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  1. These wheels are the real deal..!! Genuine forged monoblock wheels made by Rays Engineering, For NISMO, Comparable weight to TE37. Bronze Nismo LMGT4 Wheels for sale. Fullset (4): 2 x Front 17x7.5"+30, 2 x Rear17x8.5"+40, Minimum Kms travelled, guarrenteed wheels are straight and never been repaired! few minor chips... No Gutter rashes... Great Overall Condition! Photo taken in lowlight, so they look a little grey, but these wheels are Gold / Bronze in colour! Recommended Nismo fitment size for Silvia S14, S15 and Skylines and other 5x114.3 PCD vehicles. No guard rolling required. Comes with 2 Hankook Ventus 235/45r17 tyres 50% tread. Price Reduced to $1450!! Send me an SMS with your best offer, pickup preferred. These beautiful wheels are looking for a home!!
  2. Nismo Lmgt4 Bronze 7.5x17 8.5x17 - $1,600

    Price : $1,600 Condition : Used BUMP
  3. Price : $1,600 Condition : Used Genuine Nismo LMGT4 Forged Monoblock Wheels for sale. Bronze in color 17" front and rear, 5x114.3. F7.5 + 30, R8.5 +40. Recommended size from Nismo for S15 Skylines. In very good condition, few minor scratches, build sticker sticker still intact. These wheels are made by Rays Eng. and uses the same forging method as the TE37s. Very expensive wheels new, $3000+. Can't use anymore due to wide body conversion. One of the best wheels you can buy for the S15 and Skylines Comes with 4 X Rays Centre Caps 2 X Hankook 60% Tread tyres.
  4. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Hey, I finally managed to crack the 60sec mark on street tyres at QR Sprint today... Yokohama Advan AD08... 59.91Sec... Not ideal conditions either...
  5. Chris Atkinson returns to WRC with Ken Block's team

    He had a pretty solid run when he was petter's partner... Not to take anything away from Petter, he's brilliant... But when Chris matched him on the same car... With far less experience...
  6. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I honestly think Alonzo is the best driver, really shows when the conditions are difficult, when car's ability means less... more focus on driver ability. Maldonaldo and Massa really should get out of F1....
  7. Dre20... When I saw him ask what is a half cut I was laughing my ass off... And you even sent him a pic... Your a nice guy... Gave him good advice too... GensisS15... The best Idea for you would be sell your car to up n coming p platers for a good price and buy a proper s15... Jap spec r is what you should be looking for... You can even find nicely modded ones these days for a good price... Save you heaps on mods later on.. But you'll need to know what your looking at...
  8. Chris Atkinson returns to WRC with Ken Block's team

    lol... Chris is fast, equally as good of a driver as Solberg.... its gonna be sad to see Ken get whooped every single round.... in the same car.... Ken has great control and technique, but he lacks natural pace.... Lots of other drivers in the past crashed a lot too... but they were fast... ie McRae etc.. Ken crashed a lot, but he's never near the pointy end in the time sheets.... Only reason he's still in the sport is because of his fame and sponsership.... He's like a celebrity of the sport... not a contender... However, end of the day... LOEB all the way!!! What a talent... What a genius!!!
  9. Best ecu for my s15 set up

    i recommand Haltec PS1000, very capable ecu... plug n play + good for future upgrades...
  10. do gravel traps ruin wheels

    Gravel traps are pretty good generally... Unlikely to bend or scratch your rims... Wipes off speed really quickly too... Just make sure u hit it straight on.. Not sideways....
  11. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Yup... Thanks for the input! I don't have major issues, just find that 3rd is a bit tall from ideal... Eg. First flip flop at qr... When I'm exiting... The engine is only at around 3-3500rpm... If I can up the rpms by 300 or so... That would be great... However I think if I do that, I'll run out of 4th and will prob need to grab 5th passing Dunlop bridge at LS... But the car should be quicker around the eastern loop.... Hard to get something for nothing... BTW... I'm attending The Paul Ruzic time attack series in B1 class tomorrow... Anyone else coming??
  12. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    But it's $20 and comes with breakfast!!!! LOL!!! IQ3 loggers about 3k from memory... But u need additional sensors and ecu harness... Its a lot of work involved to get the most from it...
  13. Breafast At QR / Lunch At Lakeside

    Hey Bev, didn't mean to break this into an argument... But teezn said a few things that really ticked me off... Ie driving style unwelcome at the sprints... Something he clearly knows very little about... Anyways, enjoyed the day, met old and new friends. Apart from the quick chat we had, no one seemed to have a problem, including the LS and QR track owner John... I was chatting to him after our session. Mase, if u were there in my car, you'd say otherwise.... Trust me.... I've seen u drive, ur quick as well, you should understand when i say I wasn't going that fast at all... Before every pass, I was pausing... watched the car in front turn in... Ill go a little wider... plan my turn in a little later for faster exit... Almost all of my passes were either On the main straight, from the outside or on the exit of turns... I never cut anyone off or dived under them mid corner.... I dont do that at the sprints... Why would i do that on sunday... Also, my cars got a racepak data logger.... I wasn't timing myself... Seriously, on a day like that, i had a passenger with me, no harness...just finished raining... Why would I??? Btw... Most laps where over 70sec... The quickest being a 65.... U should have a pretty good idea how fast I was driving.... Also, I got PMed by people who DON'T have a problem with my driving... Damnit, you'd be surprised how loud u can be at lakeside... Seen a few NA side exit exhaust cars go through fine....
  14. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Well, I've already got my yokes.... Might give the rsr a try next time round... Interesting to see which tyres faster...