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  1. if u have a atmospheric BOV or no BOV at all, that will also increase consumption during gear changes extremely, so run ur stock plumb back BOV
  2. Heater stuck on demist

    thanks for all your inputs guys, gonna check out the solenoid tomoro, then if its that the hard bit will be trying to get one oh well see how we go
  3. Hey guys, ive got a 92 180sx, with analog heater controls, the other day it was foggy so i set it to demist and then when i tried to change it back to feet and face it was stuck, and the motor which moves the flaps doesnt make any noise, its as if the motor is dead, anyone had this problem?? its been stuck on demist for a week now
  4. Mad shit 32 from the West...

    geez, thats an awsome thread, its like a full documentry, that was a good read good work on the thread and hope all goes well with the 32 rebuild!!
  5. s1s14

    keep up the good work man..
  6. S13 - Fallen Angel

    maybe if u tinted them they would look good, have a good think about that, coz black with black lights is sexy
  7. when are u gona start the overhual??
  8. :)

    yeh keep us posted with pics for sure
  9. waste of money mobile

    nice work man, love the airbox, u should start selling them on ns.com!!!! 100 bux a box hahaha
  10. fml fml fml fml fml

    i muchly agree, door handles and mirrors black, old school goodness
  11. My 200 ON THE ROAD ! - With Dyno Sheets

    wheels arnt that bad, but need 20z if its gona be chrome
  12. Will's 1998 Toyota Caldina GTT ST215w

    oh i see, yeh thats pretty weird, but oh well its done now so all good, nice car btw!!
  13. My 200 with engine now installed !

    looking good, put the most chromiest, blingiest 20z you can on this thing and rub it in everyones face!! everyone to there own
  14. POWERTUNE Red Dragon

    thats a sexy looking manifold... sound good?
  15. Vitamin C Sil Eighty

    not a bad effort, lookin good