet computer was around for decades, but it hasn't earned it's place in mainstream consumerism until the last few years - just as an example. Why? Well, it just wasn't good enough for most of us and, obviously, that's the bear naked truth of it all. Some of these new technologies are promising, but they, just like the tablet and the smartphone, must earn their rightful place.... and if they have to get through the older generations to do it, then thats what they will HAVE to do and I wouldn't have it any other way. The older, the younger, the skeptical, the nerdy, the artsy, the confused.... no matter what type of user, their input, feedback, criticism of an idea will shape it and mould it to become (if it's good enough) a robust technology for the masses.
  9. ME3 reveal

    the ending was gearing up to be a showdown between shepard and harbinger. it's like a title match fight mma-style and when we get to the finale, there's no fight and a little transparent kid walks on the stage and gives a little speech. goodnight and thanks for playing? where's our fight? i tell you if it was in a stadium people would stampede if that shit happened.... the only real difference is its a stampede happening, well, in people's gaming dens. the only release of such anger is via online forums and all that other stuff. i'm guessing the fans the most upset are the ones that spent the 100+ hours building 1 single character from ME1 and going to the trouble of importing it into ME2 and THEN importing it into ME3. I only really got into the franchise in ME2. I played ME3 without importing in my character and, basically, i was underwhelmed regardless. definitely a seachange happening. place enough power into the hands of the consumer, this stuff will happen. artistic "integrity" be damned. as soon as you put the word "commerce" in there, fans are "customers" and therefore artistic integrity always plays second fiddle. Even before any customer backlash - from movies to script writers, these works of "art" called storylines are screen tested in front of audiences, scripts are rewritten if the test-audience doesn't like things. this is the same thing except it's happening after the fact. BioWare hiding behind artistic integrity are being hypocritical of this. It's disingenuous and really puts them on an unnecessary pedestal. listen to the fans. your ending sucks. fix it. Don't like it? Well, look at the numbers. A 79.3% DROP in sales figures after week 1. Nuff said.
  10. It can also become a boy who cried wolf scenario.. It may seem unlikely but all you need is a smart lawyer who can use this case coupled with clever cross examination to provide enough reasonable doubt for a real sex offender to walk away with a not guilty.. As Peter said earlier rape kits have been in existence for quite some time, and the fact that one wasn't used in this case has allowed an immature mole to abuse the system and give future sex offenders a slight chance to get off scott free and offend again.... fark i see what you mean - wow, that's just given this whole scenario a whole depth of ramifications
  11. What do you see in our future?

    ^^^ from 9th July, 2010.................... and now, 5th April, 2012 : SHIT JUST GOT REAL YO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4
  12. I clicked on the top link, read the article and all I wanted to do was post up one line............. but then I read all this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ holy shit. that story about the ex is completely f**ked up! anyway, here's the quote as to why she isn't prosecuted and it makes sense..... kinda.... in a big picture kind of way:
  13. All the power without the tower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG7pUg0nvns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5v5ziNp1fk noice... they basically took their catalogue in the 1RU pizza box server space and, well, basically put an LED/LCD over the top and called it a day - well, obviously not quite, but it does have 1RU server-grade components inside. Instead of being in a datacenter it's "inside" the tv-casing. Ingenious... and it inherits everything else from the server space including tool-less upgrading, ECC memory on the motherboards, etc. Very nicely done hp.
  14. Just on the subject of bigger screens - I have a Galaxy S (originie) and a Nexus S. Both have 4 inch screens. I have seen many Galaxy S2s around. So many of my friends have them. I recently used the keyboard on one and, to my ABSOLUTE amazement those extra .3 inches do make an incredible difference......... to my accuracy using the keyboard. I remember making a O_o face while using it, thinking to myself "this keyboard is just so much easer to....... gosh.... could it be because the keyboard is a little bigger?" so yeah. 4 inches isn't enough for me. perhaps 4.3 or 4.6 or 5" --- somewhere there is going to be a sweet spot. Nobody's really found it yet, but I know one thing for sure. It definitely isn't 3.5 inches... and I don't think it's 4 inches either. Higher.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WivS5CJM9iQ I just have to say.......... they had me from the moment I saw the old dudes face. The "Character". holy shit. Move over Frostbite 2... what can I say. O_O Want to license it? It only costs USD $1.2million
  16. But it's waterproof! SO THERE!
  17. mmm... more exclusivity for me
  18. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    this looks like a fresh take in the footsteps of movies like standing tall.
  19. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    bwahahaha ha ha ha ahahaahah aha ha ha ah aha ha ha haahaahaha aha ha ha ahah ahah aha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHA!
  20. AAPL as you know are sitting on a cash horde of US $97 billion. At one point mind 2011, their $76 billion cash horde (at the time) was larger than the United States governments cash reserves ($73 billion). Really? The highest valued tech company in the world holds more cash than the most powerful government in the world.................... I tell you, the papers had a field day those few weeks. But now, before Steve Job's untimely demise (RIP) he did mention that Apple was "waiting" for the acquisition opportunities that will come up in the future. This is the question. After Q1, 2012 - because of the unprecedented demand in China for the iPhone 4S, and with the iPad3 being supposedly announced in March, new iPhone being unveiled in the months following that, we are going to see a cash horde of well over 100 billion dollars. Perhaps even 110 or 120 billion. WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE WAITING FOR WITH $120 billion? What company is so big that you'd need over 120 billion dollars to get an (at least 50.1% controlling steak) controlling interest in? Facebook? Well, the entire IPO is going at 10 billion, giving it a valuation of 100 billion (10X). Or what about RIM? Google already bought Motorola. .... or do Apple have their sights on, perhaps, larger companies. Companies hovering around the $200bn marketcap mark? Making a "controlling portion" around the $100-120bn mark? Could it be Google? Could it be Sony? ... or could it be... oh no... surely not. Not Microsoft? Or could they? WHAT IF Apple did get control of Microsoft? WHAT IF Apple did get control of Google? Either of those two has some pretty crazy ramifications for everyone.
  21. Raspberry Pi

    This + Lilliput 7" touchscreen monitor 1920x1080 in the car = win!
  22. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    Mother fculkington peninsula it's going to be one spectacular comeback for Ridley Scott. Holy mother f**king hell.... the shit really hits the fan i can't wait http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MhQe8V8IXc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHcHYisZFLU
  23. Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory | This American Life The American Life producers began unravelling "issues" with the monologue. Things just didn't add up. Then, after contacting the translator that Mike Daisey used and revisiting the same places that he was, they revealed a startling revelation on the monologue being passed on as journalism. 2 months later (this month) The American Life issues a retraction to the entire story. http://www.thisameri.../460/retraction and the interview with Ira Glass and Mike Daisey as to why he exactly did what he did.................... is just as impressive.
  24. Actually the monologue being "fake journalism" is making headlines as i type, and the amount of interest after people realized it was fake actually skyrocketed. thats how i got interested. I only got interested after I was told it was fake... so witholding that piece of information is actually valuable for most people (not all i guess) to get interested. I actually only heared the second interview of them tearing Mike a new one on live radio first. By the end of it, i was dying to hear the actual original monologue................................. and i found it and put it up the top. so perhaps if anything, the spoiler should be the original monologue.
  25. ME3 reveal