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  1. Why wasn't there any backlash then? If it was well deserved, why did the public just let it go? It was illegal, and no one cared. This phone call was legal, and everyone cares. So why? Is it because no one died? So if no one dies it's all good? No crime was committed so there goes that
  2. This is exactly what is driving me crazy though. If nothing had happened, no one would be around say it was a poor judgement call. Everyone would have been laughing like they were originally. Now that something did happen, everyone jumps on their high horse and said it was poor judgement. Negative. When Chasers breached the APEC summit in sydney with a fake canadian delegation, it was approved by their lawyers on the premise that they would be stopped at the first checkpoint. They however were waved through the first checkpoint, and didn't stop. They went through the second checkpoint and didn't stop. Once they arrived at the hotel they were finally arrested. What they did was illegal, and they also got right up to where president obama was staying. Not bloody kate middleton, but the president of the usa. Yet everyone laughed it off. And this could have potentially ended a lot worse than the phone call to the hospital. So get off your high horse and stop handing out judgement when you haven't even got your facts straight.
  3. Supplement Reviews

    stomach upsets, farts, runny shits etc etc People who are a little lactose intolerant or who don't drink a lot of milk get a fair bit of problems. Whey isolate should agree with most people as there is no lactose or milk powder. Most mixes of protein powder/weight gainers will have milk powder in it, which causes a fair bit of upsets. Whey concentrate will also have more milk sugars in it.
  4. what are the boundaries though? For someone who is quite mentally ill, an extra pickle on a cheeseburger might the the tipping point. Is the cook then to blame? A mate of mine committed suicide over a girlfriend breaking up with him. He had shit going on, and that was the tipping point for him? Is she to blame for his death? 99.9% of people would laugh a prank call off, .1% probably get angry over it, and the tiniest amount imaginable commit suicide over it. So how do you know where the boundary is then? If you're so good at finding these boundaries, which you obviously are as you can make judgement on others, what are they?
  5. That sums it up beautifully. Really reveals how dumb society is
  6. responsible serving of alcohol, so maybe yeah...negative on that one, it's been to the courts before(ridiculous i know) again this falls back on that all saying 'you take responsibility for you own actions'
  7. Actually it is. And your comparison is wrong for this example. A better comparison for this fiasco would be: "The barman is serving alcohol to a patron, who then goes out, drives down the road, crashes into a car and kills another person. Is the barman at fault?" It's what i would call common sense, but hey, seems like everyone loves a good 'ol lynchin
  8. jeep grand cherokee 2000

    They are good cars, maintenance i have found is cheap, as i get everything i need form the US which is cheap as chips. As stated the only downside is fuel economy, but that was expected when i bought the 5.7 hemi.
  9. That is exactly right. A problem I see is the way society has become in the latter years. These days there is always someone to blame, someone to sue. People are becoming less and less responsible for their actions. You need to take FULL responsibility for your actions, especially when it comes to ones life. The media is half to blame, and society is so dumb they can't think for themselves, but guess what? Sometimes, there is no other person to blame. And then the other half, everyone discussing topics they have no idea about apart from what they see on the news(who generally have no idea anyway). Whether you think the dj's were to blame, or the hospital who would have definatley reprimanded here over an incident like this(notice how this flys under the radar), or due to her being completely mentally unstable.....we have no right to blame anyone for putting her into a depressive state, because we have no idea. However, if she did commit suicide, NO ONE can be blamed for her death. She is responsible for that, as is everyone that does commit suicide.
  10. Keeping VIC registration in NSW

    i've had a vic registered cars in nsw for over two years. Vicroads doesn't care as long as you keep paying them, and rta won't care as long as they don't know....which i doubt they'd care anyway. Rego in vic is $600 a year, in nsw $1000 a year.....pretty simple equation right there
  11. Price : $2,500 Condition : Used As above, AME Tracers 18x9.5 +22 in dark grey. These were used as track rims, they did an airport run 2 months ago which took quite a few chips out of the paint. So with a respray they would look perfect, for track rims though they are perfect as they are. They are fitted with Hankook Z221's in soft compound, 265's all round. These are awesome tyres, as used for one track day. About 80% THey will also come with Hankook Rs3's, 265's all round, used for one track day. About 80%. The Z221's cost $1800, the RS3's cost $1200 $2500 for the lot In sydney Pics here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/to...__fromsearch__1
  12. yup, read it again, makes sense to me By 'you' i am referring to the protesters obviously
  13. Well Osama is dead and Obama isn't. So, 1 to us, none to you.
  14. Holding up signs and walking through the city, yeah, that's real tough. I'm sure their 'brothers' over in afghan/syria etc are really proud of them. Shouting out allahu akbar to cops, yeah, real tough, seeing as though they're mates overseas usually follow that comment with blowing themselves up or another form of imminent death. Osama is great.....again, why aren't you out fighting for what you 'apparently' believe in then. Answer is that they are weak, they have no balls. They are australian, and if they hate this country so much, they should either be deported(which won't happen) or locked up for treason. Too bad our government is too soft to do anything about it. If the government gave them an option of staying here or going back to one of the many f'd up arab countries, wouldn't be hard to guess where they'd stay.
  15. Exercise Knowledge needed

    You dont have to do the special forces training program to get ready for kapooka. Crawl before you walk. Start with doing circuits involving pushups, heaves....basically bodyweight exercises. Try for like 60 pushups, 100 situps and 10 heaves. That will put you above most people you'll ever meet at kapooka. Don't stress too much, you'll learn what you have to there, then you'll have a few years in the army to train properly before attempting selection.