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  1. Microtech LT8 on CA18DET - t_gap?

    Was the LT8 programmed the run a ca18? A big downside to microtech is they need to be programmed by microtech to specific motors unlike all other ecus that you program completely yourself.
  2. s14 sr20det into s13 body wiring

    Shoot me a message via the page and we can discuss pricing. Very affordable in my opinion.
  3. s14 sr20det into s13 body wiring

    If you want an easy plug in option shoot me a message at http://www.facebook.com/whiteyswiring Send me both looms you have and i can send you back a loom that will plug in and work without hassles.
  4. So you're saying a tooth out would be noticeable but 5 degress on the cam wouldn't be? You realise 5 degrees is about as much as 1 tooth?
  5. I fail to see what useable spare parts you will gain from buying a copy gate? Ive used fake tial parts that a mate bought for his car. The clamps are shit house. The seats are tight in the gate. The anodizing burns and goes off colour. The springs are not labelled the same. And i wouldnt trust the diaphragm. Oh and the gate leaks on idle so another indication on how good the seat and valve are. Just buy the right parts from tial.
  6. You can set high/low boost switches or boost trim knobs on decent ecus as well.
  7. Mines all controlled through my ecu with 4d mapping. No point in boost controllers if you have a good ecu these days.
  8. The best way to go about this is earthing to a good solid ground in the boot. Have done this on many customers cars without any issue. Or if you feel the need to run the negative all the way you should be bolt it to the block as your engine needs the best earth out of anything for the car, one for the starter and two for all the engine sensors etc. The other thing you should do is run the positive all the way to the starter motor directly so the starter has as short a run as possible. You then leave the factory starter motor power cable in place so power up the fusebox etc this way you don't have to do any dodgy joining or bolting etc. To better this again, remove the factory terminals all together and crimp on a lug that then bolts to a proper insulated power distribution post which will also double as an easy point to put jumper cables should a time come you can't access the battery in the boot.
  9. I run a maxworx rail, delphi 1400 half height injectors with bpp injector boss adapter things in the manifold.
  10. Red tops and black tops are all 64pin ecus as well. Only ca18 s13 and s1 s14 were 76 (and rbs).
  11. Mustn't be an rb case then maybe just one of the lids. So itll be a later model so will need type 4 board. The loom is a complete s15 loom by the looks of it as it had a white plug. S14a only had the blue plugs on the loom.
  12. If the ecu is in an rb cas it has the long header plug which means it will be a s1/pfl ecu which from memory needs a type 3 board.
  13. Theyre being sold in kits by companies niw as they support over 1000hp in 6 cylinder applications. They also have a skinny shaft and run internal ignitors. Id almost be willing to be they wont require any wiring mods whatsoever as they run the same coil plug as the s15.