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  1. S13 Body kits

    Not sure of that kit, but check out the BN Sports kits, and numerous others. There are heaps of kits out there.
  2. Double-clutching

    Doubling clutching is crappy fast and the furious hype. Heel/toeing does the same thing. If you want to wear out your clutch twice as fast, give it a go, but you'll still get munched by everyone using the basic technique. Try heel/toe, it is soo much better. Or develop a similar technique. I don't know what I do, but I keep the revs up perfectly dropping down gears. My 2c anyway.
  3. 18’s on silvia

    With Commonwhore's etc. using 17s a lot now from the factory, the prices are just coming down. I'd stick with the 17s dude. They still look mad!!
  4. While looking through numerous turbo options (GT-RS, GT25/30, GT25/40) for my CA18DET, I am quite puzzled as to which turbo to use. The car is primarily a drift car, so it needs to have quite a bit of torque and power at the top end, so I was thinking it might be a better option to go for a slightly larger turbo like the GT28/35. I am aiming for 180-200rwkW (slightly more if possible without affecting spool up majorly etc.) out of the 1.8. Am I better off getting a GT25/?? to bolt onto the standard manifolds, or upgrade to the GT28/35? How will this affect on boost performance, and spool up rates on such a low capacity engine? Thanks in advance. Ben
  5. GT28/35 on CA18DET? Need advice.

    I might have a look at a couple of GTRS's, and GT25/30s. They sound like the turbo everyone recommends.
  6. GT28/35 on CA18DET? Need advice.

    So a GT/RS would be the best turbo for the car? If I could get 200rwkW out of the turbo that'd be perfect. I thought the bigger turbo would create more torque, but obviously not. Anyone else had experiences or know the best path. Thanks Jay for the reply.
  7. What Diff

    Don't bother putting a viscous LSD in the car. The R33 diff can be fitted (as can S14, S15) for around $300-350, but you are better off going for a mechanical LSD (1.5 or 2 way like Sil21jun said). Look at it as a chance to upgrade. You will not regret it.
  8. Best Exhaust for an S13

    3 inch mandrel bent, high flow cat, and a good quality muffler. Simpler the better.
  9. "raising da hood"

    Only do it if your car cops a hiding a lot. During drift it is always good to have this sort of setup or a rear facing vented bonnet.
  10. Best BOV?

    The best BOV is the one your PERSONALLY like the best. Who cares what people agree on. Listen to a few BOVs on other people's cars, and when you find one you like, buy it. That's my 2c anyway.
  11. EBC’s

    Just wanting people's opinions on different EBC's. I don't know what to look for, but all the ones I have seen have been around $1000. Is this reasonable? Cheers in advance.
  12. EnGine went boom

    A heli is actually a four wheel drive doughnut. With the front wheels pulling it around, and the rear wheel pushing it around. A doughnut is done in a rear wheel drive car. Ass dragging is done by front wheel drives.
  13. need clutch - suggestions???

    You'll love it Finchy It'll never slip. Now we just need to get my car out to slide with you
  14. best LSD

    The Cusco 2-way I am looking at is $900 for the centre. It has to be a mechanical 2-way for drift. How much is reconditioning?
  15. need clutch - suggestions???

    Extreme also make clutches that might take your fancy. For drift you have to get a puck clutch. No point stuffing around with cheap clutches, otherwise you'll end up replacing it again very soon. Go for a 3,4 or 5 puck design. Should be able to get one tough clutch for about $400 (5 puck that'll never slip). Speak to Ivan at RPM.
  16. S13 SR20 Gearbox differences

    I have also researched into this in the past, and was told the gear ratios were the only difference. The acceleration gained from swapping ratios however, would hardly be noticed, as no two identical cars ever get an identical run next to each other. For this reason, you wouldn't notice the change, unless you made small gains over the 1/4. I have told all my friends to stick with the DE boxes as they are already in their cars, and I stick by my statement. Why spend unnecessary money?
  17. Best streetable turbo......

    If I am aiming for 200rwkW out of my CA18DET, would a GT25/30 be sufficient, or am I better off running a bigger turbo? I was looking at a GT25/30 or something similar, but don't know if it is too small.
  18. How low to go? S13 Silvia

    The previous owner cut the spring in my Silvia, and although it looks tough being so low, it skates all over the road. I am getting Tein coilovers to replace them. I can say it is a bad idea from experience. Buy some coilovers or decent lowered springs.