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  1. s15

  2. r33 RB25DET injectors

    r33 rb25det injectors wont fit a ca18, rb25 injectors are side feed like sr20 (sr20 and rb25 aftermarket injectors are interchangable) while ca are top feed, however the injectors out of a rb20det or rb26dett (gtr) do fit, my advice if you want bigger injectors, source them from a gtr
  3. if i were you, instead of forking out money for a t28, on a stock car, your worth while upgrading the exhaust and air intake and cooling, there is still plenty more puff to be had from the stock turbo, i wouldnt bother wasting time just upgrading turbo and leaving everything stock, your robbing your car of so much power and potential by leaving it stock

    I dont no, this is a tough one, id have to say my car, one of the reasons my gf and myself broke up was cause of my car, she always whinged and complained i spent more time with my car than with her earlier this year i blew my sr20 and i had to juggle work and replacing the engine, it took all in all about a week, i didnt get to spend much time with the gf but after the engine was in, we argued she told me "now you got time for me" "fu*K your car, i hate your fu*king car" i look back on it now and think she wasnt the right girl for me, if she cant respect what i love and love doing with my car than she aint worth being with but there aint nothing like the rush of boosting around
  5. Realiability of 180sx

    We have just recently purchased a 180 and the previous owned apparently went through two gear boxes, i dont know what they were, but it now currently has a s14 box in it. My question is why not another s13 box and can the s14 handle the power the car puts out - 169 rwkws. s13 and s14 gearboxes are interchangable, but i heard that s13 gearboxes are slightly stronger and can handle the power better, but im yet to believe as ive never seen this for myself, i guess both gearboxes will do the same job, back to the main topic, 180's are a good car if you buy a clean example, i bought mine dead stock and ever since had no real problems with them, the only problems ive had is through my own fault
  6. What have you killed?!

    I've killed so far: 1x Clutch 1x SR20det 1x Kakimoto 3" Catback exhaust (snapped in half) Turbo gaskets 1x Lower Control arm 2x Steering Arms 1x Greedy Oil Cooler 1x Water Pump and still counting
  7. Coil pack life

    Heat does destroy the coil packs, but it depends what sort of driving.... if you give the car a good thrashing, yes sure enough the coils will get hot, but if you just constantly cruise, then having the cover on or off wont have a dramatic impact on the coils
  8. fuel pump problems

    check the fuel pump relay in the engine bay
  9. 180SX rim offset

    ey bro prelude rims fit on 180's same stud patern etc, everything the same, i can assure you they will fit coz my sis has got a prelude and i fitted her wheels to my car, 180's and preludes have same rims, so no probs there, hope that helps

    Its a common conversion, but if you dnt do most the work yourself its not worth it, u have to change: *brakes *fuel pump *diff (not sure if they're the same) *auto elec to wire sr20det loom to ur front loom if u cant do it urself *then an sr20det swap over
  11. Climate Control Lighting Not working

    there was a post in here a while ago on climate control and changing the lites to different colors eg blue, but it got deleted, it was a few pages long and im sure a few ppl would no exactly wat to do but im not sure if they've read your post
  12. Front Cuts

    both go hard as zforce said, it just matters how much u got to spend at the end of the day, and what engine you would like under the bonnet, me personally i like the sr20, not coz its better or worse i just preffer it
  13. Quote: Originally posted by moemoe on 01-May-2003 can i ask, (not being rude) why would you change the engine to an rb20det? y wouldn't you? its cheap reliable, offers great performance wat more could you want
  14. Head Gasket Gone?

    how much times have u actually topped it up? you do know it might not be ur headgasket, have u noticed any coolant spots on the floor under your car, you could have a punctured hose or your water pump is gone, at the moment my water pump is stuffed and i didnt need a mechanic to tell me that, do what zforce told you and you cant go wrong, check for simple things coz it can turn out to be something small
  15. Side trim, peeling off - soloutions?

    if you got the two colors happenin like top half 1 color and bottom half another color dnt peel it off, coz nissan also used the strip to cover up the joining (blending) of colors, it aint perfect