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  1. Hey all just wondering if you know any haunted places (as topic states) Post em up, any pics or experiences youve had. Maybe even meet up for a bit of late night searching for the "paranormal" experience. Noddy.
  2. Got sent to Kurnell to the Carbon plant, its been closed down for a year or so I had a job there last week. Very eerie place to be even during the day had a hour to walk around and suss it out. Everything is soo dark, the carbon dust has done its damage over the past 50 years. Ill post some pics access is easy as, in its previous life it ran 24/7 so fencing is average.
  3. Been there already, tried to get in its called Roman Residence. It is by far the coolest place out this way (I live out that way) and am still on the hunt for more places. Maybe the tram yards in the city are a go Id like to go there soon.
  4. Twin Loop Muffler

    What is the purpose for these mufflers anyway?
  5. ts been on my mind for a while and Ive decided to finally throw it up. Heres my 180sx, its a funny story as to how I auquired it, basically i swapped it for a hail damaged Toyota Cressida. Anyways heres the specs of the car at time of acquiring. *89 CA18DET 180sx *Manual (factory auto) *Lowered unknown springs and shocks. *Pilot sport 18x8s *FMIC (shit one at that) *HKS EVC 3 *Bov and pod filter. *3 Inch tig welded mild steel mandrel bent exhaust from turbo back. At time of acquiring the car had cancelled rego due to defects, after a quick revs check to check it wasnt too good to be true I took it off the guys hands. I can go on for 4 pages of all the problems it had due to abuse and lack of maintanence, however ill save you the hassle and put up all the good stuff. After getting the car running i destroyed the main bearings, typical CA18. After that i decided Id get another CA and try again. In 5 days I managed to: *repair my cooler *exhaust *dismantle my gearbox for new syncros and bearings *fix the wiring in rear tail lights *new clutch *blue slip and rego. Bein so proud of what I did I decided to enjoy my eforts. Within 4 days I lost my license for 6 months for 45+ speeding. Not happy. The months passed and I finally got my license back, time for some crusing. 2 weeks after I got my license I had a guy run up the back of me on a motorbike. A week later the turbo died. So the cars been off the road ever scince, Ive managed to do some good things with it and ill keep going with it until im happy. Being built not brought will means its a slow thread for updates but hopefully a good one. Started with a bodykit: Then a Brake upgrade and rear camber arms: CURRENT SPECS: MOTOR: CA18DET MODS: Stock INDUCTION: None COOLING: ENGINE:Hybrid alloy rad with Davis Craig thermo controller and a 16 inch Davis craig thermo. TURBO:Hybrid R spec intercooler kit DRIVELINE:CA18DET 5 speed with midnight mods short shifter, exceedy hd organic with stock vlsd auto ratio. EXTERIOR: GP G4 front bar, vertex rear and sides guards rolled. WHEELS: 18x8 and 18x9 Lenso's unknown offset rolling os 255 and 225x35x18 tyres. SUSPENSION AND BRAKES: REAR: G4 coilovers with S15 brake conversion, slotted rotors with upgraded pads. FRONT: S15 LCA's G4 coilovers and camber tops with S14 4spot brakes with upgraded pads. INTERIOR: *Nardi wheel *Boost guage FUTURE MODS: stay tuned. UPDATE: 18/8/09 Finally some progress, I have picked up a GT2860RS .86 and all the material to build my own manifold. Ive had a mate help me with a jig that will allow the 4 pipes to merge into the collector evenly and this should result in a good flowing collector, Ill also be adding a provision for a ext gate as I love the noise and because I can. Alittle off topic but once Ive completed some more welding corses and have the certificates behind me Id like to try doing this type of fabrication as a part time job. As this car is may eventually be my marketing tool I need to make it right, alot of time and thought is goin into this and Ill be proud once its ceramic coated and fitted. Keeping it low mound as I have braided lines dump pipe ect to suit and Im tryin to save some cash for ecu, new cooler, radiator ect.. UPDATE: 27-8-09 Thanks to the guys at BBM motorsports I have a new radiator and intercooler waiting for me. Also purchased a set of G4 coilovers. UPDATE: 30-8-09 Went to see Jay @ AutoBase, picked up S15 LCAs and a few bits n peices. Front Brakes are now fitted, just need to measure up spacers for front. Also need to get the rim repaired. UPDATE: 31-8-09 Got my stuff from BBM today also got some silicone for my intake setup. Big thanks to the guys at BBM for their service and advice.. UPDATE: 12-10-09 Wow have I been busy, works comming along, especially with my manifold. Ill let the pics do the talking. UPDATE: 20/11/09 Well the manifold has came back from ceramic coating with my exh housing, turns out my turbo is stuffed so its on hold until after xmas. In the meantime im fabricating my dump pipe and screamer setup. All cooler pipes have been modified and I have a 3 inch alloy intake with K&N apollo filter. All pipes will be cleaned up and polished once Im ready to reassemble. UPDATE: 19/04/10 Well I couldnt sell it, so I kept going. Almost finished my intake manifold, rocker covers are done and I have scored a non-hicas P/S rack + lines. Let the braiding begin. 27/12/10 Got some pressies from the Mrs such as thermos, fittings for my turbo, gaskets and caliper paint. After 12 months of waiting for my turbo (needed a rebuild) a "mate" dropped it 5 minutes out of the box, damaging the exhaust wheel (no housings fitted at the time) So back it went to be sorted. Finally the turbo and manifold made it on to the car. Started on the thermo fans and will get into fws conversion to get rid of the hicas. Ill let the pics say it all. 28/1/11: No exhaust, no brakes (hand brake ftw) and no power steer, it managed to go for a run around the block much to the neighbours diss approval but well worth it. Heres current pic of the bay still got a long way to go.... 12/2/2012 Well, as you may have seen the cars been up for sale. After endless time wasters I decided to get it sorted. Brakes bled Screamer pipe built, ceramic coated and fitted. BeeR limiter fitted (bang bang) On better note brakes work great smokes 255s on 7psi!!!!!!!!!! Got to drive it today, still needs power steer and wheel align, going to get a guard roller and wheel align next month some time, other things keeping me busy! THANKS TO: Just a little section for the people and companies that have helped me along the way, my cars no show stopper but its MY car, Im greatful and if it wasnt for these people it suppling the parts and answers for all my questions the car would have been scrapped. Thanks again. Kenny @ Robbos spare parts in Blacktown: Ken and Dale and the guys have supplied many random parts over the years and the help has gone a long way. JAY @ Auto Base Enterprises in Revesby: Jay has hooked me up many parts over the past few months and has been very patient with my requests and poking around the shop for all the goodies I can afford. John @ Blacktown Automotive: What can I say, asides from the help over the years and jus bein a top bloke in general he managed a 351 Clevo into a datsun 120Y lol. Fernando @ BBM motorsports in Kings Park: All my saber accessories came from this guy, the service is straight to the point and theres no hassles, cant be happier with the parts and advice, will be back again for more go fast bits and a few drifting lessons in the future.
  6. Bahahaha backround fail shot lol Rego wasnt too hard, just sucks my mate dosent do it anymore I have a FJ20 TRX to rego some time!
  7. Got busy and got car through rego, then it got a fuel leak from the little hose between reg and hard pipe. Broke the reg trying to get the hose off so made a few calls and decided to get it right. Got a few things: Microtech LTX8 Tomei Cam gears. Rochester 515cc inj Braided teflon hoses. Sard pressure reg. Walbro 550hp pump. Racetech Gauge set (Boost, oil pres, water temp and fuel press) Material to copy alloy overflow with dash fittings and braid hose to make P/S work. Then played with my snake Then needed to change my undies after this. Ah well back to work cant beleive Sil80s got rego after all these years.
  8. NS.com Cruise 13/10/2012

    Sil80 still off the road might bring the Mrs Evo8 MR instead.
  9. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    lookin good! Did you make the 210 on stock motor? Getting ready to tune my lag monster and im curious if Ill get the same or similar power!

    Thats my mates old starlet!
  11. FAIL FAB

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-1200-Wagon-/300778861406?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item4607d1335e#ht_500wt_1361 Check the strut brace on this thing!
  12. Thread revive. Goin alittle different with the car now.... Got sick, got over it, got better and got it registered. More cooler pipe and welding. Little homie got the first drive after rego before me. Not long off now...
  13. Use the carpet as a rough template, worked for me when I was into audio in my 180.
  14. Hahaha NS meetup at Joes?
  15. Good to see theres still interest in this thread, recently did Cockatoo Island, didnt feel any ghostly presence but was blown away by the coolness of the place. Also did a visit to Katoomba, theres a couple places I want to check out again.
  16. If hes keen for a mature age apprentice with welding and some paint exp already I just finished my forklift trade, Id like a 2nd trade. If not all good, theres a job in Qld with my name on it ill take otherwise.
  17. FAIL FAB

  18. FAIL FAB

    Wonder if it had anything to do with it ending up at the wreckers....
  19. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

    Nice build man, were these plates on a Rolla that used to get around blacktown way??
  20. Hey all, Looking for a S13 Vertex front bar (possibly wide mouth) , any ideas where I can buy (rather new but will take 2nd hand if its good) Thanks all Noddy.
  21. Rather not spend mass $$$, its a quick fix for sale purposes only.
  22. Stolen Charade - Greenvalley

    Ive seen this thing out my way was for sale a while back. Sucks to see it like that Charrari or not.

    My question is who told u about the cam and valve spring rubbish. To your defense Dylan, is someone feeding u bullshit?
  24. Shit talkers' thread

    When the friends new BF (who is 17) tells me he is gonna get the gearbox in his VT built so he can get more power out of the car........