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  1. Done a fair bit of research but haven't been able to find an answer. The current boost source for my EBC is off a pipe just after the compressor of one of the turbos (the boost signal is teed off just past the throttlebodies after the plenum). Is there an issue given I have two turbos (bnr32) with how this affects either the speed at which the wastegate opens or the longevity of the turbos? Or does it not matter.
  2. Howdy all, Keen to get a bit of work done, simple stuff (fitting a baffle to the "twin turbo" pipe off my 32) and also possibly some modifications to my catch can (although most likely later on). Anyone here around the lower north shore area or Macquarie Park? I know there's plenty of people over on SAU looking for this to get done so happy to send referrals! Cheers, john
  3. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 105000 Price : $15,500 Condition : Used For sale: (NSW) Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 6 spd Manual Price and price conditions: $15,500. Priced to sell Condition: 100 000kms Pictures: see below Contact Details: 0431 083 394 Location: Green Valley Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup Have owned this car for nearly 2 years. Bought nearly bog stock in pearl white. Has undergone a number of changes in my ownership and has always been a fun car to drive without any headaches. Perfect for someone looking to get into an S chassis with solid, reliable performance. Haven't put much effort into selling it in the past as I was never happy with offers being received, but I am now being realistic about the market and having recently moved houses, I do need to move it to free up some cash. Don't be shy to make an offer. The car is priced to sell, it isn't perfect (e.g. driver's seat recliner is a bit funny sometimes and she has recently started showing signs VCT rattle which i believe is due to the stiffer valve springs and higher lift cams which I had in the car for 2 months when it was tuned), but it is honestly a reliable car with no serious mechanical faults or accident damage etc. If I knew I would one day have to take such a big hit on it considering how much money I have spent on the car, I most likely would not have modified it the way I have, however hoping someone out there will take what I have done so far and make it even better and give it the ownership it deserves. The car will be sold with all parts listed below, as well as a whole bunch of standard parts in my position, including all standard suspension arms, as well as a few bits and pieces which I have bought for it but never got around to fitting (e.g. apexi turbo timer, hella supertone horns) including motul turbolight oil and a few other fluids. Brian Crower valve springs + retainers GT2871r .86 housing turbo + braided lines Walbro 255 fuel pump Blitz LM FMIC GFB Boost controller Koyo Radiator + hose kit + nismo high pressure cap Apexi N1 Titanium exhaust Exedy HD clutch Spitfire Coil Packs Nismo R-Tune springs and shocks Nismo Power Brace GKtech Subframe collars GKtech adjustable castor, camber, traction + toe arms Whiteline front camber bolts HEL braided brake lines Full M-Sport body kit Seibon vented Carbon Fibre bonnet Carbon Fibre boot Smoked LED taillights Nismo tinted side indicators slimline weather shields Autometer Cobalt boost/vac gauge Stern meshies 18x8 18x9 Shes an awesome machine, wish I could keep her as a weekender but sadly I need to move on and settle down. Will be surely missed, however I already have a second car (golf GTI) as well as a motorbike to keep me busy which is another reason why the 15 is hardly driven anymore. Come and have a look if you are seriously interested. I am open to (reasonable) negotiations however believe she is very well priced for what you will be getting. any further questions please dont hesitate to call me on 0431 083 394 Cheers, John pictures here: http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread...555#post1342555
  4. hmm i got a copy of the manual. atm i have one port connected to the waste gate and one to the intercooler (pressure source). i looked through it but it looks like a min of 2 ports need to be used? the solenoid had 3 ports, one which isnt being used atm
  5. yep using toshi for the tune. and using 2 ports on the solenoid, one to the wastegate and one to the intercooler. any ideas how to fix it (is it in the tuning of the ebc?)
  6. tuners not sure what it is, its not a tune issue its more likely a boost issue Matt. you have no idea, its getting road and dyno tuned. Also unlike you my car is not a dyno/drag queen and its built for overall driveability and response. Thanks for you contribution though, its people like you that make me realise why i dont use forums much anymore
  7. Hi all, got my car tuned yesterday and while it was being tuned i noticed that boost wasn't rising smoothly. e.g it will be smooth up to 10-11psi, then stay there for second then jump up to 15psi then jump to 18 (boost set to 18psi). I am running a greddy profec bspec 2 ebc and z32 with 2871r (and supporting mods). Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing boost to do this? I couldn't hear any leaks in the engine bay but will double check today. The tune is 90% complete atm (being road tuned then dyno) so hoping to sort it out before the tune is finished. cheers
  8. Koyo 53mm Rad

    slightly off topic, i have the same radiator going on, what fans did you get and are you going to be running a shroud? any idea if the standard clutch fan and shroud will fit behind this?
  9. Carbon Fiber Bonnets in NSW

    I have a carbon bonnet and boot. have been pulled over by Hwy patrol and they didn't say anything.
  10. fuel pump you can get off ebay. might as well get a walbro 255 if ur gonna replace it. should cost you about 140 tops these days. fuel filter you can get from nissan/peps/autobarn. i can give you a hand if u need it this weekend. should be free
  11. fuel pump and fuel filter is easy, and id imagine fuel rails would be pretty easy too. This is Peter right? (its john, Daisy's bro). If you get the fuel pump and fuel filter I can give you a hand fitting it
  12. Hi Greg, any idea how much castor you can get out of the adjustable castor arms for an s15?