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  1. Canon gear for sale

    Hey all. I'm just getting into photography (or actually "amateur film making" to be more specific). Been researching the EOS 60D with the articulating screen... or (what i'm guessing i'm up for) the T2i since it's the cheapest and apparently their movie-capturing capabilities are basically on par with even the 60D and 7D. if you haven't sold everything yet, if oyu still have those lenses will they fit a t2i? it's the same attachments right? (i'm a n00b). i'm after a 55mm kit and if you have the md lens for that too. i don't think i need any zooms. i'm just starting out and i'm not photographing wildlife or speeding cars or anything ps: also, have you set up your camera to run the magic lantern aftermarket rom?
  2. touche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: I WANT ONE! soooo badly....
  3. ME3 reveal

    Yeah I ended up going renegade (I only had left and right options... no green middle option. i found that that was a possibility after consulting other people's posted youtube playthroughs). Recently I stumbled upon something that could turn this entire backlash around. I don't know which person(s) came up with this concept, but it's now known as the Indoctrinated Theory. I'll post up a link. I'll post up the first few lines and if you're interested there are literally pages and pages and pages and pages of this stuff on the internet. It really looks plausible and, if it is... perhaps we will be getting the "real" ending in some DLC form just like they did with Prince of Persia. The prince of persia ending was a $9.99 DLC tho yeah. sux. anyway, here's some of the stuff from the link: http://my.spill.com/...page=2#comments The things that make *me* believe in this theory are: 1. Unlimited ammo after getting hit by the beam. 2. The mysterious "lines" around Shepard when he's talking to the Ilusive man. 3. The illusive man is trying to control the machines (Paragon! WTF? cos his choice on the left is BLUE). Why did they show Anderson shooting at the Renegade (right) section? When Anderson is, by definition, Paragon!? It's down to their theory that Harbinger is trying to fool you into making the wrong choice - in other words, the wrong choice IS the right choice. Paragon is actually Renegade... 4. You have team mates that were with you on the ground, are suddenly on the Normandy crash-landing on some planet?! lol. 5. this video kinda sealed it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbghjn7_Byc
  4. ME3 reveal

    finished it. game was absolutly incredible until the last 5 minutes. Then it all went to absolute shit. Think Matrix Trilogy bullshit. It was just an amazing way to ruin what could have been the most epic trilogy........... ever. It was within BioWare's grasp. All they had to do was put in what everyone wanted : For Commander Shepard to save the galaxy rah rah rah rah rah in style.... and....... well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Most people describe the feeling as rage, anger, being cheated. There is a petition against BioWare to make a better ending than the garbage presented. You can google search for it if you want.
  5. ME3 reveal

    Here is a proper review: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/in-game/46633030/#46633030 A lot of people are mad because of this guy: receiving almost a million views calling for a boycott of ME3 because a hugely interesting (note i'm not saying "integral" or "essential") part of the game storyline has been siphoned over to a separate DLC which will either be free to download IF you purchased the limited edition.... OR it'll cost you 10 bucks. that pissed a lot of people off (hint: spoiler... well, not really, you are bound to find out sooner or later: The DLC contains another ally that can join you in your quest.... and this character IS A PROTHEAN). so. that explains the uproar to some extent.
  6. Just around the corner

    The whole gestures in the air is semi-feasible at the moment with the microsoft kinect - only problem is it only has a VGA camera to do this stuff - and even with that (640x480 @ 30hz) it can work out many gestures in real-time. The next version of Kinect is likely to have a higher resolution sensor (probably 2MP+) and perhaps operate at a higher frequency like 60hz or 100+hz --- gestures should become very fluid and responsive for the next generation of UI with things like Kinect and the (inevitable) competitors other companies will no doubt fill the market with.
  7. Just around the corner

    The tech is technically already here - only just - debuted at CES this year with the proper colour range, including darkness (blocking out light) and transparencies in-between. The only difference between the tech we got now and the tech in the video is the bezel... and i'm not sure about the touch display being capable of being put on the cooktop and obviously the "UI" they are using with gestures is conceptual and we will most likely have something like Windows 8 Metro UI to do that stuff. There are literally no bezels in the video. I'm not sure that can happen, at least not yet. We will have all that is in that video except for the stove and the bezel-less screens. We will have thin bezels, like the panels you see at the moment doing traditional LED/LCD/AMOLED work. If you can live with that then it's going to be a cool near future outlook.
  8. Quick 1 line summary: No new GPUs for 2011. Unfortunately, the 2 main graphics houses - House nVidia and House AMD (of former ATi fame) are at the mercy of Taiwan Semi Conductor or "TSMC" as it's known. These guys have bypassed the 32nm node and gone straight to 28nm. This is the 2nd time they've gone for a half node (they skipped from half node 55nm and went straight to the 40nm half node - eschewing 45nm) and it looks like they're doing it again. 2 problems with that: 1 - AMD and nVidia have been, for the past 2 years prior to this announcement earlier this year, been working on a "32nm" design for their next gen GPUs. Even a half node decrease means all sorts of design changes as timings, clocks and spacings have to be adjusted for as well as the idiosyncrasies of that particular node that may require novel ways to create certain structures... but in any case, it's created a lot of delay. Secondly, TSMC have announced that only test yields of 28nm will be shipped as early as late 2011 - TEST yields only ... which means NO 20NM UNTIL 2012!!!! Yes, you heard right - the GPUs at 40nm which you know and love will stick at that process technology with perhaps rehashes and incremental refreshes throughout 2011. NO MAJOR SPEEDUPS. This is also affecting (non-intel) CPUs. AMDs new bulldozer are all 32nm processes being made over at Global Foundries... but that is faring a little better with volume being expected by April 2011. So if you are in the market for a GPU, whether you buy it now or in 12 months time will not really make much difference... and there's no real reason for the prices to drop because of technology shifts, so the price at the moment is only going to really be affected by supply/demand/forex, but not the usual "clearance" for outdated stock we are used to. --- SIDE NOTE: With that being said, it looks like 2012 may be ideal for the next generation of GPUs anyway to really hit their stride as Sony and Microsoft play the cat and mouse game about who's going to eventually announce the next gen console race (both sides are still trying to milk the 360/ps3 for all they can as it's quite expensive to roll out a new platform obviously). My tentative prediction would be some equivalent 7000-series core, 2Gb ram on GPU, 2GB ram (or 4GB) will be what will power the next Xbox and PS3 and subsequently the next generation of games with dx11 or higher as standard.
  9. Just to follow up this post - yes, 2011 was definitely a GPU dud year.............. and now in 2012, here are the 28nm GPUs being rolled out by AMD: 7870 GHz and 7850. AnandTech http://www.anandtech.com/show/5625/amd-radeon-hd-7870-ghz-edition-radeon-hd-7850-review-rounding-out-southern-islands/20 Slash Gear http://www.slashgear.com/amd-radeon-hd-7850-and-hd-7870-ghz-edition-launch-05216761/ nVidia is still waiting in the wings. They can't do anything until later on this year. So, for now, AMD has the upper hand. Those extra 12nm of shrinkage has effectively closed the door to nVidia's older 40nm GPU lines for now, except for the mid range where their 560 is priced lower than $200 in the US market, giving them some price points to counter AMDs (who are now setting the prices quite conservatively).
  10. Haven't seen much thoroughfare in Tech & Gadgets these past few months so perhaps it's time to dig up some old threads, but after doing a bit of reading, perhaps 2 old classic videos coupled with 2 new ones may be the way to go. The oldest of these videos is the now infamous Microsoft's 2019 Vision of the future. All bollocks back in 2009. AS IF we'd have all of that in 10 years. Looked like an absolute pure fantasy. Barely 3 years later, the writing is on the wall (no pun here) with Windows 8 Preview being the cliché'd "harbinger" of the metro user interface used so intricately in the 2019 vision video, is NOW being rolled out for mainstream launch across all devices. Looks like Microsoft has been marching to this drum for some time now in its relentless effort to bring their 2019 vision to fruition. But in the video we saw a lot of technology that, quite frankly, didn't even exist in 2009 and we couldn't even fathom how they would exist. Most notably were the ubiquitous pieces of glass just hanging everywhere with CGI of Metro touch screen interfaces plastered on them. The special effects were indeed convincing to the naked eye and it looked awesome, but our brains kept telling us "how"? We couldn't see a path towards this tech, especially not by 2019. Enter OLED, AMOLED then transparent AMOLED. Back in 2010 at the CES and in 2011 they demoed transparent displays - but there was a catch. They could only emit light, so things like darkness were not possible. This made everything seem glowie like those tablets in Avatar and in the Mass Effect video game series. Nice to look at but at the end of the day you would go back to a traditional flat panel in a second. In CES 2012 however, Samsung brought forth the latest iteration................... and it was good! It could do blacks - and Samsung wanted to drive that point home - and they did it by having a nifty little gadget called "blinds" which allow you to draw the blinds on your transparent window and literally block out the sunlight coming through, effectively solving the black/darkness issues of previous amoleds. This also demonstrated that the pixels could look solid, whereas the other previous tech would still let light through. Then, of course, there's Ray Kurzweil's excerpt from Transcendent Man showcasing the Law of Accelerating Returns. When I watch it, it readjusts my perspective of the other 3 videos - and in my head I realize that, hell yeah, that stuff is not only possible, it's just around the corner... and it's probably going to be here way before 2019. samsung ces 2012 transparent window http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ohd_9S8TzA windows 8 preview (just skip through as it's quite long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHcxMKDKCiU vision 2019 (many of you have probably seen it - just skip through if you need a refresher on what is shown) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv-71NH6bQ0 accelerating demands (again, an oldie but goodie - ties in the near future ahead of us) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-cy4_Z9Rd0
  11. Future Shock: Technology in the Next 10 Years Full Version below from FORA.tv http://fora.tv/2011/...e_Next_10_Years ---- The Next 50 Years: Will Tech Solve Humanity's Problems? Full Version below from FORA.tv http://fora.tv/2011/11/30/The_Next_50_Years__Will_Tech_Solve_Humanitys_Problems
  12. *** 22-APR-2010 *** updated video link: PREAMBLE ============================== Before I begin - this is a giant ramble speech thing ok - kind of like a eulogy. I like desktops. Remember that if you decide to read this.......... cos it's going to get ugly, but it comes to a peaceful conclusion at the end,. you have been warned. your choice. ... ... ... Gadget lovers, people of computational girth. Nerds. Whatever you want to call yourselves... apparently the gates from Google have spoken. Google, from now on, will put smartphone development ahead of everything, including for the very first time in Google's illustriously long career - the bread and butter of our industry - the PC. At least, the "pc" as we have known it for the past 20 years or so. This may come as a shock to the engrish speaking world - but to other parts of the world this comes as no surprise. The entire country of Japan, for example, a ravenous consumer (and producer) of electrical equipment already utilises the smartphone as "the PC". Their lack of affinity towards using "keyboards" and "Windows" has made touch-screens with a stylus extremely friendly, especially for pinyin scriptage. The continents of Africa and Asia (or should we just go ahead and say the C word - "China" ) have people who live and breathe through nothing more than a mobile phone. Farmers. Traders. Stockists. Students. People who make the economies of the world go round. Where owning a proper house and being in a fully connected power grid with ample power is a mere luxury... and where mobile handsets and smartphones can co-exist in the wild turmoil of daily life with its unpredictabilities and joining business partner to business partner by scattered cell towers that pit the landscape of otherwise shanty districts. This is already a huge problem in India where disputes between local council areas and phone carriers as to where they can legitimately place the broadband service towers is already making headlines around the region. Beyond business centres and internet cafes, the talk of purchasing a "desktop" computer is far removed from normal societal concern. Mobile phone shops, however, stretch as far as the eye can see. Recently, I myself was in the philippines. This may help drive home how massive this movement is. A gigantic mall in metro Manilla --- selling nothing but mobile phones. Stall after stall after sall... hundreds of stalls. This BLEW me away. Everyone was doing business too! (check out my link if you're up to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeCGHEmIiBQ ) there is nothing like this for computers. The mobile smartphone market is growing at numbers that boggle the mind. The desktop market is stagnating. I have an idea why myself. For a long time the desktop has been the "only" way to get a computing platform for most people. So, anywhere that needed a computer over the past few decades, well, you got a "desktop" to fulfil that role. Now, of course, we have many choices to fill roles - from point of sale to email to light web surfing to gaming, you name it. Now, a lot of the stuff that was exclusively the desktops domain is now the domain of other devices. Desktops USED TO DO EVERYTHING BECAUSE THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY. They did the lot. Email. Word-processing. File serving. Gaming. Web conferencing. But now...... you want email, it's on your blackberry. You need your files served? Get a NAS or, heck, just store your stuff online. Got a gaming-head in the house? PSP, DS-Lite, XBox, PS3 fit your bill??? Probably. In other words, people are replacing their old desktops in many situations with non-desktop replacements. Greater netbook sales. Greater smartphone sales. LOWER desktop sales obviously. But there is another thing that hastens the fall of desktops as the premier computing platform of the human race...... and it's something you can't even see: You see, the world WAS connected long before computers became personal devices. We were connected by this glorious thing called the telephone - the first type of internet if you will - and this joined countries from around the globe. The mobile phone revolution connected even more people more of the time. Computers and desktops and the whole "connected together" thing is relativly new to computers - only a few decades old - really. People still communicate primarily via their phone. Communication is what binds the world and communication is done mostly via the phone network. The internet is very important, but it looks like rather than the internet taking over the phone network, the phone network (and phone companies) are simply reinventing themselves... and they are using the phone devices like mobile phones and smartphones to do it. If 3G was the messenger of darkness during the first decade of the 21st century then 4G is going to be the harbinger of death for the honour of being the "standard" means of connecting to the internet.......... our kids may find it perplexing to know that we once lived in a world where we paid an internet service provider a monthly subscription to send access down a copper wire via the old phone network... and then rebroadcast a local wireless connection in our abodes..... of which as soon as we left our dwellings we'd be off the internet entirely. such times indeed, we're so used to it we probably don't realise it was ever a handicap. with a few nations here and there embracing 3G with caution... and watching the world wake up with this new found level of connectivity, the datastreams bursting at the seams. Facebook to stitch the social ecosystem together. Youtube to embrace the audio/visual senses. Ebay for getting rid of rubbish... or collecting your own. Trivial sites which suddenly, almost overnight (over year) became almost foundations of entire communities around the world. If that was 3G, in some areas the technology still underdeveloped, then surely history will show the 2010 world-wide rollout of 4G - across 1st, 2nd and 3rd world nations alike to be the harbinger of death for what was once the unquestionable cornerstone of civilization itself. The desktop personal computer. The local area network. THE icon that is the computing revolution. People scoff and laugh, as if they understand the underpinnings of the future better than anyone else, using history as a guide. PCs have been around since the dawn and, using that logic, is going to be around in the decades to come. How can they be phased out? It's impossible. Impossible indeed. Firstly, let's rearrange that automatic strawman you'e constructed in your head and look at what I'm saying: The "main" device was the desktop, but in the future, the "main" device will be the smartphone. That's all. In the process the market share of desktops will dwindle, no doubt... but it's not as if the world doesn't see this coming. If you're still adamant that desktops will be here forever, do you realise the shortness of your insights? The "desktop" concept is merely one phase of computing. Information Technology and the progress of computing follows 2 rules: 1. They get smaller. 2. They get faster. In the process of these 2 rules, they also gain 2 more advantages. They use less power and they cost less to make. This makes a computer on a desktop less and less of a proposition ans moore's law scales way past that form-factor and to the size of a chocolate bar, then on to the size of a business card, then on to the size of a sugar cube. Then several decades down the track........... on to the size of a red blood cell. Let's rewind 60 years... just for some perspective of size and scale and time: In the beginning, these things were few and were the size of buildings themselves. Then, there were more of them and they fit in large rooms. Then, they could fit in the size of a refrigerator. By the time we began using the word "desktop" it really meant 1 person, 1 computer. This "era" of computing started bubbling over around the turn of the century. We now have more than Bill Gate's infamous public "dream" of 1 desktop per household. We now have several computers per capita in the first world. The dream of desktop computing long since fulfilled - in fact, overfilled - if that is at all possible. But moore's law does not stop for those that cling to something they've known since they were a child. So what if "desktop" computing has been the forefront of computing ever since you were born? Every time you've woken up and used your trusty desktop and gotten used to upgrading / buying desktops... it's your connection with computing itself! It's like breathing air. I GET IT! I'm the same. But don't worry it will still be here. We still have radio, TV did not kill it. We still have cinema, home theatre didn't kill that either. We still have the odd freaking horse-drawn carriages around parks and recreational areas ffs! The automobile hasn't technically killed that either. We know that Notebooks are set to overtake desktops by 2011. Mobile web to overtake desktops by 2013. Some people would say the desktops demise started as early as 2008 with the introduction of the Netbook which saw desktop sales shrink that quarter (Q4, 2008). In 2010 the desktop market will shrink again. In 2011, it will shrink YET again. By 2015... it will be a niche. Adobe photoshop, dreamweaver, cubase, 3d studio max, maya, flash (it'll still be around) will be among the traditional desktop-only programs that have slowly but surely made its way onto the various "major" mobile platforms. A publisher can't deny the opportunity to write software for a huge market return. This is true not only for consoles and mobile phones running simple apps, but we have 1Ghz processors on or phones nowadays... and that will just get faster and faster. It may be an amazing thing, to shoot your movie on your phone and edit it with premier and upload it to youtube, all while on the train ride home.... but then again you'd suffer from squinty eyes and a crick neck so i'm sure people will still wait for the comfort of a big screen and big comfortable controls, regardless of how easily these things can be carried around (+1 for the "virtual" desktop). So what will *really* take it's place? SOMETHING is. It's happening right now. Is it netbooks? Is it smartphones? Is it both? Heck it might even become a generational thing - we witness the migrational form factor from the desktop to the pocket, and our kids will see the migration from our pockets to within our bodies. Who knows... by then the concept of having a computer sitting on a desk will most likely be familiar but relegated to certain specific areas. Massive gaming rigs, if the console revolution hasn't killed it off by then. Desktop/print/video/audio-philes... but even then, exactly how much power do you really need to do those things? Sure, editing a 1080p video is hard work for a computer today. Encoding and playing an mp3 was pretty hard work for my P233MMX back in the day........ but, as I said. Moore's law stops for nobody. No amount of nostalgia will prevent the inevitable reduction of size/formfactor - migration of services to the "cloud", migration of wired to wireless. This stuff just happens because they are economically viable, people use them and they mean progress for humanity. Don't sweat it. Change still will be relatively slow. Desktops aren't going to vanish overnight! Just like cars from the 1980s.... they just get less and less and less and less and all of a sudden one day you may wake up and realize they are really hard to find. I remember when AMD beat intel to the 1Ghz point around 10 years ago. That was monumental. MUCH less than a decade later - closer to 7-8 years in fact, you can have a processor fit into your pocket that has a heart of which has a core clock of 1ghz itself......... and which is so efficient that your pocket won't be burning your leg off since it uses up so little electricity. No heatsink. No cpu-fan either. It just sits and works. I can see myself coming home with my whatever smartphone in 2017. I lay it on my table. It automatically syncs to my HDTV and keyboard and mouse... and charges itself on the surface. ........................ but I'm still going to cling to my desktop I'll still cling to my old-skool combustion engine too. You know those old farts that drive around in those old V8s they've spent their entire retirement fund restoring? well, I think that'll be me too. Maybe not a V8... but we're born of a generation that grew up with desktops. What do you expect? Not everyone can move with the times. If you find yourself clinging on to stuff like that - you may be already "locked in". Accept it, enjoy it... and so in 20 or 30 years time you can show your kids and your grandkids what a REAL computer sounded like and what a REAL operating system looked like! We are the desktop generation. Long live the desktop!
  13. After perusing some of the stuff from CES 2012 and MWC that just wrapped, this up and coming generation does that and more. A particular video of note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMX9gb6dz8M The above is a game, but the tech could be used for anything and everything, a full desktop........... and with 4G/LTE the speed will be sufficient.......... and with resolutions on the new tablets exceeding 720p+ the visual detail will be sufficient to put the entire desktop on. Your post is about 10 months old, and within 10 months so much has happened ... and if GBear is still following this thread, his post is 24 months old. Just reading his opinion (which I'm sure was the opinion of many as little as 2 years ago) is amazing to see that, quite frankly, the industry did to a 180 and all this upheaval that is happening in front of us is unprecedented. It's crazy......... 24 months and IT HAPPENED within that timeframe. Microsoft is making Windows 8 for ARM, nVidia went Tegra with ARM for SoC, phones are going quad core 720p... desktops are dead to the mainstream, you'll find countless references to that. It's even in the latest Verge podcast and it's not even "debated" it's just accepted as fact. 24 months is barely any length of time for anything major to happen in any industry at all - yet in the IT industry what has happened in the last 24 months would have taken an age, a decade, half a century, in other industries. Just amazing to look back. There is a newer buzz-word used to describe the era we are in now. It's not the desktop is "dead" per-se... we are now, apparently, living in the "Post-PC era". Whatever that means lol. I guess it means just that. Tablets, smartphones for the mainstream (aka "The cars"). Desktops for the hardcore (aka, "The Truck" as Steve Jobs put it). Cloud and connectivity for everyone ("The roads").
  14. ME3 reveal

    For the non-indoctrinated watching, view (perhaps for the first time in your life) the epic backstory that is the Mass Effect. Watch "Vigil's Tale". The short version, to entice. To plant the seed of curiosity in your brain so sincerely and deeply that you will be compelled to click on the other 2 videos "to get the detail". and then, the full story 1/2 2/2 Now, run along and count the minutes, the hours, the days until Mass Effect 3 comes out so we can (using a classic cliche'd line from another epic trilogy) end this distructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.
  15. amazing! ... and to think 18 months ago, in a thread titled - ohh i dunno, something like "the phone is now the main device" people scoffed at it. ridiculous. pure fantasy. many said it will be at LEAST 5-10 years, the desktop isn't going anywhere, people want a solid machine, rah rah rah. people who dreamt up stuff like walking around with your desktop-pc in your pocket that would sync to a large flat panel when you got home would be a reality in a few years were smoking something . i admit i was an early adopter of this line of thinking, but i always had my doubts the pace was too optimistic and it'll be around 2014 or more before we see anything proper. it's barely 2012 and the stuff is knocking on our doorstep. these really are heady days. scary in fact. the conventional desktop is truly dead to the mainstream. why buy an i7 with 16gb of ram when your mobile phone (with admittedly much lower specs) will still get you facebook, youtube, half-decent games (for the casual gamer), email, calendar, cloud apps like fb/twitter/messenger/maps, rss feeds, and potentially now Office and Windows 8...... running on ARM processors. Which means everything else (Photoshop, 3DS Max, Word, Excel, etc) the stalwarts of business productivity will be made for ARM also as the mass market demands it. now i look at the next NEXT lot of predictions and they don't seem like pure fantasy anymore. 2 words come to mind: relentless inevitability. These phones now have 1280x800 displays... others have 720p (1366x768 perhaps, or close to) - that's enough to run full screen photoshop, 3ds max, excel, dreamweaver, word, music apps like audition/cakewalk/logic.... and since the phone has an ARM processor most likely, there *IS* no difference anymore. the phone *IS* the new PC. amazing!!!!!!! :) Tegra 3 has 1080p max output. Yep. You connect your Tegra 3 (even the 40nm 1st gen out right now) via HDMI to a flat panel, you can have 1080p streaming from your phone.... just insane. i just began watching schmidts keynote at mwc 2012 2011 a few minutes after writing the above, and the sentiments he literally echoed in his speech is uncanny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uop3xqZkMTw if you haven't got much time, you just got to fast forward to 6:20 and he'll bring up his "prediction" posted 2 years ago here: http://www.nissansil...dpost&p=5680685 and be BLOWN away. Since this is 1 year old, the prediction that smart phones overtook the desktop took only 12 months, not 18!
  16. Far Cry 3 new Trailer Alan Wake (Gameplay - PC with GTX480, DX11) Mass Effect 3 - Gameplay
  17. The first part of this walkthrough of Asura's Wrath was particularly enjoyable. Possibly NSFW even. WARNING: Portions NSFW.
  18. As all of you are all undoubtedly aware, the Japanese version of Asura's Wrath came out and it looks magnificently epic... however I can't understand the dialog because it's all in Japanese. There are a few vids (mostly from the E3 demo last year) that reveal portions of the story. Most notably (and the one I'm attaching to this post) is the prologue which sets up the story. There's spaceships, space battles, demi-gods the size of planets, swords the length of the earth and, ohhh... crazy shit in general. The reviews are in and they say that 70% of the time you are watching cinematics. You know what? THAT's MY KIND OF GAME! anyway, there's entire walkthroughs of this game. the first 18 minutes, seriously, it puts Mass Effect 3's opening sequence to shame on sheer scale and casualties lol. But I must say I love both. Both ME3 and AW coming out within days of each other. story plot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq2fKj6p-dk example of some gaming dynamics (and check out the size of his sword lol) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvJu5_0GB0I
  19. and now.................. fellow Silvians............ witness the awesome spectacle (in English) of the opening sequences of Asura's Wrath. Captured with one of the first vids on youtube available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2pwXmvg-xY
  20. ^^^ the whole FRAND thing is blowing up in their face. It's the buzz word of the week. FRAND... FRAND lol. I had no idea I just see it talked about by journalists who try and explain the whole situation. A bit too much out of my league but anyway here's one of the links: http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/16/2786970/FRAND-smartphone-industry-apple-motorola-samsung
  21. There were antitrust issues when it was just Microsoft vs Apple... but now it's Apple vs Google vs Samsung vs Sony vs Nokia vs Microsoft vs HTC. It's a crazy mix-mashup. The last bunch of patents by the consortium (Which included Microsoft AND Apple AND Sony et al) was for the Nortel patent stash... so these verticals are overlapping in the market LIKE CRAZY now. The operating systems are spanning these form factors (eg Windows 8 will be on phone, tablet AND desktop. Same with Android and their ChromeOS shebago but to a lesser degree for the moment. Same with iOS and Mac OSX - but from Apple's perspective they are just trying to "integrate" more features between each OS to make them seem similar). But the point is, it's no longer a segregated market. The software is also not segregated - it's overlapping. Desktop... mobile... tablet. There's not even a differentiation in the consumer space anymore. A person chosing a device to "read their facebook and emails each day" are going to be looking at tablets, smartphones, pcs, netbooks, notebooks, ultrabooks. You see? Sure some people know what they want but, just as an anecdotal example, I personally don't know what my next purchase will be. I got an ageing notebook, a 2 year old vaio, 1 android tablet and some phones. What's next? Well I've been eyeing the ultrabooks, perhaps even a macbook air (yes, yes, i know). But it's all for the SAME REASON. I want something I can do some work on out of the office. my digital "home away from home". it used to be a netbook. it's now a 7 inch tablet with a telstra 3g sim. in a few more months it *could* be an ultrabook... or another tablet. or even the galaxy note which i've been eyeing. the market is wide open and the players are scrambling. it's anyone's game. consumer = win.......... and apple..... wow. they are in such a position at the moment.
  22. you know what would really hit the market right now? .... iCar
  23. This girl has just passed through my daily musings of youtube and I strangely found myself listening to this particular song over and over and over O_o and it's not even what I normally listen to: (eye candy at 0:51 ) not sure what you guys think. just pointing it out. i dont' konw what it is.... it sounds like same ol same ol, nothing new... but for some reason it just sounds , well, i just like listening to it. don't konw why. cheer.
  24. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    And of course... some other honourable mentions
  25. 2013 Movies to keep an eye out for

    Here's a little gem I found out over dinner last night: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - if you haven't watched it yet (the one with Clive Owen heading up the cast) and plan to, DON'T do it yet! Why? Well, there are several obscure reasons that require plot revelations to make any sense - suffice to say that the producers probably didn't want to make a trilogy for the Hollywood (American) market, so the story was heavily culled and the backstory of the female lead was severely distorted. The original Swedish trilogy (which is available in English dubbed - so no subtitles to read) has a very deep detailed backstory for the female who, in fact, is the focus of all three films. So it is up to you. If you prefer the latest production value with devalued/decimated script, watch the Americanized version with Clive Owen. If not, watch the original Swedish trilogy in dubbed English. The titles for the dubbed Swedish versions are: The girl with the dragon tattoo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzY9_3dDbkg The girl who played with fire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7XQHnSlhSE The girl who kicked the hornets nest (ENGRISH TRAILER!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igbXIGLOptc