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  1. 180sx upgraded fuel system e85

    let me know what you want and we'll go from there
  2. 180sx upgraded fuel system e85

    Interested in the pump cradle if you decide to split
  3. GTX3067

    3076 isn't laggy. my old 2871r was only 700rpm more responsive but was also making 100kw less from 4.5k rpm My advice is go for a drive in a proper built GTX3076 then make your choice.
  4. As the title I have a as new GTX3076R T3 Single scroll .63AR. Have receipt turbo is only 800km's old. Made 352rwkw on 26psi Reason for sale.. going GTX35 frame $1700 including the rear housing..
  5. Can you pm me your details so i can check them your cheers.
  6. Where you located mate? Interested but want to see if i'll fit in them first.
  7. Exactly, this leads me to believe the valve tips are too long if even the smallest shim hasn't give the clearance required. I've built many heads with these cams and bigger and never ran into a riding valve.
  8. HLVA on SR20's run zero preload you had preload on cylinders due to the valve lash adjustment thus the valves were held open. What you have done is a band aid fix the proper way to fix it is measure the valve lash for the cylinders with the issue and change the shims to the correct ones to bring your lash into specs as per the FSM.
  9. Check the shim heights mate. There isn't enough clearance on those valves hence it does it with the original cams. Backing off the cam caps is taking away the extra clearance it needs.
  10. What makes it ugly? cause it doesn't have a hella flush fitment with 215's stretched on 9.5s? All go no show any day of the week..
  11. Power FC + Z32 + S14 SR box

  12. Lol @ the reaction when my car was on the rollers
  13. My GTX3076 is heaps responsive.. makes me feel like i should of went GTX3576R and picked up more top end. Mind you i can still up the boost to 35psi from 26psi and make close to the 400 i wanted..
  14. Degreeing BC cams

    Yeah the ones I've fitted don't have the oil feed whole and the box's are marked bc0201 You need to take into consideration the cam/crank correlation will be difference on a motor with decked block/head.
  15. wtf? BC2 3071r on a built motor and made as much as a 2860rs? lol