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  1. Track S13 Build up

    Jessica i all was said you where a hobo now i have prof! ! Alex called me and begged me for my turbo i'll drop it of in about 20! lol hahahahha
  2. yeah i do i just wanted to make sure! ! and all the wrx and libs turbos are all side feed! ! !
  3. Some one told me that wrx injectors fit in to sr20det, i just want to make sure be for i sell them on here, they match up and look the same And dose any one know what size the 2007 Subaru Liberty 4GEN MY07 GT ones are ? ?
  4. z32 afm to a sr20det

    cheers dude ! ! !
  5. hey what wires go to what in the z32 afm plug i have a nissan s13 sr20det on my silvia cheers dudes! !
  6. My Drunken Taxi Adventure

  7. Drift Prac 11th Oct at Mallala

    whens the next drift day? can some one pm me with it cheers! ! ! !
  8. Drift Prac 11th Oct at Mallala

    At least there out there giving it a go! Not a side line expert like some! ! ! ! !

    hey just a question, im after a vertex front bar for my s13 silvia, how much for the bar and postage to my door?,(in south australia). thanks mate if you could let me know soon that would great cheers again.
  10. drift prac march 1st day prac

    i'm keen to come out & pop my trake cheery. . . .
  11. R32 Wide Body Update

    This CAR is TUFF PROBS!!!!!!!!
  12. V6 in a rodeo! ! !

    thanks dude! ! plus even some pics of the engine bay of one with in done
  13. hey people i'm looking at putting a VS V6 engine in to my 1989 rodeo "2wd 2.5L" just want to know if any one has done it b4 or knows where i can get some specs on how to do it cheers benny! ! !
  14. how long since you have had the tune checked?