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  1. Non-turbo is restricted to the Autech version and Varietta only. Any turbo or Autech model from 12/1998 to 08/2000 can be imported. Varietta from any year can be imported.
  2. Good stuff Loz and anyone else involved! Cheers for looking in to fixing that issue.
  3. You are going to be busy making corrections if it stays as it is Same thing happened back in the day
  4. Can you please make the default location when starting a new post NOT Australia - ACT. As it defaults to this a lot of people neglect to change it to where they actually are. I would suggest making it blank by default and not allowing the post to be submitted until the user has selected a location via the drop down. Hopefully that will minimise the amount of ads that look like they are in the ACT but are actually all over Australia.
  5. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    That fuse is one of the two heater motor ones (the farked one and the one above it)
  6. Have you put the ECU in to mode 3 diagnosis? Getting any error codes or is it showing the 55 all ok code?
  7. Strut Bar Install

    Install it on the ground. On level ground.
  8. Holden used to be cool

    Here's a video of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iezc14zdYCM
  9. sr20det problem

    Could also be a leaking or faulty injector? Either leaking internally or externally from the o-ring.
  10. ca18det cam bolt torque

    10-12Nm for the bolts, problem is getting a torque wrench that reads that low (they can be expensive) Lifters should have been soaking in oil when you removed them, shouldn't be too much of a drama if you put them in some now and leave them for a while - might be a little noisy and sound like a truck for a while when you first start it.
  11. While people are throwing around suggestions, I'd like to make a brief and minor one about the private cars for sale and parts for sale sections. Is there a way to not have Australia - ACT as the default location when making a new post? Quite a few posts from locations other than the ACT are submitted under that category because it is the default and some people just don't notice or check. If the default could be a blank, or have it blank and then prompt you for what sub-category to put it in before it will submit the post if you haven't already made a selection. PS: TN, long time no speak br0!
  12. IRC?

    Haha wow! Blast from the past. I used to own/run #nissansilvia on austnet back in its glory days started around about 8 or 9 years ago, before the "new site" launched even and when TN, S13_Han, Softy, jeez who else.. a bunch of Perth peeps lozzle, petepie, badged and plenty of other randoms regularly talked in there. At one stage there was a link/web client to it on the main ns.com page. Then people gradually left and the remaining people (including me!) mostly idled for days on end without saying anything probably around 2007 lol, then it died. Well... for nostalgia's sake i just re-registered the channel, if anyone is keen to relive the past drop by, i'll be idling! irc.austnet.org #nissansilvia irc://irc.austnet.org/nissansilvia
  13. my poor s13

    Sorry to hear about your car dude Might be interested in it, pending damage to motor, etc.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm after either a drivers side CA18 style S13 seat or a matching pair of SR20 style S13 seats or a pair of S14/S15 even Skyline seats (if they fit) Looking locally so i don't have to deal with postage. Let me know what you've got! Cheers.