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  1. buoy's training journal

    Finally hit the 90kg mark again - a personal milestone I've been aiming for the past few years and I finally got there today =) as I've spent the last year and a half "bulking up" again since I trimmed down to low 80s a while back. Took a photo at my last workout point and took another shot at the weigh-in scales for posterity! Back at 90 with less fat. Feels good.
  2. I don't know if its work or the general malaise that seems to cover anything thats been used a thousand times (ie, you get sick of it) but I've been finding pretty much nothing interesting in my browsing exploits as the months have rolled by and it's been slowly getting worse and worse... and now I just stare at the google chrome start-up page with my tiles of most used web pages... and what are they? Well, google, facebook, youtube, this site, theverge, my company's website, gmail and ebay. That's it. That's all the internet means to me now. Just facebook, look up some tech news, go on to youtube and type in some bs or stream some tv show (i had a bit of fun today, streamed yamato 2520 and yamato 2199 for those of you with some interest in that anime manga stuff) and perhaps browse some stuff to buy. ohhh ...... and of course there is the ever incognito "sites" that one does visit......... to buy that special present for someone. perhaps a facial and a new pearl necklace.................... mr torrent for the odd flick here and there but ffs where has all the fun gone? the excitement? meh. there is nothing to do on this blasted internet bs stuff anymore.
  3. Here is a list of websites you can use to sus out your next purchase. If you have other sites in mind please let me know and I'll add it to the original post: Graphics Card Comparison: http://www.hwcompare.com - compares GPUs with a X-card vs Y-card comparison wizard. Very helpful. As an example, here is what I see when I compare my oldest currently in use GPU (8800GTS) in my work PC with the latest top-of-the-line offering from ATI: http://www.hwcompare...radeon-hd-7970/ Software Install / Maintenance: http://ninite.com/ - [Varvs] quick and easy way to install a bunch of commonly used (free) applications. VLC, codec packs, adobe/flash/reader/shockwave/etc plus antispyware stuff (ccleaner, malwarebytes, super antispyware) and other stuff (7zip, winrar) Phone Comparison: http://www.gsmarena.com/ - Get the specs of any phone. For example. here are the specs for the LG Optimus 4X HD :- http://www.gsmarena....d_p880-4563.php http://www.phonearena.com/ - This website needs no introduction. You are already aware that it exists and you have already used it extensively. http://youcompare.com.au/mobilephones - youcompare has some questionable wizards on their site but the mobile phone comparison utility section is quite useable for doing some cloud-based research of your own. http://www.mobicity.com.au/ - Great for buying a phone outright and those grey imports you've been eyeing. Broadband / ADSL / 3G Coverage Comparison: http://whirlpool.net.au/ - This is the only one you really need. Massive online community with lots of advice. PC Parts: http://www.staticice.com.au/ - Great for finding that PC part cheap. Rubbish for finding certain other things, however, like "Canon 550D" returns absolute rubbish for page after page after page. http://www.shopbot.com.au - Great for finding that PC part cheap. Not as good as staticice for some things, however, returns stellar results for other stuff like "Canon 550D" - eg: http://www.shopbot.c...?m=Canon%20550D Notebook specific stats / comparison: http://www.notebookcheck.net/ - The premier source for getting the stats of whatever notebook / laptop / netbook / notbook / nettop / ultrabook / netvertible you seek. Community-driven information sharing sites: http://www.reddit.com/ [bludbud] - The biggest time waste in the internet. I thought there might be a limit to the number of kittens and naked ladies I could see without getting bored. I was wrong. http://www.youtube.com/ - some video sharing site. here be dragons. http://www.facebook.com/ - this is nothing. seriously. do not go here. Tech Sites: http://www.theverge.com/ - Tech news for mobile, tablet, PC, mac, general tech, games, interesting tech-related news (research, up-and-coming tech) and tech industry news (eg lawsuits, corp takeovers). http://www.engadget.com/ - Tech news by AOL - under "The AOL Way" however. http://www.slashgear.com/ - Tech news. http://www.tweaktown.com/ - Tech site with an edge towards more geeky / nerdy pursuits http://techcrunch.com/ - More general tech news http://slashdot.org/ - Really really ridiculously hardcore site. Approach with fear and in-trepidation lest you incur their wrath. http://www.bluesnews.com/ [GFUNK] tech/games news MY FAV SITE Games Specific: http://au.ign.com/ - IGN - non-console specific gaming news for everything: PC, PS3, XBox, Wii, etc. http://www.kotaku.com.au/ - Aus based games site http://www.1up.com/ - Same shit different smell... however different strokes for different folks. Can I squeeze a third idiom in here? Server Hosting: http://www.webhostingtalk.com.au/ - Get server deals, virtual servers, dedicated servers, watch for offers etc, etc.
  4. If there is a thread it should have been stickied or something. I remember a while ago there was a link to the must-have software... wonder where that went?! here is something I've found which I find absolutely terriffic! http://www.angrygreekgirl.com/ it refers to celebrities by nicnames... like Lindsay Lohan is Rudolph and Brad Pitt is the Pwetty Pwincess. I've never laughed so hard whilst reading a blog about gossip before...... and just a small example to illustrate my point, I just read this whilst perusing the blog: Fun stuff for digesting the latest sloppy gossip and makes reading it enjoyable since she pays them out so much.
  5. VITL - Very Important Tech Links

    holy f**k thats awesome
  6. Thanks for your help and providing those much needed links I have added a few of those sites to my "daily rotation" - Perhaps I need to investigate the blogosphere a bit further and get a decent RSS feeder onto my (soon to be delivered) Nexus 7 Tablet. I really liked the F1 through London vid on the axis of oversteer blog. Crazy good stuff Checking out reddit as I type this message and have bookmarked hardocp. As a side note, I did visit TED.com regularly but I've pretty much viewed everything that I found interesting (they've only got like 500 vids on there so you get through them in only a few short months of daily visiting).
  7. SAMSUNG GALAXY S Pros / Cons check out the screen!!!! I'm not a billionaire, so money is an obstacle that I think long and hard on before plopping down my hard earned dosh... so after pondering the pros and cons on all these phones, I may be so inclined to move on the new Samsung Galaxy S. Why? Well... because. 1. It is 9.9mm thick... the new iphone is 9.3mm thick. That is half a millimeter thicker. O_o I'm sure it'll be noticeable, but not by that much. It is quite thin! 2. It has super AMOLED for a screen. This means a bright display with ridiculously wide viewing angles (1). I'm going to dull down the brightness anyway because I like dim screens. Hopefully this really ups battery life to boot! 3. It has a front facing camera. This is unlike the T-Mobile version in the US which is having its front facing cam deleted. We are actually going to have a front facing cam. 4. The 5mpixel cam on the rear does do HD video at 30fps. Very good 5. It has a GYROSCOPE!!!!! Which means agumented reality apps ftmfw! at least you've future proofed yourself for later down the track. 6. Big rollout by big manufacturer. Samsung want to capture 10% of the market over the next year, and they are being really serious about it. Rollout in 110 countries. This phone has such major support it's ridiculous. In fact, one may even say there isn't any other phone besides the well established blackberry and iphone that has more support from a manufacturing stand-point. 7. It runs Android 2.1 and with point #6 taken into consideration, the case for it getting 2.2 will be very strong. 8. It will be available JULY 1ST (2). 9. Will have flash support and Chrome and everything else made for the Google experience. 1Ghz qualcomm processor to boot. 10. Hummingbird has 4 times the polygon pushing power of snapdragon so that means more graphics power. 90 million triangles per second on the SGX540 vs snapdragon's 22 million. (3) The cons: 1. Unsureness on manufacturer Samsung to have built a solid phone. There may be many design flaws in any device, so being the first people to grab the phone may result in terrible hidden surprises like the first people of the iphone4 and evos would no doubt relate to. 2. Super AMOLED life expectancy isn't known. It may f**k up early and there are probably clauses in the user agreement that will allow Samsung to wash their hands of it (not because samsung is evil, but any company including apple will do this! look how they treated their antenna customer complaints! wtf "just hold it differently"). 3. The size of the phone - this is a big phone - but then again, phones seem to have grown to "maximise" the candy bar form factor. They have gone for thinness rather than overall small dimensions, and I think that that is a good thing. But perhaps 4 inches of phonehood is a bit too much for my thumb to traverse without stretching. Who knows. 4. Locked in to Optus. Hey, I can deal with being locked in to 3 for the past how many years and i've been fine with it. I live in the burbs and reception is getting better slowly but surely. I've used Optus on occasion and their network seems to be a bit further behind 3's for some reason, especially around Pancakes in the rocks. Not sure why, but the reports I've read seem to think otherwise - that the networks are on par with one another for the most part. 5. SteveP pointed out: NO FLASH! (not the software, an actual blast of light when taking a photo!) ... which, depending on what you do and your social activities, be a deal breaker. 6. Super AMOLED has PENTILE RGBW which gives it an effective COLOUR resolution of 640x360 (not 800x480)! to be fair... it's unlike the RGBG in the nexus one which also reduces the b&w resolution also. The b&w resolution on the super amoled is as high as normal rgb pixels, but text in colours other than black/white/grey will appear fuzzier. BAD BAD BAD! References: [1] Vewing angles (end of the video) [2] http://apcmag.com/samsung-galaxy-s-australia-optus-release.htm [3] http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/26/samsungs-galaxy-s-has-four-times-the-polygon-power-of-snapdrago/
  8. Ok. I thought that this year was just going to be a Frostbite year for Battlefield 3 and the related games coming out that use the same engine............. with CryEngine a while off and no new consoles in sight. But then EPIC releases (under NDA) a video of their next generation Unreal Engine 4. Apparently it was a jaw-dropper. There are only a few low-res screenshots of the tech demo but it already is making me very angry that there is no actual demo reel. I also find it very hard to imagine that the event was not filmed by some shady characters covertly. So........... just like with Frostbite I'm assuming that some "unauthorised" video exerpts of the event will eventually make it onto the web and we will be able to see at least from an iphone's perspective or pocked-video-cam device's perspective what it's all about. Apparently EPIC is asking for 10 times the processing power of the XBox360. I reckon they should aim for 20. We, the general public, have earned our place in video game history. We should settle for nothing less than Avatar real-time rendering from the next generation of consoles........................................ otherwise why the hell bother switching, right? It's either movie-CGI reality for next-gen, or go home. I don't see a middle ground. It's not *worth* going through another 8 or 9 year console fiasco for "slightly" more realistic gfx and "kinda" more realistic faces and "x" amount more polygons. The human brain and the way we see things.......... it's not going to mean jack unless we get to a significantly higher L.O.D. 10 times the graphics performance at a BARE MINIMUM. Anyway, here's the screens. Impressive stills............ but I'm worried the video will be underwhelming. The hardware WILL be a key factor in the next gen rollout and I really don't want to muck around with another batch of shitty performing consoles that will linger with us until the end of this decade, of which we are only 2 years in.
  9. E3

    E3 non-gaming-specific vids. Microsoft can be summed up in 1 word (my personal opinion): Relentless. They were relentless against Netscape in the browser wars and did not stop until they became king of the hill. They did not stop until they beat Apple into a pile of steaming cow dung and ruled the roost of the desktop. They did not stop until Sony's Playstation brand was dethroned as the unquestionable leader of entertainment, even though during one point (Bluray winning against HDDVD) it looked like they were beating a dead horse. Look at XBox360 vs PS3 now... and now, it looks like Microsoft is, yet again, being relentless in their quest to dominate the loungeroom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS300cA8E6I
  10. E3

    But yeah, Sony definitely wanted the PS3 to "dominate" steveP--- not only for the format war but also because of the domination that was handed to them so easily with the PS1 and then PS2. Their formula seemed to work: Introduce a console with a very "unique" programming requirement (read: harder to "port" to competitor's offerings) and some custom hardware configuration and you got a console platform that brings in the dosh on the game-side with (then) titles like Gran Tourismo and Metal Gear Solid rah rah rah. Developer tools, well, they'll work it out if they know what's good for em. Fastforward to Microsoft's XBox era and MS floundered with the original XBox. Too little too late. But then they learned from their mistakes and regrouped, launching the XBox360 early and even when they suffered pretty substantial defeats (HDDVD was canned) it didn't look good for the XBox. The PS3 outclassed it in almost every way on paper. But since they came out first, the games were made "for" the 360 and then "ported" over to the PS3. Those first lot of ports sucked hardcore. Enough to install doubt into the consumers mind over which one to chose............ working against Sony and working for Microsoft. Even with the red rings of death and poor workmanship (and to my utter surprise) they somehow managed to stick it out. I really rooted for Sony but they have stumbled and fumbled all throughout the whole PS3 process. No wonder Ken Kuteragi - the PS3 founder - got the axe early on and Phil Harrison- the 6'6" tall bald behemoth also carked it. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST WASN'T WINNING. Upper management shuffles be damned, it's a miracle they even clung on to their current position in the console race... out of sheer fan loyalty no doubt. No wonder they lost 6 billion dollars over the fiscal. The TV business aint what it used to be. They spun that thing off now too. The yen might have contributed but not "$6 billion dollars" contributed! The Playstation network fallout with Anonymous would have dented them with at least a billion also. The whole situation is just daft and I am so over Sony - have been since about 2009. They have one last chance to redeem themselves and that's with their next console... if there is going to be such a thing.
  11. E3

    Assasin's Creed III - Naval Battle Gameplay.
  12. E3

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U08QNPk0ZNE Real-time gameplay with real-time cut-scenes. New next-gen custom gaming engine "...running on a High-End PC with nVidia Graphics" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtco-hIqjCI Next Gen MoH using FrostBite 2 (a la Battlefield 3) engine. Halo 4 Gameplay.
  13. E3

    Project glass was not a product, it was a guess about how the future will look. well project glass is actually a product about to go to market, however it won't be in 2012. it may be in 2013. at least, that's what google is saying.
  14. I've been a Samsung man for the past few years, ever since the original Galaxy S... but my contract is up end of financial year and I get to chose a new phone. Just as before, I am doing my homework on phones and this time around, I think I will NOT be purchasing from Sammy's line-up of venerable devices - the great lineup that it is. I may be going for the new LG Optimus 4X HD P880 scheduled to be released in July. Of course, I'm going to have to give the Galaxy S3 a good look-over in person and the LG too before I make any decision - can't base it off web photos and spec sheets. But while we are talking about web photos and spec sheets which is, to be honest, all we have to go with at the moment, let's dig into that: SPECIFICATIONS: The LG Optimus 4X HD appears on paper to be practically on-par with the Galaxy S3. Some specs vary but so many are just matched blow for blow. Both have a Quad Core processor. LG's runs at 1.5Ghz. Both have ample batteries - the LG sports a 2150mAh battery. LG comes with a 4.7" screen at 720p resolution. Both run Ice Cream Sandy... both have an 8MegaPixel camera. Assisted-GPS. Both can do Telstra's Next-G 850mhz band. But the LG has a few things, in my personal opinion, that are "over" the Galaxy. 1. The design. It's subjective, but I prefer the look of the Galaxy S2. The LG seems to be very close in style to the Galaxy S2, probably because LG was "chasing" Samsung when they were designing the phone. Now, LGs offering looks like a knock-off of the Galaxy S2 which is fine by me. I like that look. The other nice thing I like about the LG is that there are no hardware buttons protruding. It's nice and sleek and the design is very straight-forward and simple. I hate curves. I hate my Nexus too lol that thing is curved like a banana. 2. The display is full RGB IPS - not Pentile. This may or may not be a real issue. I've played with the Galaxy Note and at 720p the screen is absolutely breathtaking.... I didn't even notice any issues when using it. But alas, if I ever decide to put a magnifying glass up to the display I'll rest assured that the rgb layout will hold the image truer to form than the pentile would. 3. The LG has Tegra 3 (for what it's worth anyway) and the Galaxy S3 has a less stellar GPU. They are both great but probably the Tegra will be faster. Got to wait for the benchies for sure... That's about it. As for things like reliability, build quality, I have no idea. Everyone that bought a Galaxy S was in the same boat too, if you remember. Samsung wasn't a real player in the mobile phone game prior to that. Sure they've "had" phones but nothing as aggressive as the S series. This is LGs foray back into the mobile smartphone segment. Yes they've been here before too, with less than stellar devices, but the specs look the part and I'm willing to take the plunge if it feels right in the hand and the UI is snappy and the display looks good. The LG promo machine has been ramping up awareness of the device. Here is one feature video that extols its virtues. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZekW67PF1ug Links: Stats on GSM Arena: http://www.gsmarena....d_p880-4563.php Phonedog first look Tegra 3 gaming performance preview
  15. The thin phone thing happened The OPPO Finder, 6.65mm thick... http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/26/3043751/pre-order-oppo-finder-thinnest-smartphone 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus (the plus meaning no pentile RGB) and it's got a 1.5ghz dual in there with a decent 1500mah battery (TBC)................................. goes to show you that yeah, phones are still getting thinner without much compromise
  16. Might have to swing to the US after reading this peoples... what do you think? China's economy suffers 'sharp slowdown' 'Clearly the economy is much, much weaker than most people thought until recently ... They have a real mess on their hands' http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47561828/ns/business-us_business/#.T79ts9WtLE0
  17. Finally.............................. after a 2 year drought............... we finally get to see the NEXT GENERATION of computer graphics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um6rMjwSNdU and perhaps the new "games everywhere in the cloud" philosophy... so you can play your games on iphone, ipad, android tab, tv... heck wherever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F396-5qzGW4 personally I see a convergence between cloud-based nVidia Grid and Google Glass........................... perhaps in a few short years we will be truly immersed in Battlefield 4 with google glass......... and use our tablet as our "weapon" and console. that would be sssssiiiickkk..
  18. They have 2 cameras (fourth gen, not third). They need the camera facing the user for facetime. I just double-checked and I can confirm it has 2 cameras. The antenna can be wrapped inside the phone chassis. It already has wifi and bluetooth in there. the iPod Touch 4G has a battery capacity of around 950mah and its dimensions are really small. The screen at 3.5 inches is absolutely tiny. Imagine if it were just extended in width and height to give it a 4.5" screen... there would be more space for the battery. a larger battery. it is very doable.
  19. Well actually the appeal with nfc is via point of sale like Google Wallet and other swipe-to-technologies. You can already pay with your phone using Google Wallet (albeit rooted for AU devices) --- gets teh looks from the point of sales person and other customers who think you've hacked the credit card network or something. LOL they'll catch on soon enough. Having owned an iPod touch for a few years, they are significantly thinner than the iPhone 4 / 4S and it's durability is on par or even better with the metal back. We've had devices like iPods that are significantly thinner than current gen phones and they had no problems with day-to-day abuse. I'd say we could easily get down to the 4-5mm size without even challenging the existing materials. It's already been proven with other devices such as the iPod.
  20. Just came across a vid exploring the potential uses of the now infamous Tokina 11-16mm super-wide lens which, on an APS-C cropped sensor like the Canon EOS 550D (T2i), 60D or 7D, coupled with the use of a good slider, will render some incredible shots. Just set the video cam on manual exposure, select an appropriate ISO (usually ISO 100 if outside and sunny), perhaps 720p and 60fps is good (and what the following vid is shot in) but played back at only 24/25/30fps. add music and editing on the down beat and you get this mouthwatering collection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmsOaziTL7g This was shot with a Tokina 11-16mm, Canon EOS 550D body with APS-C sensor (1.6) and a Konova slider unit. FYI: This lens retails for around $550-$600. *jaw drop* Very different from straight still photography lenses which tend to be things like 24-70mm or 24-105mm - seems like with film the best lenses are the straight out 50mm f/1.2 (or at least the 50mm f/1.8 for only $150) and a wide angle like 11-16mm and perhaps a macro lens and that's it!
  21. The goal is fairly simple and it's been the goal for a while now: Supercomputers the size of dust. Basically the march towards the nanotech revolution. Nanotech of course meaning technology at the billionth-of-a-meter scale. Revolution in that it's effectively a game changer on so many levels: molecular reconstruction, molecular stasis, matter duplication, energy storage, energy transfer, matter repair... and all those nice and juicy things that come along with it. Of course the world isn't exactly "ready" for all this. Some people, the active minority of tech geeks slowly see the dust start to rumble on the horizon....... but make no mistake: Shit is going to hit the fan real soon and towards the end of this decade... and we will watch conservative minds get mind-f**ked hard. you wait and see it'll make 1080p on a phone look like absolute rubbish technology.
  22. Boyce Avenue

    Just stumbled upon Boyce Avenue. Holy f**k. All I know is one thing (which I read in one of the comments): If Boyce Avenue does a cover of your song, you're f**ked. A few of the ones I like the most: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cVZuJP6YRU
  23. Don't waste your time. Go straight to 14:43.