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    1JZ bowls club and RSL commuter ...light beer vehicle
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  1. stolen rolla wagon ke36 ish

    sorry to hear smiley ... was a tuff little bus. are they my old rims? So happy see they survived at least! Tuff fat things they are!
  2. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    how much for said AE86 slo-086?
  3. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    cressida- well its running the Holden/Chev/Pontiac (Pontiac ones from the US) LS1 V8 Coil conversion now (6 of 8 of course). and tonight it had the adaptronic ecu finished off. Modded base map from stock map for injectors, 3 bar map sensor, cams , pumps and a frw other bits .... ran smooth as silk and now is ready for full tune next week on more psi. 6-9 psi was fun lol daily- its still a slow VN gooie? wtf is with u lol
  4. Who can tow low car?

    cricket balls work but its dodgey, done it but never again. planks or a decent tray back truck is the go.
  5. Bens GT Garage 180 In HPI

    well done ben and everyone involved. even edd....lol f**king gold from brendo!
  6. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    after ur wheel bearings nearly killed a certain driving instructor lol u owe me one of my nine lives lazy lol.
  7. Airbag suspension

    mate try Probag.com.au they do kits or heaps of cars. worth a try.
  8. Need a small fuel pump . . smaller the better

    a ticker/facet pump from a Holden gemini or rodeo From the early 80's would be perfect. There cheap from repco brand new.
  9. thats awesome nathan...love your datto. the phone call at 1-45am to let me know as random aswell lol congrats ...bring on powercruise!
  10. Wanted: T25/T28 turbo oil drain

    no dramas stu. gimme a text and if ya dont have my number PM mate. will go dig it up out of my boxes of bits!
  11. wtb: 38mm waste gate

    i have a 38mm hypergear one here. 9 psi spring. Brand new. PM me Located in hobart.
  12. Wanted: T25/T28 turbo oil drain

    i have one here stu. new from nissan. all yours.
  13. Power Cruise

    changing wheels getting ready? nah 15 mins . dan i have ur bits. i sent u a text but i swear its the wrong dans number. be there tomorrow if u like. send text so i can write ur number down.
  14. Power Cruise

    U feeling ok brewer? im getting there....... went sleeper spec today ....ready for suprises at the event.
  15. Power Cruise

    DYNO is conformed as lazy said. should be tonnes of fun. ill be there truing my best to be a dyno pony and maybe do a skid.