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  1. Iron Man 3

    I was a little let down but I probably expected too much. If you expect no more than another movie tacked onto the marvel series then you probably wont be disappointed. I'd say it was better than the 2nd but not as good as the first. About on par with Avengers. I think the elements were there to make something better. It sort of reminded me of a low rent batman without the execution, but really it's a popcorn film that will entertain kids and those with low attention spans and will sell like hotcakes. Obviously it keeps it light hearted for it's target audience. I think the bad guy's powers were really clever and so was his leverage later in the film. The anxiety thing had potential too. Shame he never really had any justification for why he was mr evil bad guy and the leverage and anxiety thing never really panned out. If you're picking on a mainstream popcorn movie for technical plausibility then I think you're probably expecting too much. My friend pointed out after the movie that each individual piece of armor that flies all over the country couldn't possibly carry enough propellant individually and that the suit flying as a whole connected would have been much more believable. I said he's over thinking it. Save the analysis for films worth analysing.
  2. End Of Watch

    One of the main characters is shooting his daily life as a cop for a movie subject he's studying while he's doing a law degree. They use the handy cam stuff and police car cams and surveillance but they don't use it to the point it's gimmicky as it's interlaced with just normal camera work. Can be annoying at times but it definitely could have been worse. I really enjoyed it. Nice and dark and gritty but quite realistic and not too over dramatised. I'd put it in my top 3 films for the year probably.
  3. Misfits (TV show)

    It's good till someone leaves and then it never really recovers with the replacement imo.
  4. S3 TRXTC's Training log

    Haha funny to read the above. I went a little while wondering why my back strength wasn't progressing and meanwhile I was supplementing weights with a bunch of high rep bodyweight squats and sprints and trying to really get the lower back going. Anyway the lower back went at the end of march Just finished up physio about a month ago for what was apparently an acute disk injury. Will just be taking it easy into the new year while it hopefully recovers. For now I'm just happy to be back picking things up. bp 52.5x12 65x10x2 65x8 australian pull ups 10x3 sq bwx20 bwx15 mp 52.5x8x3 assisted chins wide grip overhand - 3x10 close grip underhand - 3x10 assisted dips 3x12 standing rows 52.5x8x2 52.5x8 cheating toe touches 15 plank ~45secs sldl 52.5x1x3 power cleans 52.5x1x4 currently @ 125kgs Thinking I might start including pullovers somewhere abouts too.
  5. Bloody Commodores

    just stereotyping but probably keto's.
  6. The Nostalgia Thread.

    streets of rage? double dragon? fighting force? final fight? a sequel to one of the aforementioned?
  7. The Nostalgia Thread.

    http://youtu.be/VthsQVsXwEg http://youtu.be/cUW0lj5CfuQ http://youtu.be/PRli1rRMoSQ http://youtu.be/44TijpIKkac
  8. You're right mate. Better get out while we still can lest we go down with all the rest.
  9. Organ Donors

    He deserves it, such a trooper. I would happily call a 40ft Hawking my leader haha I am happy with where this debate has gone Back on track though, regardless with whether you personally would like to donate or not I feel the main crux of the argument should be that we have an opt out system in Aus rather than the opt in one. It's fine if people don't want to donate but odds on most who don't care would be better going to be recycled sort of on the off chance that they can rather than just going to waste (pun intended). I feel it would be a good move to curb Australia's lousy organ donation rates regardless of if you intend to donate your own or not.
  10. Flickfessions

    From what I remember it mostly was that. I watched it a while back and I enjoyed it though. No idea if the TED talk would ruin it at all.
  11. Organ Donors

    I think you should be a donor by default but I also think you should have a choice to opt out if you want to. No one's forcing you to donate. It's not nice thinking you'll one day end up in the spare parts bin, but if you imagine how many lives you could drastically improve or potentially save by getting over your insecurities about it then I think it would be worth it. I mean assuming my corpse is going to be very intact after my death, the idea of having my body roasted to ash or rotting away and getting eaten by worms isn't very pleasant either but that's death for you. You're put back into the cycle regardless like it or not. I don't think I could meet someone or their family on the transplant list and say "nah I don't want you to have my lungs after I pass away because the thought makes me uneasy, you'll just have to potentially die waiting for some other donor". Not much point in leaving an immaculate corpse. Of course either way you'd hope your body is disposed of respectfully. Having said that though I do believe it should be perfectly within your rights not to have to donate.
  12. TED

    Pretty much agree with Shakey Bones. It was good. I'd probably watch it on tv again if I had nothing better to do. Did rely a bit too much on just being a cute character doing bad things but that will be enough to make most people laugh. I'd prefer if it had pushed the envelope further and tried less to appeal more to general audience. Given it really is mostly drawing in those who are already fans of family guy and american dad I thought if it was paced more like those then I would have liked it more.
  13. Cops vs Hoon - A Current Affair

    THANK YOU. Threads like this make me sad. I haven't even watched this story. I don't need to. As I posted on another site: You expected this hoon story to be any different to the usual? Said it before and I'll say it again. They just run the stories because it rates more than usual. You have the normal brain dead viewers of the show that just want to get upset and feel self righteous Then on top of that all the car people tune in to see how bad it will be. Car people warn the car community to watch, they then watch the stories on tv or online and argue about it on message boards and link it to site after site to get more views and more reaction which = more exposure which = more sponsorship dollars. Is it really any wonder they keep doing it? Best thing you can do is not feed the monster.
  14. Fitness First selling Aus gyms

    just curious what does FF have for the serious gym goer that the 24 hour gyms don't? (apart from classes and trainers like you said)
  15. The avengers

    Given I've only heard positive things from basically everyone but you about this film I was hoping that you might have been judging it a little harshly. I though that maybe it could make up for it by having a particularly good flavour of zone out cheese. Sadly I agree with you. It was okay. Scarlet has a nice arse and it does have a few moments to smile at and lots of typical cutty see nothing action. 3d still wasn't worth it imo. Maybe I should just give up on big name pg action films. The best sum up of this film I've seen was "If transformers is one direction and the dark knight is radiohead, then the avengers is beyonce" The fact this is at 32 in the imdb top 250 makes me shudder.