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  1. Movember

    I'm also pretty challenged in the facial-hair department, but I'm going for the Magnum P.I look too And thanks Kez180 for posting the rules, most people I know that are doing it are either doing the goatee or the beard because of joining it up... Sucks because every time Movember gets brought up they're all like; "Yeah, I'm going for this CRAZY-ASS shit!" And I'm like "Yeah? I'm growing a moustache not a beard." Then everyone proceeds to hate my Mo for its patheticness and lack of imagination... Yeah well you just wait till I'm curling the corners of this bad boy!
  2. fuuuuck i remember those fireballs, they came out just after the diablo's lol my old boss dropped his phone in, one of those tradesmens phones that's shockproof and splashproof or whatever... i dunno why he told us about it cos everything he did with that phone he copped it for... "That's a shit ringtone man" "How was that call? shit? wait thats your phone" I rang him and asked if he could still taste it while he was talking to me and he flipped lol
  3. Safety camera question

    I thought that period was over a while ago dude. He committed the offense 4 days earlier than yours (last night, so last sunday night) and he's already received the letter? I doubt it, usually takes months... His letter would be from one a few months old when they were still in "testing" phase...
  4. Powerbalance

    Lleyton Hewitt wears one, if that doesnt prove that fact that they do nothing I dont know what does, look how much he sucks at tennis...
  5. I'm a dual qualified mechanic and auto electrician, I haven't read the whole thread, but if the RTA does bring these in I'll happily remove/disconnect/bypass them free of charge.
  6. Lets count to 100,000!

    (103 again so it fits with the post number there ^^^
  7. Lets count to 100,000!

    ^Please don't >. (originally 9/9/09 was predicted release date for diablo 3, because some guy playing D2 got an error with a bunch of numbers which, in some code, spelled out "diablo 3 09-09-09)
  8. Pretty simple game, probably seen it on other forums... basically you count with pictures, so I'll start with... Then the next person puts up a pic with a 2, etc.. See if we can beat androidforums, who are up to 1650
  9. Yeah i've seen one go off at work when one of the guys was pulling it out. I was an apprentice and I couldnt get the clip off the back, I didnt wanna f**k with it cos the battery had only been off for about a minute so I said i'd leave it and come back to it after morning tea. He came over and tried to bust off the clip with a screwdriver... went off and broke his nose and fractured his cheekbone, plus pulled the muscles in his neck/hectic whiplash (He was sitting back a bit but it just hit him, if he was back about 5cm more it would have just scared the living f**k out of him) But yeah, if he was sitting closer I've got no doubt it would have broken his neck. This thing only just clipped him and it looked like it broke it the way it snapped back

  11. buy one of those "toughbook" laptops that has a touch screen already, it also swivels 360 degrees... so you can just open it, spin it 180 and close it and you effectively have exactly what you're all talking about lol
  12. HTC Desire locked to telstra

    All done, works fine... can't see any way you could screw it up lol not much difference in 2.2 though just looks a bit cooler and smoother, will find out about battery life soon i guess
  13. HTC Desire locked to telstra

    Alright i'm rooting now, I'll let you know how I go
  14. HTC Desire locked to telstra

    Seems like a pretty clear answer lol, Eevo what method did you use to root it? I've found a few tutorials but a lot of them have warnings that scare me off lol, "DONT BLAME ME IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE AND IT'S USELESS AFTER THIS!!!" etc