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  1. Got sent to Kurnell to the Carbon plant, its been closed down for a year or so I had a job there last week. Very eerie place to be even during the day had a hour to walk around and suss it out. Everything is soo dark, the carbon dust has done its damage over the past 50 years. Ill post some pics access is easy as, in its previous life it ran 24/7 so fencing is average.
  2. Been there already, tried to get in its called Roman Residence. It is by far the coolest place out this way (I live out that way) and am still on the hunt for more places. Maybe the tram yards in the city are a go Id like to go there soon.
  3. Twin Loop Muffler

    What is the purpose for these mufflers anyway?
  4. Bahahaha backround fail shot lol Rego wasnt too hard, just sucks my mate dosent do it anymore I have a FJ20 TRX to rego some time!
  5. Got busy and got car through rego, then it got a fuel leak from the little hose between reg and hard pipe. Broke the reg trying to get the hose off so made a few calls and decided to get it right. Got a few things: Microtech LTX8 Tomei Cam gears. Rochester 515cc inj Braided teflon hoses. Sard pressure reg. Walbro 550hp pump. Racetech Gauge set (Boost, oil pres, water temp and fuel press) Material to copy alloy overflow with dash fittings and braid hose to make P/S work. Then played with my snake Then needed to change my undies after this. Ah well back to work cant beleive Sil80s got rego after all these years.
  6. NS.com Cruise 13/10/2012

    Sil80 still off the road might bring the Mrs Evo8 MR instead.
  7. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    lookin good! Did you make the 210 on stock motor? Getting ready to tune my lag monster and im curious if Ill get the same or similar power!

    Thats my mates old starlet!

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-1200-Wagon-/300778861406?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item4607d1335e#ht_500wt_1361 Check the strut brace on this thing!
  10. Thread revive. Goin alittle different with the car now.... Got sick, got over it, got better and got it registered. More cooler pipe and welding. Little homie got the first drive after rego before me. Not long off now...
  11. Use the carpet as a rough template, worked for me when I was into audio in my 180.
  12. Hahaha NS meetup at Joes?
  13. Good to see theres still interest in this thread, recently did Cockatoo Island, didnt feel any ghostly presence but was blown away by the coolness of the place. Also did a visit to Katoomba, theres a couple places I want to check out again.
  14. If hes keen for a mature age apprentice with welding and some paint exp already I just finished my forklift trade, Id like a 2nd trade. If not all good, theres a job in Qld with my name on it ill take otherwise.