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  1. Already finding some crazy uses for this product. Has quite the potential in my line of business (and probably so many others). One client wants a ticker with real-time stocks to display in their waiting room area. Now all I have to do is plug one of these babies in and hook it up to the company's internal wifi... then it's just a question of loading up a nice web ticker or make a custom ticker for them that will run full screen and use super huge fonts to just scroll across the screen. Add their logo and some branding words of the day. Hey - you got a deployable, cost-effective and valuable tool to offer clients that want that stuff. Then think menus on TV monitors, other types of tickers, waiting room ticketing systems, etc! This is probably something awesome but yeah.
  2. holy fkujk... more of them. under $50 too O_o http://www.pandawill...q=CX-01&x=0&y=0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb8zaTp9IYk And this one.... I finally settled on this guy: http://www.ebay.com....ht_16783wt_1163 UHost U1A $51 free shipping HAS REMOTE CONTROL IS DUAL CORE A9 ICS 4.0.4 CAN DO IPTV (yep... support for web camera) and... AND... has a Quadrant score of over 3000. Something like 3170. The MK802 ii has a quadrant score LESS than my Nexus S! It's score is only 1250. 2.5x faster!!! And it does up to 2160p sunny jimbo.
  3. You can connect a 3G dongle (YMMV) on them and they just detect it and connect. My jaw dropped when I read and saw one on youtube. ug802 running a vodafone 3g dongle You can also connect a usb hard drive to it and as long as it's a low power model (like wd green) it will just connect.
  4. I'd obfuscate your email address unless you like getting hit with more and more spam from scraper bots... <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> <!-- eval(unescape('%64%6F%63%75%6D%65%6E%74%2E%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3C%61%20%68%72%65%66%3D%6D%61%69%6C%74%6F%3A%6C%6F%7A%40%68%61%72%64%74%75%6E%65%64%2E%6E%65%74%3E%4C%6F%7A%3C%2F%61%3E%27%29%3B')) //--> </script> Just insert this in place of your a href mailto:email@address link and hey presto!
  5. It's 2012

    As computing power expands, needs expand with it. Nowadays we expect to type in youtube and stream anything we want in at least 360p... and are kinda disappinted if there is no 720p option. Screens are now 1360x768 and go way past 1920x1080... I pulled out my old Celeron 2.4Ghz machine (Circa 2005) with 1 GB ram deciding whether or not I should keep it so that when my boy grows up I could show him how computers "used" to be and... boy... don't just forget youtubeHD... just plain forget youtube. Skype runs better on my Samsung Galaxy S phone... and using photoshop with anything larger than 1000x600 - nowadays (we'd design with "retina display" in mind, so that's around 2500x1600 on average) you are looking at a giant carking flubbering mess of bent silicone my friend. It just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. If you just want to open files and write in a text document... your 500mb hard disk with 64mb ram is still overkill. A commodore vic20 would have sufficed.
  6. It's 2012

    The best bang for buck processor at the moment is the Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz If I had to build a system right now I'd build it around that thing... along with a 500 or 1TB System Drive with a 64GB SSD Cache plus a "pair" of secondary drives I'd stripe RAID 0 with Windows software raid and use it for a scratch disk (one of the main uses for me with this rig would be video editing).
  7. Google doesn't follow that pattern though. Larry and Sergei were always at Google. The companies that fail do so because their founders leave or die. Googles founders never left! Eric Schmidt was appointed for a few years voluntarily by the google boys because neither Larry nor Sergei trusted themselves to steer the ship until they levelled up.
  8. Is there a future working in IT in Aus?

    If you want to work in IT here and you are good at what you do and have good communication skills (everybody says it, but it's the truth) you'll do great. In fact, who here does PHP? I'm only asking because I am so seriously overloaded with work and we've had our first son born a few months ago things have just gotten to the stage where I can't fulfill my web development duties as efficiently. I got jobs left right and center just sitting on my desk O_o
  9. Since owning a Nexus 7 for a few months, it's current use is for gmail (which is connected to my work email accounts also) calendar and for surfing a few pages - netbank, theverge, telstra nextg account / usage meter, jetvd, some music etc... and of the last few weeks i've installed a simple task manager (as in, to manage *me* ) so i put all my to-do stuff in there and i refer back to it and strike things off as they get done. I tried coding on a tablet once before. I think I stopped after less than 5 minutes... it was that bad. Just getting to the punctuation characters is a nightmare. I have a bluetooth keyboard which I sync every now and then to the tablet. I keep it for "emergency coding" if I go out somewhere. It's used mostly to show clients their artwork / website mockups. Then it is used as a media consumption device and for its ability to access the few cloud services I use normally such as gmail and calendar. I also use that on my phone so it's whatever is closest and most convenient to get to at that particular moment. It hasn't become indespensible. In other words, I will sometimes leave it just sitting on my desk for a whole day and not use it. The novelty has definitely worn off. In fact, the most use it gets is when I'm out to lunch on a business day and I load up ns.com and some other sites and catch up on the news. Writing on the on-screen keyboard is not the best experience even after all these hours of practice. I seriously do not know what those 84 million iPad owners actually do with their device. I'm probably not the target demographic. I just recently purchased a beautiful 27" LG 1080p screen for my musicpc at home (only $273 ) and I've clocked up more time in front of that thing in the last week than I have with the tablet since I bought it....... but I guess that's just how some of us are I am guessing the 84 million iPad owners are perhaps those people that did other stuff like read books, play cards... not "traditional" computer stuff but I could be wrong. I'm a "traditional" computer user so a tablet will suit me perhaps 10-20% of the time. The other times I need my keyboard, my mouse... my big ass display and a fast internet connection. F**K that small piece of glass crap as a daily. I'd go crazy!!!!
  10. they'll overtake desktop sales quite easily, possibly even laptop sales as well I guess, but they won't replace either. A laptop is still not a standalone device. You mean a tablet isn't a standalone device (I'm sure thats what you meant lol!). I understand that the iPad isn't... nor is my beloved Nexus 7 Tablet. But the Windows 8 Tablets will be (especially the non-RT x86 versions initially) fully fledged computers with desktop support. That means you can do what we've all been dreaming about. Have it sync to your keyboard and full size panel when you are at home and do your work with traditional input - keyboard, mouse etc... then you just take your tablet out and you can continue with the touch interface. In a previous thread, I think the one about the smartphone becoming the "main" device we went off topic and started talking about stuff like that... and I thought it's way off, like 2017. This shit is happening now O_O by christmas you'd have exactly what we've been dreaming about. Tablet, desktop on tablet, syncing with cloud, syncing with big monitor (Perhaps DLNA or the other Microsoft or Intel integrated solutions - just pick one!) ... i mean, it's here! And it's only 2012. fkn crazy! I mean, I'm not lining up for the new iPad and I'm not bothering getting a Windows 8 tablet anytime soon. I'm guessing I'll see them around and say to myself "hmmm... that's nice" and I'll see other people doing the whole cloud sync thing and then I may get the tablet bug and buy it... but at the moment it's not something I'm salivating over. BUT the reason I'm writing this is because it's clear to see the writing on the wall.... it's happening. The tablet and the notebook are blurring but there is one distinct difference in my opinion: The main difference between a tablet and a notebook is that a tablet can still be used whilst you are standing up. That implies using one hand to hold it and another hand to perform touch screen gestures. Having the ability to then "sit down" and use keyboard and touchpad with a kickstand a la Windows 8 means the Tablet is encroaching on Laptop territory. Laptops too are encroaching on Tablet territory - ultrabooks and transformer notebooks and other hybrids... so the game is afoot!!!
  11. Well... I'm not too fond of reviving an old thread but I think it's very awe inspiring to read what everyone was thinking 20 months ago. Tablets are amazingly going to OVERTAKE desktop sales this financial year. Wait. Let's stop, rewind and read that statement again: Ready? Tablets (those things like the iPad) are going to OVERTAKE (read: to exceed, go further than) desktops (yes, that is PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, Netbooks, whatever) in sales... THIS financial year. 2012. Truly... how f**king fast is the world changing? We've got expectations that I myself shared only a short while ago and yet now these things are turning our industry on it's head. If you said Tablets are going to overtake desktops in 2 years back in 2010 I assume *everyone* would have laughed. I would have. It was preposterous! Ridiculous! But here we are in 2012... and Tablets are set to overtake desktop sales. What. The. f**k.
  12. I'm getting a few low-cost tid-bits for improving the video editing experience since i'm doing more and more of that lately: These 2 items: Basically an SSD cache drive - 50GB but only $90 bucks. http://www.amazon.co...d_bxgy_pc_img_y (actually, just realised the OCZ 64Gig is $60 bucks so I'm gonna change!!! hehehh) and the video editing itself is going to be done on this guy: http://www.amazon.co...Y/ref=pd_cp_e_2
  13. ^ yeah... because of the artefacts and massive compression afforded by youtube, it kinda looks good but I still had a hunch that games like crysis, the new unreal engine, the new luminous engine etc still stand a chance to go toe-to-toe with raytracing. that is until i downloaded some still image captures of what you *actually* see if that thing was rendering on your 1080p monitor in real-time: Result: NO F**KING COMPARISON! :o :o INCREDIBURRR!!!
  14. I was browsing youtube from the previous post and stumbled upon this. Upon first glance I thought it was somebody taking the piss... like using a handycam and then just uploading it to youtube and saying - hey - next gen graphics! just for fun. and for the first few seconds as they used the mouse pointer and it didn't seem to "line up" I thought -- ooh, clever, but I can still see it is fake -- then... after about 20 seconds and they changed the position of the sun O_o my jaw dropped. yes... real-time raytracing. not perfect... but getting there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZlCWLbwC-0 even just plain raytracing - no volumetric lighting, no specular highlights, no tesselation..... just properly raytraced bitmaps.... looks more spectacular than any DX11 shit in recent memory. we must get raytracing down pat on our games. For me, that is the next big step. LOL here's another... my highlights: 1:10 ... (zooming into puddle) W-T-F!?! 2:00 ... changing light of day WTF!!!
  15. I think you guys are right re the cost going up and that would be a terrible issue if the return was the same - BUT the return on the investment has, thankfully, been going up as well due mostly to the business model - you create a gaming engine and then you license it to other 3rd party developers (smaller studios who have lot of creatives and only a few programmers) who can release titles with very high production quality via licensing of a game engine. It's the larger companies that are specialising in filling this lucrative requirement through the creation of gaming engines and licensing them that make it possible financially. We currently have: Fox Engine, Luminous Engine, CryEngine, FrostBite and Unreal Engines and not forgetting id Software's Tech5 --- all next gen and designed to streamline game development. Thus, the dilemma in the beginning of the PS3 / XBox360 cycle was that there were little to no dev tools and the PS3 was notoriously difficult to program. These issues over the years have been addressed and the game engines have turned into lucrative business models for game companies. Develop 1 engine, license it out... get dozens of games out of it. The cost and ROI both go up... not just cost with the same ROI. ROI is even greater nowadays due to the licensing of the engine technology. 7 years ago we were lucky to have the engine of id Tech 4 and Unreal Engine. Now, every large player wants to release a gaming engine. There are 2 guys (In Theory Interactive) who have made their own next gen engine... from scratch... with literally almost no money - just a few PCs. One of them was from FutreCrew and the other was the writer of 3D Mark. They did a little speech a few week ago as to why they decided to do their own engine called Praxis. It's a rudimentary engine but it's only for in-house - it doesn't yet do third party but it satisfies their own gaming development needs. I was very surprised that their engine is so spectacular and it's just 2 people O_o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwLL-ji0Ilw (view from about 4 minutes in) (To just see their engine trailer for their game - RESET - here it is) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4JNM-dzftQ
  16. yummo... just in case you missed this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyeeyZE41O4 cry3
  17. So. Erm... the Ultrabook is a new specification laid out by motherlord Intel giving a thin form-factor akin to the Macbook Air formfactor. I think there are 11 configuration platforms that Intel produce (these are obviously for hardware manufacturers) and we have them mated with HD2000 graphics and nVidia GPUs also with 4GB and 8GB Ram offerings to boot. 128GB SSDs seem to be the rage too. What do you get for approx $1000? Well, you get something that *looks* like a macbook air, except it's not. It's a PC running the usual Windows7 running gear. There have been a few "early" releases from manufacturers, eg Toshiba and LG and Lenovo/ASUS.... but in January, the 2012 CES will showcase around 50 new ULTRAbooks which will give consumers wide choice. I will personally be replacing my Atom-based HP Mini 5101 which has led me in good stead the past 2 years or so... and I'll be getting a new (hopefully 11 or 12 inch) Ultrabook and that will be my main workengine. The Tablet will still be the 3G SIM master because I find that a tablet doing wireless hotspotting will give many more hours of wireless 3G than having a phone do the job (just comes down to the battery capacity I guess). The Ultrabook being connected to the hotspot via wifi and hopefully belt out a respectable 5 hours or so of usage. This, coupled with a decent car charging device for your phone, tablet and ultrabook will create a formiddable out-of-office work kit! So look out for Ultrabooks if you are about to jump on buying a new portable. You may decide to WAIT a few more weeks until a few more become available before plunging in for that Xmas pressie..... remember: You heard it here on ns.com so buy me a beer if I helped you make a better decision on your next lappy. What will follow are some links to some ultrabooks available at the mome....
  18. Ultrabooks. They are coming... 2012

    13.3" screen, 1600x900 i5, up to 8gb ram All magnesium body 875g .... Not 1.7kg, not 1.4kg, not 1.2kg........ just 0.875kg. That's the weight of an iPad and 2 iPhones. :/
  19. aww i missed it aah well i'll try and get it. thanks Pervy
  20. I'll let the vid speak for itself. Amazing... but what is *really* amazing is the price tag. Under 100 bucks.
  21. At least we know the hardware has the balls to do the shit anyway we're just waiting for the right bits and bytes in the form of a software engine that can breathe synthetic reality into our eyes and ears. As long as they lock in some decent hardware in to the next consoles there should be a lot of potential to unlock over the coming years but please JUST RELEASE THE DAMNED THING FFS! xbox360 and ps3 are getting so long in the tooth already
  22. here's a hi-res hi-quality image of one of the frames of the tech demo... to better represent what you'd actually see without the heavy compression necessary to stream stuff even at 1080p on youtube.
  23. buoy's training journal

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 20th, 2007 Weight: 87kgs Height: 170cm Current training cycle: bulking Aim: Get up to 90kg proper (not with retaining water/bladder/gut full of food) by end of May 2007. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 7th, 1941 (naah, 2006 ) Weight: 83kgs Height: 170cm Current training cycle: cutting Aim: Get down to 10% BF by end of September. Weekly routine: 3 day split Monday: Squats, general leg work Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Upper body Part 1 of 2. Mainly chest, shoulders, arms. Thursday: Rest Friday: Upper body Part 2 of 2. Back, shrugs. Saturday: Rest Sunday: Rest I'll post up some stuff from next training session onwards.