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  1. That stuff is red. The redline shockproof that was used in my car..... is BLUE. Jim from Online Performance was talking to me about oils. I mentioned a few and every now and then he'd say something like "mmmmm... yeah... maybe its a bit too heavy". So, imagine using the lightweight one would be... erm... good!
  2. dont need to clean it. just drain and pump the good stuff in.
  3. Hey. I thought my synchros were gone. You never never know unless you put the good stuff in. Worst case scenario = you have a stuffed box with good tranny oil. still... better than *not* knowing if it would fix it.
  4. Silvia Needs Extra?

    get all your gear out of the silvia.... .... and dump it in a datto. that'll do ya.
  5. Crunching in 4th gear

    tried some redline shockproof? might help.
  6. Not sure about the viscocity rating. Online Performance did this for me. I think they can get the stuff in. Pretty expensive stuff, but well worth it. Now anyone can jump in my car, go for a squirt and not have any wierdness or clunkiness permeate from the gearbox . My gearbox has pretty much lost its personality (read: The little wierd things you need to do to keep it happy) lol!
  7. i'm running 18x8.5, 245/40-ZR18s and they are much bigger over stock. I'm going to be making a switch soon. Better take-off, more accurate speedo - AND it'll read closer to 400km/tank rather than 360km/tank like it does now.
  8. depending on your rail pressure and how far u want to push duty cycle, anywhere from say 190-220rwkw. But max power I dunno - could be a lot more but dangerous imo.
  9. Co2 Intercooler sprayer

    Unless your turbo has a greater flow capacity than your engine AFTER the intercooler, then there is nothing to be gained by making the intercooler more efficient. If the flow capacity of the turbo was increased (ie even more boost or larger turbo) to the point where the volumetric flow of the engine became the bottle-neck, increasing the efficiency of the IC will reduce the volumetric requirements after the IC of the air itself... thus making the CO2 spray a worthwhile investment. In reality, unless you are in the antarctic during the night-time half of the year, the CO2 kit will work for you. Even if you are in winter and it's snowing outside... it'll still work. It might be freezing cold outside, but it's -40 degrees on your IC after it gets sprayed... it can be a boiling darwin day and your car will go as if you are driving through a fog at 4am on a cold winter's morning.
  10. Co2 Intercooler sprayer

    HEh... and some more "serious" stuff about CO2: SECTION VI - Reactivity Data Stability:...........................................Stable Conditions to avoid:........................CO2 is stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage it does not polymerize. It does cause violent polymerization of acrylaldehyde or ethyleneimine. It decomposes to CO and O2 when heated above 1700 C. This weakly acidic material will react with alkaline materials to form carbonates and bicarbonates. Incompatibility:..............................An explosion can occur when CO2 contacts mixtures of sodium peroxide with aluminum or magnesium. Reactive metals (such as alkali metals, magnesium, aluminum, titanium or zirconium, their hydrates) and materials like diethyl magnesium, moist cesium oxide, or lithium acetylide with ammonia can ignite in a CO2 atmosphere. Dry ice can form shock sensitive mixtures with sodium, potassium, or sodium-potassium alloy. (from http://www.purgit.com/co2msd.html btw)
  11. Co2 Intercooler sprayer

    if you ever spray your hand with CO2 at nozzle-tip point blank range at full blast with no wide angle dispersal tip... better rush yourself to hospital for frost bite - it's that cold. the CO2 is super cold... its spraying a rose petal, throwing the rose on the ground and watching the rose break like glass cold! don't f**k with it, just spray it on the COLD side of your intercooler (the part closest to your throttle body) and you'll be right. Section 3 : HAZARD IDENTIFICATION Emergency Overview: Carbon Dioxide is a colorless gas or a colorless, cryogenic liquid. At low concentrations, the gas is odorless. At higher concentrations it has a sharp, acidic odor. It will act as an asphyxiant and an irritant. Carbon Dioxide is a powerful cerebral dilator. At concentrations between 2 and 10%, Carbon Dioxide can cause nausea, dizziness, headache, mental confusion, increased blood pressure and respiratory rate. Above 8% nausea and vomiting appear. Above 10%, suffocation and death can occur within minutes. Contact with the cold gas can cause freezing of exposed tissue. Moisture in the air can lead to formation of carbonic acid that can irritate the eyes. All forms of Carbon Dioxide are noncombustible. Carbon Dioxide is heavier than air and should not be allowed to accumulate in low lying areas.
  12. Thirsty Engine ~~ !!!!

    anyone running larger diameter rim/tyre packages? you can lose even 10% of the "recorded" mileage because the speedo would be out. I'm only getting around 350km max on my car... but I have 18x8.5 40 series rubber. I'd say I've really been travelling 370km but its only registering 350 or so. Usually I'll only get to 320 and then fill up anyway cos the fuel light comes on lol!
  13. anthz, that's either alignment issues or tyre issues. have you changed one tyre only recently? and if you can, do you rotate your tyres? --- if your alignment is fine, then check the wear on ur tyres.
  14. you can get a quieter note by having multiple smaller exhaust tips. it works on the principle that 2 compression waves that collide and are not in sync will generally increase by 3db (2x power) - whereas if they were, or if they were originating from the same source, it can be 6db (2x loudness). Just like 2x100 speakers don't produce a signal as loud as a 1x200 watt speaker of the same design, although their power consumption is the same.
  15. try all the options. or you can just use it as a case to buy yourself a more powerful turbine. i posted a vid of what a blown non-rollerbearing turbo sounds like, so if it doesn't sound similar you may be safe.
  16. it should sound like this
  17. agree. got to be something with the ignition. leaky bov's, intercooler piping, cracked / lose manifolds will cause less efficiency, but shouldn't impede or limit the maximum rpm of the car. the only thing that really does that is the ignition... and throttle but u said the throttle is able to open all the way.
  18. Can’t boost over 15psi

    perhaps your wastegate is a bit too generous. other things you may want to check (probably not the problem considering how you described it, but if you get desperate...): - check timing. - could have a plugged cat. - air filter may be severely plugged. - check throttle can open to WOT completely. HTH
  19. pistons don't necessarily have a rwkw braking point. it is moreso how much psi they can hold at any given rpm. or even simpler, how much psi is it good for.
  20. don't laugh at the rotary. one day, they may be used to power space ships. yes, shock, horror... how can a mathematically beautiful device such as the humble rotary have anything to do with... erm... star trek! lol! http://xczhx.nease.net/theoryEnglish.htm PS: They have bigger injectors as their air-fuel mixture is richer than a piston engines... not because they need it for "bigger" power --- or the duration is smaller. i can't remember which buoy37919.4884606482
  21. rb25 conversion

    i saw the pics of an s13 (from this forum) with an Rb25det conversion. to me, it looked very much "stock" as there were no bling bling parts or anything that looked aftermarket. you could have full o2 smog and emissions gear and get fantastic power out of that car. what i'm saying is, you can't expect even your ordinary traffic patrol to even know its a conversion at first glance... they'd be too busy looking for air pods, blow off valves... or anything that looks illegal. as long as you get it engineered, you will be in a win win situation: It's legal, and the local constabulary will be fine with it.
  22. GT2540 on sr20det

    S15 injectors, I believe, are 440cc. You may want it tuned since you want as much spool as possible as early as possible. Should go like a raped ape
  23. Quietening my exhaust

    my exhaust is... basically... softer than the engine cos its stock as a rock. in traffic if you stand next to my car you can't tell if its on or off lol. buoy37917.071712963
  24. i want a corolla again the mr2 felt so special every time i switched between the two lol! now it just feels the norm . It's sad. the "hot car" feeling is quite relative and you can get used to it. having another car is really good to stop you from "getting used" to the faster / nicer one.