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  1. Stock parts as per pics. Clear a defect or return your car to stock. Pick up in Canberra or Marrickville, Sydney. Stock Cat - $50 Stock I/C with duct and some top piping - $50 Coilpack cover - $50 Full set rear arms, not flogged out at all - $100 Stock S15 cams - bit of surface rust - $100 Stock 370cc (nurple) injectors - $100 Stock viscous LSD in good nick for what it is - $100 S15 tailshaft loop with bolts - $20 Stock fan, clutch action in good nick - $50 Nissan radio ! - $50
  2. BUMPITY Offers people. !!
  3. Splitfire coilpacks. Bought as spares from a friend who used them for about 10,000 Ks. Not used since. Pick up from Canberra or Marrickville Sydney. $400 Adam 0403 600 551. .
  4. Splitfire coilpacks for SR - S15

    BUMPITY $300 NOW
  5. Z32 afm new in box

    AFM new in box with plug. Pick up from Canberra or Marrickville Sydney. $250. Adam 0403 600 551. .
  6. Z32 afm new in box

  7. Unichip piggy back ECU

    This ECU came out of my S15. Should also suit S14. Pick up from Canberra or Marrickville, Sydney. $200 Adam 0403 600 551. .
  8. Hi all My old track wheels Aussie made ROH which are nigh on indestructable. These were my track wheels for 7 or 8 years and are dent and buckle free. They aint pretty but they are tough. 17 x 8 in the usual offset 5 x 114.3. Fitted with Kumho V70A rubber good for about 4 more track days. Price is flexible, make me an offer. My Silvia part-out is done and I need these gone gone gone. Located inner West Sydney $200 and they're yours. That = 50 bucks each Pics in link https://www.blogger....12;src=postname
  9. Hello all. As a long term Nissan Sports Car Club member I built up my last S15 to the point where it was working pretty well. That was then, this is now and I have moved on (Golf R). A lot of the juicy stuff has been sold and the remaining parts are now offered here for sale. Prices are listed on all items and are cash only pick up. Parts are located south of Canberra but I will be travelling to Sydney regularly so pick up can be arranged in Canberra or inner west Sydney (airport - Marrickville area). Actually I'm in Jindabyne so if you ski you may know it ..... plan a ski trip and get bonus parts !!!! Otherwise shipping can be arranged at the buyer's expense. If it isn't listed then I don't have it. All prices and details can be found by following the links here. Track wheels and tyres http://maiyoubingder...me-wheeels.html Bilstein custom coilovers http://maiyoubingder...lt-for-s15.html Brembo front brake setup http://maiyoubingder...silvia-s15.html includes free 5 stud conversion *** Z32 AFM http://maiyoubingder...03/z32-afm.html Pedders Xtreme coilovers http://maiyoubingder...-coilovers.html Some suspension arms http://maiyoubingder...16/04/arms.html S15 ECU with Nistune daughterboard http://maiyoubingder...04/s15-ecu.html Roadholder swaybars http://maiyoubingder...r-swaybars.html AIM lap timer http://maiyoubingder...-lap-timer.html Stock T-28 in perfect nick http://maiyoubingder...-turbo-s15.html VCT gear new in box http://maiyoubingder...w-vct-gear.html Wal, bro ! http://maiyoubingder...-fuel-pump.html Bits and pieces http://maiyoubingder...and-pieces.html PM or reply here if you are interested.
  10. HUGE part out - S15 quality gear

    More parts sold, first post updated
  11. HUGE part out - S15 quality gear

    What is it with the weathershields? it's like a seven nation army of dudes wanting weathershields... yeeesh. These are sold You're going to have to do what I did - go here - http://justjap.com/j...nissan-s15.html put your order in and wait. Maybe get a group buy going, hell if I know. .
  12. HUGE part out - S15 quality gear

    Some parts sold. Thread updated. .
  13. Got the fan shroud for that S15 radiator? .
  14. WTB fan shroud for S15

    Like the title says, fan shroud wanted. Stock one would be fine, I'm in South East QLD. .
  15. I'm getting http security errors (403) on most of your posted picture links. I have a complete P11 head and inlet manifold sitting in the garage for a while now, will watch this thread with interest. .
  16. JDM S15, lots of mods

    Apart from the two pics here, are you putting up any more in this thread? A friend of mine is looking for an S15, more pics woud help. .
  17. Camshaft question

    In that case leave the cams alone. I hope the metal missing from that lobe is all sitting safely in the sump, or drained out by now. .
  18. you can get that list from the website, there will be heaps of authorised dealers so that won't really help you choose. Go to Tune House. They fixed my tune after Unigroup had their hands on it, heaps better power across the range and better economy afterwards. http://www.tunehouse.com.au/.
  19. We have a club members track day coming up in October, try us out, you can't beat the value. Traditionally if you join for the second track day of the year and/or the last quarter of the year we will throw in the next year's membership free. .
  20. Rex Kelway sucks.

    This majority of pics in this thread by Rex are of exhaust manifolds, with the emphasis on positive pressure maybe Rex should rename his thread "Rex Kelway blows" Or as Bart Simpson once said maybe this thread "sucks AND blows at the same time, if such a thing was possible". .
  21. Join the NSCC and I can put you onto a member there who has run the Temora. http://www.nissansportscarclub.org Membership gets you CAMS affiliation plus 2 subsidised track days per year plus you get to pick the brains of the membership group, there is a wealth of trackday and time attack experience in there. .
  22. So they used a screw driver to scratch under your car to expose the metal in the rails which could easily lead to rusting and you let them do that? Wut Well, I was standing there with my dick in my hand and they sent me away twice to get my sh*t together so yeah, I was the RTA inspector's bitch. If you haven't been there ..... like the Chillies said bro. .