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  1. Hychill re-gassers in Adelaide

    Did you end up finding a Hychill regasser in Adelaide? I'd like to know too as a regas is in need soon (also need a leak test to confirm what else is needed to be done).
  2. Does it happen to be a Tisonics one? If it it then the company it's turned into is still around in Adelaide & they were able to repair my alarm/imobi/turbo timer unit when some capacitors cracked in the module.
  3. Need services of a suspension tuning workshop

    Thanks for the advice. I ended up just having the front struts installed without any dyno measuring. Research on the internet seems to suggest that Koni's softest setting is made to their opinion of the best compromise between sportiness & comfort in comparison to stock. But the softest setting on mine seemed to be too soft (opinion of the mechanic who did the install) so was adjusted 1 turn harder before install. Seems pretty nice to me, so luckily I won't need to take them out for more adjusting.
  4. Need services of a suspension tuning workshop

    Did some phoning around. Hoey Racing are unsure if my struts will mount in their machine but sounds like theirs only works with shocks that have the eyeball hole on each end. S.A. Suspension Centre don't have the equipment. North Terrace Tyres can only do it with Penske Racing shocks. Hrm, running out of options. I don't really want to try Pedders but which is the best franchise store of it? Any other workshops to try? The struts are these types. Uploaded at ImageFra.me
  5. Need services of a suspension tuning workshop

    Ah thanks for the link. Looking at their website, they have damper dyno equipment which sounds like what I'm after. Looks like they do just motor cycle stuff but will ask them anyway if they can help. Cheers.
  6. So I just acquired some Mazda Familia GTR rebuilt struts that have Koni red inserts in them & they need to be damper adjusted before installation on the car. They're the type that can only be adjusted when off the car so I'm in need of a workshop that has strut dampening measurement equipment so they can be adjusted to match the stock strut specs (I have a spec sheet from the servicing manual for this car) as much as possible as I don't want to do multiple re-installs if they're either too hard or too soft set up. Anyone know which suspension workshop can easily do what I want without fuss or much money. If they can do it within minutes of the struts being dropped off while I wait in the waiting room will be particularly good. Around Edwardstown area or nearby would be convenient for me. I don't need them to do the install either,
  7. Where can I get this chocolate bar?

    The candy shop on James Place lane (where the Spend-Less shoe shop is along) in the CBD might have it too. But good you found somewhere anyway that had them.
  8. Pod filter box

    I just use one of these. Could paint it matte black & it'd be harder to notice.
  9. Insurance Quote for a 3cyl Micra

    Really? When I got my policy with Shannons the guys there actually asked specifically if my car is in a garage or not. I plainly told them car port.. That was that.
  10. Insurance Quote for a 3cyl Micra

    Last time I got a quote from Just Cars it was pretty cheap. Cheaper then the others. They can increase the excess & reduce the premium in the process. Which is good, just make sure you're never at fault for the accident. But they didn't have their own head office in SA so any claims would rely on the owner taking the car to the repairers & getting the quotes them self for the insurance. I went with Shannon's instead.
  11. Chevy badges on Commodores

    Maybe some people went to the effort of re-importing Pontiac G8s? lol.
  12. Idle problem

    Sounds like it could be as simple as a bad throttle-body dashpot.. Just an example from a different vehicle.
  13. who can rebuild Tein coilover in sa?

    Motorcyle shops in Adelaide? Can they do strut rebuilding with Koni inserts? Hrmm, didn't know. Will come in useful as I've got some struts that need rebuilding since theres no brand manufacturing in this application anymore & I don't really want or need to goto coil-over replacements.
  14. Water problems

    what was the problem?