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  1. bumping an old thread here... does anyone know if this is still true? driftline arent listed on the vass list on the vicroads webstie, do they use one of the other guys in campbellfield? or anyone have any other bright ideas about this engineers certificate for battery tray hole, without forking out $1k...
  2. evo 7 interior question

    nah man, theyre both from an evo 7, i searched for a while before i found those pics. definitely not an evo 7/8 thing, as ive noticed the same on evo 8s! the 8 can have either dash also have a look here, this is what sparked my interest evo 7 with single DIN http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/dealer/details.aspx?R=7632321&__sid=12410058BAC1&__Qpb=true&Cr=7&__Ns=pCar_RankSort_Int32%7c1%7c%7cpCar_PriceSort_Decimal%7c1%7c%7cpCar_Make_String%7c0%7c%7cpCar_Model_String%7c0&keywords=&__N=1216%201247%201282%201252%201246%204294964597%204294966896%204294929773&SearchAction=N&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=12&silo=1011 the gta has a different wheel/dash again, but what i posted def aint that
  3. Ch 10

    lol, everyone is talking about ads and HD, yeh ive noticed that i always have to turn it down if im changing to a non HD channel. and ads have always been louder since i can remember but yeh, ive noticed, before HD came around, that ch 10 is louder than the other channels, even on regular shows, not just ads. fking shits me, always gotta turn it down if i switch it over.
  4. hey there, just trying to figure out which evo 7s come with the climate control built it to the dash nice and clean, and which ones have is tacked on like an afterthought (see image below). ive noticed it in a few photos, i dont know if its different versions or 01/02 model differences? but the ones ive seen up for sale havent mentioned anything differently note the location of the climate control photo of "good dash" poxy dash
  5. everyones reacting like you dont get defected for "too low" now? at the end of the day, not much will change. youll only get pulled up and defected for "too low" if your car is slammed. which is the same as now. its about the attention you draw to yourself by how low the car is... lower it a few cm, not much trouble. lower it to the point where it looks hot and you know yourself its too low, and then yeh, youll STILL get defected, just like before.

    lol expensive? $50 a month for 5gb? telstra charge $90 a month for adsl2 12gb, or $60 per month for 600mb on adsl2.....

    yeah im on iinet, theres f**k all options on my exchange iinet was the best price for adsl2+. dunno how far i am from the exchange, buts it a fiar few kms.... i get 3.5 mbps on adsl2+ Provider Status Estimate Available Now TPG Removed No Chime (Iinet) Active - Limited port availability No Telstra ADSL1 Active Yes Optus Limited or No Ports No Primus Active Yes Telstra ADSL2+ Active Yes hmmm, didnt dan just post up that internode offer fibre to home connections, up to 100mbps? cable extreme is up to 30mbps bigponds wireless 21mpbs would be lucky to get anywhere near adsl2 speeds most of the time. the disclaimer says 50% of users can expect speeds of 10mbps. the other 50% - lower than that... still miles ahead of shitty ass 3g!
  8. general rule to follow - dont take up something you were offered by a random *milkshake* out of the blue (door knockers, phone calls, email offers). only buy shit that YOU go looking for. even the official ones are lying *milkshakes* half the time!, let alone the ones that are actually dodgy! i know cos i have to clean up the mess after these people buy stuff from some indian sales guy at telstra whos called them out of the blue, then their bill comes in and its nothing like what they were promised. and thats telstra, a big company everyones heard of...

    this thread moves quick lol you work at bigpond rossco?

    yeah, its not a bigpond product at all. i dont think telstra prepaid wireless is as fast as bigponds wireless...but they dont plug it much, or mention the speed. probably because most teclos dont give a shit about prepaid customers. thats another thing to consider when compaining about the optus prepaid wireless....

    a lot of shite talked in this thread... mostly becuase the wireless service is going to be dependant on network traffic and reception. which means its going to be different for every single one of you unless you live next door to each other. one person saying its good for them wont meant shit, because it could be totally different as you walk down the road, just like mobile reception (the all use the mobile towers for anyone who doesnt know) and shes gots a usb modem, its not a router, its not gonna put out a wifi signal to be leeched upon. sounds like adware/spyware most likely nice sell of 5468 killa but i doubt she has a fixed line in her name, and not many young people are stupid enough to use telstra for their mobiles, so shes probably not eligible lol re: telstras price - do you think any other company would stand a change if telstra dropped their prices? they would have a monoply - best product and best price. optus wouldnt sell anymore, and every other ISP thats a telstra wholesaler would go down the crapper. of course they keep the prices high. it works for them, and it work for everyone else. i sure as f**k wouldnt be with a telstra wholesaler (like 95% of adsl services) if i could get it straight from telstra for the same price
  12. which Red color is this S15

    respray it metallic red, i dont think s15s had a metallic red option, would look better than flat red
  13. no proper pics of how flush this is, but kinda looks its from this angle... 18x9 +45.... from a front or rear angle i pretty sure theyd look sunken s2000. repost? that black sti aint mexican, this is el-mexicano 17x10 +25mm 275/40 would probably be ok with 235s and a bit more low/camber
  14. shit son, check out the last 5ish pages, ive posted heeeeeps
  15. i reckon that rear quarter is going to make any wheel lok tiny.... look at the f**king size of the arch! but yeah, stock fitment should be vacant from here 18x9.5 +25 tyres unsure, but probably 225/40 or 235/40