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  1. s13 hubs, knuckles, and front brakes

    got em here 400 plus
  2. Don't drill your coilovers, use these shims so you don't have to be dodgy. Product Details Front S14 Spindle to S13 Shock Mount 5 Lug Sleeve Spacer When undertaking the task of swapping front S14 spindles into a S13 front suspension set up, special spacers/sleeves are needed to torque the coilovers or shock mounts onto the S14 Spindle. The S13 Bolts that hold the shock/coilover to the spindle are smaller than hole on the S14 spindle. These spacers/sleeves slide into the S14 spindle hole to allow you to use the s13 shock and bolts. After this all is needed is to torque down the bolt, the spindle, and shock/coilover section together. Popular for people doing 5 lug conversion using the s14 front knuckle/spindle assembly. High quality stainless steel construction to ensure that it does not rust and bind in your spindle. $30 posted
  3. HKS GT2835R - 56T - $1,100

    Price : $1,100 Condition : Used BUMP
  4. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 120000 Price : $18,000 Condition : Used Up For sale is my 2002 200SX S15 Silvia Spec S GT This s15 Silvia is in my opinion one of the cleanest and well maintained out there. Stylish but not over the top. A selection of modifications to suit and compliment eachother but not sacrifice on drivablity and selected Quality Parts that do not diminish the reliabilty of a daily driver. As you look down at the specification of this car please note that all of the work has been done by qualified tradesmen. Please note 2000kms ago the Turbocharger was upgraded from a GT2860RS to a GT2871R (0.64 rear housing) with a 12psi Actuator. At the same time the Clutch and throw out bearing were also replaced to a Excedy Button Clutch as the standard one I feel would not hold down with the new turbo. As the engine was pulled down, the rear main oil seal and the front main oil seal were also replaced as it is pointless taking the car apart just to do these. At 100,000kms I had the cylinder head ported and cleaned and a new headgasket, timing chain and waterpump fitted. Head Work was done at Brisbane Cylinder heads at the Gabba. Previously I had a Turbosmart E-Boost 2 installed when I was running the disco potato (GT2860RS). However the autoelectrician killed the tacho on the dash when splicing into the RPM singal wire. I however replaced the complete dash unit with a brand new JDM dash unit. The New dash now is showing about 5,000kms. This car is mechanically well maintained and serviced every 5,000 kms with Penrite turbo oils and Quality Filters. Spark plugs changed every 10,000. I have owned this car from 75,000kms and has never seen the track nor any car meets. Previous owners were oldies. Will sell with Rego or not. RWC will be provided. For anymore information please contact me. Looking for easy cash sale. No tyre kickers. Located in Mount Gravatt. Brisbane Engine: 2002 ADM SR20DET VTC - 120,000 KMS GT2871R Turbocharger (2000KMS OLD) HKS Metal Headgasket 1.6mm Reconditioned head and port at 100,000kms HKS SSQV Atmospheric Pressure Valve 600 x 300 x 75 Front Mount Intercooler (Black) 2.5' Intercooler Piping with Silicone Couplers and Truck Clamps Custom Oil Catch Can setup Blitz SuperFlow Air Cleaner with adaptor/ metal intake pipe New NGK Spark Plugs Air Cleaner Hi-Octane Heat Shield Hi-Octane Radiator Air Diverter. Brand New Exide Battery Fuel: Bosch 040 Intank Fuel Pump Injectors Cleaned 2000kms New Fuel Filter 2000kms Suspension: Full Coilover Setup Eibach ERS Potenza All round (height adjustable) Drivetrain: 6 Speed Manual Gearbox (Gearbox Oil Changed when Clutch in) Excedy Brass Button Clutch (2000kms Old) OEM Flywheel (2000kms Old) Exhaust: Full Stainless Steel 3inch Exhaust System with X-Force Cannon Stainless Steel Split Turbo Dump pipe Interior: Boost Gauge mounted in right hand side air vent Full ADM SpecR interior leather seats Full JVC Double Dinn TV Headunit 6" JVC Front speakers Subwoofer and AMP setup in boot Exterior: Front Topstage Lip on OEM Front Bumper Vertex Side Skirts Vertex Bear Bumper Carbon Fiber Bonnet Painted Body Colour Tinted Aftermarket Window Visors D-MAX Rear LED Tail lights Wheels/Tyres: BBS Wheels - Power Rider 5 x 114.3 18 x 9 + 28 Federal Tyres 90% all round
  5. Cost of machining..

    The block
  6. Cost of machining..

    Yes getting it faced too.
  7. Cost of machining..

    My rb25 head needs to be washed, valve grinded and pressure tested. And reassembled so it can go back on my block. Pretty much a reco. What should this cost me at a trade price. I'm in brisbane. But want to know what the rest of Australia pays for this. You brissy boys let us know some shops who r good. Thanks
  8. How to fix cracked side skirt?

    Glass bog works too
  9. Nissan S15 Front Lower Tie Rail - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : New Has some dickhead jacked your beloved car on here and has bent it or has your s15 taken a low front head hit and this is all that u really need to replace it?? this is for you 100bux, pickup mount gravatt east
  10. Hey guys, On the back of the adm cluster there's 2 wires soldered on the back directly on the pcb. Anyone know what they are??? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, Doing a Jdm cluster swap. I noticed that there is a white wire soldered directly onto the pcb on the back of the adm cluster. What is it??? Let me know if u need pics Is there any dramas I will run into?
  12. HKS GT2835R - 56T - $1,100

    Price : $1,100 Condition : Used Up for sale is my GT2835R AKA GT3071R Fully in near new condition, note that this is not internally gated and will need a t2 manifold with an watgate outlet, i used a 38mm i think its rated to 450HP, very very very responsive and power turbo 1100 no less, 0425838767
  13. FAIL FAB

    i feel sick, honestly, i just spewed at work.... f**k!
  14. Reptuable bodyshop to flare my guards

    lower that shit fool, no party under that car nigga