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  1. Hey all, hoping someone can help me with an issue. Im trying to find the bolt specs for a vr38dett flex plate, im using the engine but going manual transmission and having issues finding flywheel bolts! Cant seem to find the answer anywhere! 350z/vq35 are m10x1.0 but these bolts are too small, right thread though. Thanks in advance
  2. havent been on here in ages and thought i would put a couple of pix up of my 34. just had it resprayed in house of kolor candy. next on the list will be to forge the engine then look at getting some new rims. little bit of fitment now, -01 rears.

    MODEL OF CAR? 1998 r34 gtt CAR’S PURPOSE? street/drift DESIRED CAMBER FRONT AND REAR (IF KNOWN)? -1 on rear stock up front SUSPENSION MODS OR PLANS? low springs, soon coilovers DESIRED LEVEL OF GUARD WORK? slight flare when coilovers are in STRETCHED TYRES OR NOT? yes DESIRED WHEEL WIDTHS? lenso D1r's 18x10 rear and 18x9.5 or 9 on front DESIRED TYRE WIDTHS (IF KNOWN)? DESIRED WHEEL SIZE?18 OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES? i have no idea about offsets and and just want to know what would sit flush with guards. lookin at a pair of 18x10 -1 but i think that would be way too wide. love to know what would work for me
  4. FS r33 s2 front bar

    Post in for sale section... Thread locked
  5. old skool ns cruise?

    theres a big cruise on the 12 of dec! i still say organise it for jan
  6. Hey all, my GF recently bought Ross's sil80 and is chasing a S13 silvia front bar and 180sx rear bar at a reasonable price, preferably aftermarket and with no or minimal cracks or damage, any colour is fine. either reply, PM or sms pic to 0415708130 cheers all

    cars been found.(pandaae86)
  8. Oz Drift GP - Baskerville Raceway

    (brendo posting) umm where did i shoot my mouth off? cause im pretty sure i didnt? i showed intrest in an event and got shut down by damo for no reason? just think when you first started out was there the same arrogance in the air? or were the more experienced drivers trying to offer encouragment and get more ppl involved.... ego

    ^^ lol guessin nigel was the id car? least jakes car is right hopefully ! who are the stand outs up there? much more goss? (brendo postin)
  10. Oz Drift GP - Baskerville Raceway

    (Brendo posting) delany y was nothing said bout maccas car then seeing its a street car? damo pretty sure your a shit bloke would be like a da driver saying about your capabilitys of being a fail seeing your driving experience... but i doubt they would cause they not that arrogant dunno how you could be, im sorry for showing intrest in a motorsport event because im "not capable" i better stick to the street then if im not good enough! n just stick to ripping you off with wheels i sell you
  11. looking for someone

    haha no worries, i had just made it out of a tattoo i found on the net, had it cut out in car tint and on the back window of my silvia when i had it lol.
  12. looking for someone

    hey all, had someone interested in my zex nitrous kit i have forsale, he text me last week and i was goin to get postage costs together and get back to him, but b4 doin so i took my phone into telstra shop for repairs and have lost his number, dont know if anyone here knows him or could pm me his number.. his name was callan, he has a turbo gti running 11's on the 1/4 mile... making bout 295hp on 25psi... he's from port douglas in cairns... also mentioned something bout an evo 5, his daily maybe, thats bout all i remember thats about all i know, hope someone knows who im talking about... sorry bout the spammy thread...
  13. if its the stock moulding round the rear window, im guessing its got sun damage and has shrunk and pulled off in the corners and prob even cracked? mouldings where probably a good idea from nissan in 1989 or whenever they made the first s13, but obviously time has its toll on everything, i personally wouldn't bother spending the money to get another one the same, unless u want a genuine look, there a two part thing, one part is like a channel that is double sided taped to the body then part 2 that locks into that channel, not worth the time and effort cleaning the shit off the body to stick new one on, not to mention the price... bad news is, no matter what, to get new moulding or anything round the window, the window has to come out, probably looking at about $170 to remove and refit rear window with new rubber (aftermarket) looks much better, ask ben (tas_180) sorry for the rant, just thought its better to explain myself lol
  14. i own a 1998 r34 GT, was driving along, haven't been driving my car hard or fast or rough at all, and all of a sudden my "VSC off" and "SLIP" lights came on and stayed on, and the car started to miss slightly, i pulled over and turned the car off, turned the car back on and the lights came back on. but then the engine light came on. pretty concerned why its doing it. any comments would be appreciated.
  15. im keen to enter the 34. sent cloaky an email last night. biggest pose car.