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  1. mallala 5th drift day

    i was f**kn spewing! did 3 laps then my afm shit itself was hvn so much fun too! i was in the dark blue onevia with the black front end and projector lights
  2. mallala matsuri

    Yesterday was my first time out with my new car/setup ( dark blue s13 with red 180 guards) Was struggling in the wet In the morning but started to get the hang off it wen the track was drying up. Then i munched my diff coming into turn one Watching group A was def my highlight, thoses boys have alot of talent! Can't wait to see some pics!
  3. mallala matsuri

    I'm a beginner, that's y i entered group d. So i can watch the pros and hopfully talk to them and learn shit from them. I would def not say any off the guys in higher classes would be pricks bout hvn noobies out there. From my experience they go out of there way to help us. That's y i think matsuri will be so good.
  4. mallala matsuri

    Red gem can u pm me bout the 4 stud wheels? Its not letting me pm for some reason
  5. mallala matsuri

    getting stupidly keen for this! do all headlights and indicators etc need to be working to pass scrutineering?? also if any1 is selling 4 stud skid wheels i need them!
  6. Wheels for sale!

    Any of these wheels stop for sale?
  7. Drift Wheel Alignment in Adelaide

    Light wheel Alignment. Good price and outstanding work.
  8. hey guys, i got a crashed prelude that im gonna start stripping soon. its got fairly heavy front end damage but motor is not damaged at all. mint interior, doors, boot lid ect. also a set of 5 spoke rims, ill get sizes tomorrow. once i start stripping ill work out prices for all the gear, but feel free to make an offer on a part and ill work out a deal gonna get pics up asap cheers
  9. Reccommended chassis joints?

    Didn't even know there was a crash shop in Aldgate, is that in the bunch of shops behind the salvos store in between Aldgate and Bridgey? yea its behind the salvos next to the bus depot. there is a crash shop closer to hahndorf called Aldgate crash, the shop that is actually in aldgate is called Axford & Morgan Motor bodies. and ive been there for almost 5 yrs and we have never had problems like that with any car.
  10. Reccommended chassis joints?

    any crash shop should be able to repair the dent without even putting it up on a bench. but if you want it jigged up to make sure its 100% take it to a shop with a decent measuring system. the shop im at just got a brand new global jig system, we are in aldgate.
  11. wouldnt mind getting into this! ill drop u a pm regarding a rule book
  12. poor mans rb25 conversion

    ok cool, yea i think ill try the rb30 ones. thanks!
  13. poor mans rb25 conversion

    decent write up man, im doing this conversion atm, wat mounts did u use? im using r32 xmember but not sure wat mounts to use. i heard ford cortina 40mm mounts work? any other options? cheers
  14. yet more 5 stud conversion questions....

    so glad i found this thread! ive also got r33 brakes that i wanna put in my s13, i heard i will need s14 hubs, knuckles and lower control arms. so with that s14 stuff it should bolt in? my bad if its already been said, still confused lol
  15. Shed to Let / Rent - ADELAIDE

    im also thinking bout renting a shed so i have more room to store cars/parts and have more room 2 work on my cars. i remember seeing sum sheds for rent a while ago in lonsdale area. no idea how much it is per week thou??