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  1. old school s13s?

    hay doods wats goin on in dis thred
  2. S14a , 1JZ vvti **280 rwkw**

  3. GAH! R33 GTR

  4. Ke70/AE86

    Here you go.
  5. old school s13s?

    +1, especially due to rears.
  6. Ke70/AE86

    this thread sickens me private convo, google, etc. dreamer threads ftl.
  7. How low is your car?

    your advice regarding legality is irrelevant mate, atleast in SA anyway. they'll check eyebrow heights, seeing they're far less lenient than mm from lowest point.
  8. cambers

    i never thought i'd meet someone less popular than deej.
  9. Wot ya think of a black roof?

    dump it on meshies got some if you're interested (/shameless plug)
  10. old school s13s?

    the rota's look nice, but only in 9" and 9.5" quality on the other hand, that's where it's a line ball.
  11. JDM Integra Type-R vs 96 Nissan Type X

    plus f**king one. i'm sick of the condescending comments coming from guys who are only like 18/19 themselves. it's such a cliche comment.
  12. Hoon linked to firebombing

    i bet it was one of you hoons