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  1. ACT import meet n greet BBQ

    alternator died this arvo no go now
  2. ACT import meet n greet BBQ

    ill come. ill wear my skyline hoodie so i fit a little....
  3. ACT Rides

    just an update on the senator. went to see glen and grant at ESP. chucked a big cam in, higgins CNC heads, springs, retainers, collets, roller lifters, pushrods, OTR CAI, 3500rpm stally and a MAFless tune and pulled 330rwkw. lowered it on some king springs, 20" HSV fluxus rims. missus hit a roo in it about a month ago going in this week to get repaired.
  4. ACT Rides

    arnt the newer toyota 8s 4.3L? it was the cheapest one that didnt have 10000000kms. cars seemed cheaper in SA and WA. got it from adelaide from a dealership so has warranty too.
  5. ACT Rides

    ....says Mr. i bought a VL aswell lol basically i wanted a V8, just over 6cyl turbos for now. also wanted something reasonably new. i like the shape of the VZs and wanted someting with power and a bit of luxury. so i was looking at VZ calais but also wanted a 6L without getting a VE so the senator it was.
  6. ACT Rides

    thought id throw up a little update. sold both my VLs and bought a 05 HSV Senator. LS2, all standard at the moment. about to get some wheels, lower it, swaybar, 3" catback and a OTR CAI. then extractors, highflow cats and a MAFless tune. then after that cam ans heads.
  7. Windsheilds

    dont think youll find any in canberra unless the times have changed. i got a rear one from syd or melb for under $200 delivered. just read you post again and i think all the places i rang here to get me one wanted like $400+ so i got my own
  8. NSW Blue slip

    +4 for roy. though i did have a certificate for RB motor, coilovers werent on it and still passed after 3 atempts at getting it to legal height. he did over look some minor things, cant remember what they were but.
  9. Stripping my modified S13

    so what car you going to get now scott?

    just saw you on the side with the hazards on and another car on the otherside. much damage?

    what happened to your car scott???
  12. exhaust shops

    and to throw another one in there, the exhaust shop in mitchell.
  13. Turbo install on SR20DET

    ill help you....
  14. Turbo install on SR20DET

    do you want someone to help you or someone to do it for you?

    red S13 behind me this morning on canberra ave