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    im waiting for a guy to send me a pic off his phone n ill be able to get pics of it at the wrecker tomoz

    its all standard stuff ca18de dont even know if thats ok though this only happened last night i havent even seen the car rolled over yet! just wanna call up wreckers that will give me money for scrap. so if u know of any?!?!
  3. hey guys driving along the highway last night i ashed my cigarrete and the ember came off the end and into my lap where it started burning through my boardies and into my leg. while i was trying to flick it off i stopped accelerating but in my panic took my eyes off the road. by the time i had realised the car was moving left i hit a telegraph pole on the passenger side light and flip the car. feeling rather lucky right now one cuz my seat belt saved my life and 2 that i didnt have anyone else in the car. i know probably all of you dont smoke in your cars and probably think i'm a fkn idiot DW cuz i know i am! but just a message to all inexperienced p plater who may smoke in the car take it from me don't do it!!! i know have no car and am lucky to be alive! i'll post picks soon. was wondering if anyone could give me the details of a nissan wrecker int he sydney area where i can get sum money for the car, cuz the guy who toed it is trying to get it off me for nuthin which i rkn is bullshit so ye would i be better off selling parts n then selling the rest for scrap? any help would be great wasn't comprehencively insured so ye trying to get salvage as much money as i can!! cheers
  4. haha look at this gumby

    how the f**K did he manage that...wat a knob
  5. 180 at car show 2005

    what rims are they??
  6. Dual Exhausts

    http://www.justjap.com/parts_nexhaust.htm i've got the jjr dual exhaust on my s13, probly wouldnt get it if your looking to loose noise though, mines pretty loud cops say it just passes though but i find that hard to believe
  7. What's your turbo tally?

    ca18de =0 woooo turbo virgin
  8. where are these ppl with 300+rwkw and what have they got? or were you all joking
  9. youtube vid autosalon tokyo 07

    all i get to see is the pic of the world for like 2 secs
  10. oh i was planning to trade in my s13 for it
  11. faster

    ive got a non turbs ca for my first car id suggest working on all the handling or body work (which ever your into) and then change the engine later, if your still into the car...