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  1. Sponsors need to back Simon-A31

    Go back to 15s, thrashing for fun on the street, and stuff this pro crap lol.
  2. The ugliest S13 Drift car in the world?

    More about Tsuchiya.
  3. epic thread on performace forums

    Seems to have fizzled away and died down now. Unless something huge is donated and bring many lols then might be a lost cause. As for night time, i was actually gonna do it in the day time and say i was contracted to delivery this to the following address and i intend to do it as my job. Then just give him a dodgey invoice and contact number for the 'supposed' transport company i work for haha Need ideas stat or dont reckon it will be worth it. Do eeeeet. The PF boys are watching with excitement regarding this plan Can a local import yard please donate an empty or destroyed front cut for delivery please. I think it would be in the best interest of the world.
  4. Congratulations Andrew and Jacqui!

    Congrats Andrew. Now to build a pink sister car for JET
  5. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    What a dog. Thieving piece of crap. Karma is coming Amir. You'll know it when it hits you clear in the jaw
  6. Looks awesome FKD-LAW. I wanna sell the gold wheels as a set complete for those interested. Not sure on price yet as I have to work out shipping etc. Might also have my 15x10.5 -34s up for sale but umming and ahhing about them coz I love them soo much haha.
  7. Wat? Why? 5-stud? Yeah 5x114.3 Car is coming back in pieces. Time to retire the shell, so it's all for sale
  8. My gold centred wheels from my 180SX are gonna be for sale once I get them back 15x9.5 -26 all round
  9. Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift - Cars for sale!

    Apart from them being from the movie, you could build them much cheaper than that Loz, and paint them properly as well
  10. Japan for Matsuri and G1

    We all drink in moderation now Mikey. I hope that's what you mean
  11. Team CTS Drift UP 4 $ale

    Puff puff pass motherf*cker
  12. Team CTS Drift UP 4 $ale

    How about you pay him a visit and get them back. Cause our last encounter was less than friendly so i doubt he would even let me past the gate....hahaha Its all good I cant whinge bout them compared to the amount of parts and tools Tilbrook put into that car and never seen back. Its Crazy to see how much more Bill put into this car for it to never really compete at top level again. Maybe he should send it to the US and have a go at doing a few rounds there with the right driver he could take a few wins and maybe pick up some decent sponsorship and get some $$$ back. Plus if it didnt work out it would get sold easier over there too i reckon. Giving Leighton the opportunity he should have had, and gaining major sponsorship could work quite well
  13. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    Just like food......you are what you post. RJ Correct??
  14. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    SHHHHHH Ian.....don't say that! Those that have been speakin the truth for the last few years as things have tailed off like you have above have been quickly shut down by the 'keepin it real' krew! Honesty on this forum is a lost art, and seldom does anyone here appreciate it....let alone realise OR ACCEPT the following statement you wrote - "To think that corporate entities are not trolling through these forums from time to time is to have your head in the sand and you can bet your bottom dollar that Yokohama would have had a very good look before getting behind Jake as well" Most of goobers on here think that they are OWED money to drift....that they are superstars who should ride on a road paved in gold....and then think by driving in Japan it will all get better. The reality is that Drift WILL always struggle as a disciplne of Motorsport.....and unity amongst the drift community (to quote Mez) is and will always be pipe dream..........with this much back stabbing and bullshit....why do you think the media can ream us up the poopshoot any time they want? Our sport is the easiest target of them all.....and you can bet the media outlets throw an eye over this forum! Jake deserves sucess.....the same way people like Crab, Yates, CTS, Bolger, Fink, Appelton and every other driver who has won an elite level title. Dedication, hard work and spending alot....A FREAKIN lot of their own cash doing it. The rest of the haters will never change....and they can suck a big slimy fat one as far as I am concerned. RJ I agree with everything you have said here except the stab at people that "think by driving in Japan it will all get better". That is horseshit and you know it. You know why people drive in Japan Jason? Because it is a stress free, FUN environment. None of the competition BS where ego's are number 1. Just plain old school drifting fun. The kind of fun we used to have back in the day before you'd even heard of drift Everyone dedicating themselves to making a professional level attempt at the sport deserve respect. Unfortunately as you said, people act like they're owed something, and the ego's are what kills it here. The sooner people realise they aren't superstars through drift (unless they sponsored by corporate people and regularly on TV in the US) the better Enough of this anyway. Let's watch Jake rip up round 2 and cheer him on like we should
  15. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    Definitely needs to be some unity in the community! You should freestyle in your next video
  16. jms under new management

    is this a typo? As it's a pun really. If your reffering to izumida, well credit would have to go to James for that. Or if you mean brought it, well definatly. This is how mainstream Aussie drifting started. If you mean Ziek Power coming over than James just knew how to weasel his way in with a favour I asked him to do.

    They're drifters yo.
  18. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    holy +1 the people who whinge and bitch about the more fortunate of drivers that are sponsored are acting on pure jealousy, but there problem is they will never have what jake has for a few reasons, the main one being the attitude and the manner of which his character is perceived in the public eye. Jake acts in a mature way and is well spoken on video and on forums, any big business looking to invest in a driver does not want a loud mouth full of him self no it all ns.com keyboard warrior who thinks they are d1 cause they went to japan. The attitudes of the majority of drivers is shit basically, i have had numerous sponsor proposals for our local vic series and when turned away these kids now have a grudge against me and my business hahah, the reasons i dont pursue them in the first place is cause there down right little shit heads, talking crap all the time, hanging shit on other drivers and there style or because they have a better car than theres then they dont deserve it. I dont think drifting is a bitchy sport i think its more so drifting is a young bucks sport and the majority of the young bucks are immature ill manured turds who thinks everyone owes them something. I say well done to hi octane and advan for taking on a roll with jake and sending him international to show case aussie skills you got my vote, we need more business/companies like yourself doing the same thing in order to see aus drift succeed in any way. Welcome to the "i'm owed something" attitude a lot of people have. If people aren't having fun, they're doing the wrong thing. I can't wait to start thrashing for fun again And if people hold a grudge against you for making a business decision, all they have proved is that you were correct in rejecting them in the first place
  19. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    That is a very honest statement, and one that while a lot of people believe it to an extent, hearing it from the horses mouth (so to speak) proves the power of online forums. Jake is a very deserving recipient of your generosity and it's good to see the potential is still there. It's time for the younger groups to step it up and build the professional cars now to get the series back up and running, and the sport back at it's peak, as a lot of the guys that have been around for the last 10 years are past it I think. The passion is always there, but there comes a time the bank account just cries enough. No matter what is said online, or in the pits, I know everyone here is behind Jake (and therefore Hi Octane) in the NZ comps, and wish him the best in his venture. Congrats to both for even making it over there.
  20. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    Bring on round 2 mate, best of luck! What are you trying to suggest there good sir??? Jake will do really well this round if all goes as it should. The car definitely has the grunt and he has the style to impress. Good luck Jake
  21. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    Living a dream in Japan > The Aussie scene
  22. November Matsuri / G1GP

    Not too nice I hope. Can't have my 15s gripping up too much lol.
  23. D1 New Zealand this weekend

    Unfortunately people seem to have read into my comment way too much. It was meant as a general comment (ie. motor, ancilleries, gearbox, drivetrain etc) and specifically was NOT pointed at anyone because I don't know the situation, nor the cause of the regular break downs. It was more a comment that I wanna see Jake succeed over there as the hours and $$ he has put into his passion deserves results. And they WILL come. But I hate seeing the kid have these issues with his car all the time, with a parts list that most of us can only dream of. At the end of the day, if anyone took this as a stab at them in particular, that is an error on their behalf. If I felt I had the background to point a finger, you know I'd say it straight out. I'm not one to beat around the bush. You know that. I wish Jake the best of luck over there for round 2 and know he'll rip it up. The support behind him will guarantee that. And may the lords of reliability look down on him and the car, so that he can smile from start to finish. I've removed my post as clearly some people have read way to much into it, and to be honest I really couldn't give a f*ck for the BS that comes with it.
  24. November Matsuri / G1GP

    I'm already 30 minutes over my daily break time after wandering around doing money transfers to PowerVehicles. F*ck it.......6 days and counting I think we're going for 13.....
  25. November Matsuri / G1GP

    Novice here I come lol. Sounds like a good idea for sure. Gonna be a huge day of sliding. How's Kumakubo and Suenaga reacting to this much demand? LOL.