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  1. NISSAN 1999 parts

    What a let down :\
  2. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Nah, why would I flame people for grammar when mine is poor lol BTW Can someone quote the merc again k thanx
  3. EDIT Should have read the last post before posting. Probably.
  4. sr20det newbie

    Check link
  5. Your craziest sexy tiemz story

    Off the top of my head; I banged one of mums freinds (lol shes 35) in a horse stable with horses who like to watch Went clubbing when i was 17 i think? (I had a a fake id when i was a teen) picked up a girl after a major cockblocking session by people I used to waste time with. Left the clubs and headed for the all girls school which we f**ked for ages and she almost sucked my dick off (up there with the best bjs shit was unreal). Went back to my mates place (one of the cockblockers) and passed out. Woke up the next day to have my mate going on about how he stole this girl off me... I let him go on while I waited for everyone to wake up before I mentioned the prelude to his story. Lol he still doesnt really believe me. I may as well just say it was me but honestly this happend to my mates younger brother. He and his best mate picked up some girl on the note that she was going to get both the boys. Anyway long story short they go back her place she sits on one of them while the other was lubing her ass. Apparently his mate only lasted seconds in there as there was outbound traffic..... My mates bro got the worst of it as she was sitting on him. As the story goes the boys freaked for obvious reasons and literally used anything within reach to clean themselves up as they were getting dressed and bailed leaving the mum to help clean up the mess..... You know how I know your daughters a slut? LMFAOOOO Edit: I managed to bang a bird INSIDE an s13 Silvia. It helps when you have all the seats down and both parties are size intolerant lol.
  6. Most expensive cheap date? Reminds me of the simpsons "Ill have your finest cheapest cigars" or something like that. Seriously though dating is expensive, learn to cook it saves you heaps of money and chicks dig it. Theres the added bonus if your cooking from your place too Dutch courage?
  7. Solar Systems

    Great idea in theory, but the government have got their paw prints allover it. Its still a good idea but you should be allowed to have as many panels as you want imo
  8. sr20det newbie

    Like factory TT v8's? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=503133
  9. As it was mentioned; Moody? Prolly got here period... the laydees be randy that time of the month, you should capitalise on this situation by sticking one in her arse. If theres no rug rats involved just get a new one theres plenty of them out there, while your at it instead of going for aussie birds give some exotics a go aswell, ive had better luck with them imo. Also just because they say you have to call them the next day doesnt mean you have to, ever! I love this quote! So many people be all like "yeah single life is the best life" Makes me lol so much. More like ya can't get a girlfriend and enjoy beating your own dick . It wasn't that long ago when you were a little tacker and thought the same thing as .RONE Had one for 7years and so much happier on my own, and that was a decent relationship for the most part. Beating my own dick isn't too bad. I don't have to spend the whole next day doing a plethora of useless activities which usually involve unnecessary expenditure. I have food and beverages at home, why the fu*k would I pay to have it somewhere else. I'm not saying single is the best life. I'm pretty RONEry...but it definately suits me a great deal better. I feel ya buddy ive been in a 6yr was engaged yada yada... Long story short BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME EVER. I got nothing out of that relationship even the lesson i learned I already knew ffs. Stupid spoiled whore. I got a misso now but lol i regret it and shes prolly the easiest going girl ive gone out with. You cant fault her except for the fact that shes asian and cant cook, out of all the asian girls i pick the one who doesnt know how to swing a spatula. Honestly though I just like my peace. Girlfriends complicate things.
  10. Vintage Japanese Sports Cars

    240 drifter looks mean
  11. Are nissan silvias fast?

    FWD or AWD? FWD ftl but that thing is cool as hell. f**k how it drives just imagine the pussy you would pull; you would have the monopoly on women, milfs and youngins would be allover that shit.
  12. sr20det newbie

    Get a v8; they have more cylinders.
  13. cheap car audio

  14. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Power to weight is the only thing they got going against newer cars imo