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  1. This is very true. We are seriously knitpicking on bullshit when you think about it they are all pretty darn good. I mean, 1080p video recording.... 8 megapixel cams... 720p displays... holy shit that was unthinkable only a few years ago.
  2. yeah. saw those on TED before. mediocre at best. google glass is the in thing in the media hype machine at the moment.
  3. damnit blaq! it's 4:24AM and i'm just about to go to bed. should never have checked the forums... now i won't be able to sleep knowing there are 2 TED futuristic tech videos to watch. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... gonna watch them when i wake up... around 10:30am.
  4. incredible bubble. holy crap.
  5. Yeah, cool buildings bro... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L0x6IrDBqA LOL ................ ok ok look, just 2 words: Nuclear f**king weapons.
  6. China: Say what you want about us, but we get our shit done! Building: The Ark Hotel, China Build-time: 90hrs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps0DSihggio America: F**K YEAH! Building: Cooper Union Academic Building Build-time: 2½ years (first 6 months was dem bosses havin ta do tha paperwork and strikes y'all) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p63OR1A_z-0 China: a few days USA: a few years *shrugs* ... I still don't know who I want to go for. But obviously America has 1 thing: 2 words : NUCLEAR F**KING WEAPONS. They got the bombs - ok?
  7. Brilliant! Brilliant brilliant work.................. Yeah even though film and photogrpahy tend to go off in quite different directions they have a pretty decent overlap of techniques and lenses. The L-Series is just stellar for photography. For a full-frame, the 10-22 from Canon and the Tokina 11-16mm both support full frame and you'll get an even wider angle from it. They are also both rectilinear lenses (opposite of the curvilinear fisheye) so makes shot sof bulidings or architecture or anything with straight lines like poles, trees, horizons, lakes, etc very nice. I tried getting a 0.43x wide-angle for my 50mm f1.4 to give it a bit more width but the lens adapter is shocking and it just doesn't work. So soft around the outside and not even wide enough for curving to be a problem but I take the adapter off and everything just clears up. Full frame is definitely preferred... and there is no way around it, for ultra wide angle I will need to fork out the money for a wide-angle lens. I plan to do things like company / business profile videos and house showcases so in both of those if you plan to take a shot with more than half a wall and 1 corner in the picture you'd need an ultra-wide angle. 5D Mk II with Tokina 11-16 would be stellar in that regard... but that's around $2.5k worth of additional investment I'm not yet willing to spend lol!!! might have to rent those things if and when those first few job opportunities present themselves. But if I had to put myself in your shoes, if I had a 5D Mk II I'd get something like a Tokina 11-16mm (if you are pursuing film) and a $100 50mm f1.8 kit lens for the bokeh shots. Soooo fast and good in low-light, coupled with your full frame sensor, you could shoot with iPhone ambient light with nothing else. The 1.8 isn't called "fantastic plastic" for nothing lol. As for actual still photography I haven't really delved into that arena but I know the lens choices are all different. More L-series like 24-70 or 24-105 etc, etc... I like the 24-70. That thing is huge!!! and even though I've learnt a great deal so far I'm certainly no expert at film... and I'm definitely no expert at still photography so I'll be asking you guys for advice on that
  8. Yep. It's over boys and girls. Sammy has just blitzed the iCompany by 10 million units. It's only a matter of time now... I'm still getting a Macbook Air though! =) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-27/samsung-overtakes-apple-as-no-1-smartphone-maker-in-1st-quarter.html
  9. ^ so Rolled Cambers aint getting rolled after all!
  10. if you want to watch the entire event from start to finish, you can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAh9frGNulY Now, no doubt many of you have read the sob stories and the outcries of anguish over the features of this phone, the design etc. While I do not doubt this phone was underwhelming visually and the 720p screen is yet another pentile display, I can also see some of the nice innovation that comes through. I hate being sold stuff to my face. The first 15 minutes of the samsung presentation came across as crass and disingenuous. Using expletives and phrases like it knows what you like, it sees what you see, it knows what you love. Fkn insulting my intelligence, it's a F**KING PHONE. don't feed me bullshit. So I was pretty pissed off by the time it got to 15 mins in... and if you don't want to go through that experience I'd really like to save you from that and just jump in to the good stuff which begins around 18:00 in. Firstly, (the good stuff) --- 1. Around 18 minutes in, there is a new feature called Smart Stay. This is gold. It uses the front facing camera to track your eyes - probably the same tracking algorithms that have been around for years that also work with camera smile detection and webcam software for years and years which KEEPS the display on while you're looking at it. That's brilliant. So when you're reading an e-book or flicking through and reading an email the phone doesn't all of a sudden shut off the screen... I'm sure we've seen all of that. That's innovative... and simple. So simple it's amazing nobody has ever thought of doing that before O_o 2. You can wake up the phone via custom voice commands (you see this around 20:00). This is gold. Might be a little difficult to sort out the lock screen issues but they are on to something. I've been driving the car so many times and having to do the screen lock is just so old. 3. THIS one is gold. I do this all the time. (22:15 in) Direct Call. If you are sending a text message, you can just raise the phone to your ear and it will assume you want to call that person. Very intuitive use of the proximity sensor and accelerometer. 4. Smart Alert. (23:00) - if you pick up your phone and you have missed calls, it realises that it's being picked up (of course used by the accelerometer) and it gives you a little "buzz" vibration to let you know that you have missed calls, new texts etc, etc. I hope it's customizable to JUST buzz for missed calls cos it would be pretty useless being told I have email waiting as they come through every 10 seconds. 5. Sharing with "S Beam" is like BUMP. (27:00) You just join the phones together (their backs touching) and give the screen a decent "tap" and the image looks like it gets "pushed" from one phone to the other as the picture "sinks in" to the sending phone and "rises up out of the screen" on the receiving phone. Pretty innovative use of accelerometer, beam transfer nfc, wifi direct peer-to-peer wireless. Nice. The unsure stuff I'm not putting AllShare up there which is spoken about around 30:00 in which POTENTIALLY has the capability to do remote desktop and group desktop etc... I mean this is just dlna / remote desktop rehashed. Nothing really innovative there. But it's yet another feature if you're interested. Same with their Siri or "S-Voice". Basically a gimmick for the sake of it. I've had voice capabilities at least for dictation for years on other android devices and, quite honestly, having to wind the windows up and put the stereo down, search for the voice button and then hope andy pray that what i've said is picked up and translated properly....... I do this once in a blue moon. Someitmes it works great. Sometimes not.... but in any case, some good shit that has come out. 41:00 --- Optional device: Wireless charging kit, world first for a generic mobile phone. Semi-win since it's an optional extra.............. but not a full win. We are hopeful, fingers x'd it works well and is useful. 46:00 the Drive-Link stuff which allows your phone to drive your car's ICE and GPS is POTENTIALLY good - need more details on exactly what is needed to achieve this. Good thinking.... hoepfully it turns into something good but we'll have to wait and see. 46:45 --- S Health is also potentially useful. Having your phone graph your own blood pressure and glucose levels etc... (via other external "healthcare" devices) --- so I'm assuming the real tech is in these other devices that may communicate via bluetooth 4.0 (really low power) and the app just records and graphs the output. Nice... not thrilling, but nice. Need more info on this expanding area........ tentatively awaiting more info. The bad stuff - the fail stuff. The information unlock screen with the ripple effect is a direct rip of android active wallpaper which has been out since 2010. an absolute waste of time. the worst lock screen i've seen. ever. sorry, i just call it as it is. The gloss bullshit colour choices of white and dark blue are shite also. What a crappy back plate. Seriously. Looks like a bathtub. Disgusting. If I get this phone I'm going to cover the back anway so I can just manage to overlook that design flaw. At 36:30 the video resize demonstration fails. the google search bar disappears and the camera pans away and the show goes on. EPIC FAIL. 38:00 --- the galaxy S III supposedly selects the "best" picture after going berserk and taking 10 photos. LOL. Even the female presenter with man-hands gave away that she didn't believe that shit. Fail... yet again. 39:30 --- Super AMOLED 4.8 .............. pentile 720p. I'm sorry, but that's a fail. If this was 720p PROPER non-pentile, this would have had me drooling. But pentile? O_o no thanks. I thought this was 2012 not 2009. We are back in the Nexus One days. ALL IN ALL All in all Sammy delivered some pretty innovative stuff, f**ked the design sideways and called it a day. The good thing is my contract is up in June and the thing comes to Straia in June so I'll be 1. Selling my Galaxy S on eBay and 2. Disconnecting from Optard.. 3. Churning my business number currently on Vodafail and migrating it to the herculean network run by the boffin-mongers at Telstra Next-G. If all goes well. Will I get the Galaxy S III ? Well, I think I'll go and have a look at one first. It looks like it has more good points than bad. At least the battery is half decent at 2100mAh and the Exynos quaddie actually sips less power than the duals in the S2........................................... so battery life may be less of an issue. Main point is I'm so over customising phones, I just want to pick one up, sign in to my google account, install JetVD, ES File Explorer, Remote Desktop, Skype and Gmail and call it a day. I can do it on either of the 2 phones I got now...... but perhaps the sum of all the little things that make up the S III will be worth the upgrade and the move to Telstra. Who knows... guess we'll have to wait and see. Will you buy a Galaxy S III from what you've seen?
  11. ummmmmmmmmm yeah i think it was late 2010! pretty sure.
  12. no, Steve Jobs was there and he personally introduced Cold Play. In fact, it was memorable to me because I was amazed that Steve was smitten by Chris Martin's performance and how he could just sit back and enjoy a few songs and the whole thing was part of the keynote. here u go mate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIg2C1-QofM
  13. Battlefield 3

    I just tried playing BF3 again - haven't logged on in a long time and now I keep getting kicked from servers over some punkbuster bs. O_o lol. going to download punky again and try and solve this fiasco.
  14. All they used is what you saw in the vid. Nothing much changed except perhaps the reflector boards (They used reflector boards on the left and right sides. These boards have a white side and a black side.) which were flipped around or adjusted slightly. I was surprised they didn't use a reflector mat along the floor to give that nice sheen and more even skin tone under the jaw around the neck area, but anyway that was it.
  15. perhaps in another few years time it will be a global holiday event. superstars, red carpet, perhaps a feature length film debut also? i think we're just scratching the surface. surely these companies are going to invest more and more and more. already the last CES had kelly clarkson, will smith and a few other guest stars to pep up the keynotes. single product launches like the iphone had guests like cold play (or was that for the ipad 2?) perform in person at the keynote. i'm guessing it'll just get bigger and better. in fact there is an interesting article on the verge about how far samsung has gone with their brand placement (at least in korea). they have rappers, k-pop groups and even entire songs made about their products. there is a sng called AMOLED even. L-o-L! http://www.theverge....ung-music-video
  16. This might not be a popular thing to say, but arguing over stuff like this is very important in the grand scheme of things. If a product is good and people like it, it rises. If people hate it, it falls. If people are undecided.................. THEY MUST FIGHT! I'm not being sarcastic either. It's very important that only the best technology survives. It may look far removed and silly to think of such things like iOS and Android as somehow being part of the grand evolution of mankind and our technological future - but we are the result of biological competition over millions of years. and now, we've created machines and computers and are making these technologies compete in much the same way. Competition points out flaws and weaknesses. Competition causes innovation and risk taking. Competition is what will push technology forward more and more and more. Where does all this competition come from? From trying to woo YOU - the consumer. The murmurs on the internet - the forum spats and arguments - people read it and then it influences them or others. Then they go off and talk to their friends and so on and so forth. Arguing over smartphone devices may seem petty but if you could track how information about how good or bad a device is and how it propagates across our thoughts, words, emails, voices... you'll understand that we are simply refining our own technology without even knowing it - by groups of us (companies like Apple and Google) writing software and competing and for us to argue over which one is better and the cycle simply continues. The next generation of software and technology WILL be driven by what people say about the current technology devices today. Opinions matter. When it gets down to it, one side is going to dominate... and whether it is ios or android or something else, one thing is certain: It would have had to beat its way to the top - and what does that mean? It means it had to outclass, out-innovate, out-perform, out-app, out-everything the competition. That means we will end up with the best of breed. Think about that the next time a spat about smartphones comes up you are doing your bit to move mankind forward. Go grab yourself a virtual medal of honor!
  17. Thanks Siddr20 - it was for the Christopher Hanna Platinum hair salon chain - their winter season curls / products / girl stuff that i have no idea about lol.
  18. Got the first preliminary cut out the door. Here it is:
  19. I just shot my first full day of shooting video for a client. Was a winter/hair catalog fashion shoot. Had a 0.75m glide-track, 50mm f1.4 prime, canon 10-22mm loaded up on the glidetrack with the rig you see in the above pic. I will post up one glide track example and one 50mm f1.4 example. Both were recorded at 50fps and slowed down to 24fps with a shutter speed of somewhere around the 250-280 degree range (so that when it's played back at 24fps it looks more natural). My role was to place as much emphasis on the hair as possible so I used a lot of the natural light and moved around the models until I got that shimmer and specular highlight around the edges. The glidetrack was kind of wasted because the 10-22 wasn't very fast and had trouble seeing indoors without a ridiculous iso. I used it where I could but the real winner was the 50mm f1.4. No wonder everyone uses them for making music videos and for such a cheap lens at 50mm they outclass a 24-70 (set to 50mm of course) in sharpness due and the massive aperture advantage for low light is killer. 50mm is my new favourite lens :)
  20. Getting ready for a shoot monday morning and this is teh current setup: Canon 10-22mm on a .75m Glidetrack, fluidhead and matte box, fogta dp500 follow focus and rails system.
  21. When I laid eyes on the specs of the Panasonic Eluga "POWER", I could scarcely believe it. This is Panasonic's foray back into the smartphone market, and boy has it come in with a whopper. I personally can forget about the standard "Eluga". Not that there is anything wrong with it. It's slim and light but the 1,150mAh battery irks me. The Eluga "POWER", other other hand.......... ....... has dream specs. I'll go through them. 1. The processor is - wait for it - the venerable KRAIT 1.5ghz dual core Snapdragon Q4 from Qualcomm. Yes the dual core that smashed the Tegra3 et al. 5000+ on quadrant sbmt. That's the first thing. 2. This phone has, wait for it, 1GB of RAM. I don't remember reading anywhere on any other device from any other manufacturer of a smartphone supporting that much ram yet. I'm sure they'll all get there and suprass it soon enough, but this is the first time I've seen 1GB posted up. 3. It's a 5" screen BUT... device weighs only 113 grams and is only 9.8mm thick. That's in the iPhone / Galaxy Sx ballpark which is awesome... and it's a whole inch bigger in the screen department. 4. It's screen is OLED, 720p (that's 1280 x 720). HD resolution. This is slightly narrower than the Galaxy Note at 1280 x 800. 5. It has a decent battery spec of 1800mAh. Not as much as the Galaxy Note at 2500mAh but then at least it's on par with the other batteries such as the 1650mAh battery on the 4.3 inch Galaxy S2. 6. Although the standard Eluga 4.3" will be running Gingerbread 2.3.6 at launch, the Eluga Power will be sporting ICS from the get-go. 7. It's "waterproof" up to IP57 standards, which states it can resist being submerged in up to 3ft of water for 30 minutes without any internal breach. This is a sore reminder of a trip I took a few years ago to the tropics of the Philippines.... where I used my then N95 to take some nice video shots juuuust above the calm water. Then, a piece of floating seaweed brushed my left arm and I had a knee-jerk reaction, submerging the phone for all of half a second. It was gone. a hard lesson learned - so this waterproofing on the phone is just more icing on the cake. 8. The 2 cameras are: An 8mp camera on the back and a 1.3mp camera on the front. 9. It has the latest NFC antenna componentry. Now for the not so good points: 1. It's a slow rollout starting in Europe, UK and Japan. So don't expect any local retailers to house this puppy, if ever. But for myself, this just adds to the exclusivity of owning such a device. If I can source an Eluga Power from the UK via eBay I SHALL be buying one if the price isn't too ridiculous. 2. The internal storage is only 8GB but it does support an internal SD card slot for up to 32gb extra storage space. 3. It does NOT support 850mhz UMTS so if you plan on rocking a Telstra NextG sim, forget this dude and stick with your other device choices. The Galaxy Note seems very tempting since it does do native 850 - and that coupled with the 2500mAh battery would make a formiddable phablet. 4. No LED flash at the back. So - there you have it. Exclusivity, the latest krait killing cpus for speed, beautiful design, waterproofed body, ICS, 720p display, 8mp camera. 9.8mm thick. 133 grams. I mean, the plusses definitely outweigh the minuses on this device as far as I can see. I'll post up a few pics and a few vids for you. Just remember, type "Eluga POWER" in google when doing your own research. Don't forget the word "Power" otherwise you'll be looking at something else. THIS is the phone. I love it. All screen. No hardware buttons on the face at all. Don't be confused with the standard "Eluga" --- you can tell the difference. The Eluga Power has no hardware buttons on it. AT ALL. lol. The standard Eluga has 3 buttons at the base of the device (since it's launching with Gingerbread, it has to).
  22. Aaaaaha! ok ok ok you got me... I should have seen it coming! (yes, even with that line, "TWSS" again) lol.