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  1. I need a good lawyer

    yeah I used craig... did not go to jail, passed go, gave him many thousands of dollars +1 he was great for us but again gave him many thousands, but didnt go to jail or loose licence in sa
  2. Truck Drivers...

    Actually I have. My father is a trucker driver and in being so, I have gone on countless runs with him all over australia. People who complain about truck drivers are moreso the people who cut in front of them in traffic. An ~1.5 tonne car Vs a fully loaded 40 tonne semi/b-double/road train. Think about who has the ability to stop quicker. Think about who has to not only just control the wheels they sit on but the multiple others followng behind. Like others have said, there are a few drivers that make it look bad for all the others, but that is just like everything else in this world. The few bad drivers are...wait for it... stereo typed (yes that's right, just like import drivers are). It's simple. Be nice to truck drivers and you won't have them riding on your ass. +1 my dad is a truck driver and the amount of dicks in cars when he has 60 ton that cut him off at the lights .... i really don't think that some people know how hard it is for them to stop with that much weight on! i have been on countless trips too with him all over Australia and to tell you the truth there are far more idiot car drivers than truck drivers. he is the boss of his company and gets calls on average every 10 minutes.. so he is also on the phone a lot while driving he has hands free but sometimes he doesn't use it and i can honestly say that some truckies are better drivers than some of us bitching about them! there is also a demand on delivery times too! they get paid to have shit at a certain place at a certain time! if we had no trucks we would have nothing no food! no clothing! no furniture! they deliver everything we need in everyday life so cut them some slack! you might get the odd couple that are a bit stupid but they drive all day get f**k all sleep and generally still manage to be nice people!

    happy birthday for yesterday Aimee love tam
  4. Sorry Arch and i just got a house and we move in that day! So we cant come this time as we will me moving maybe next time!
  5. Registering a car from interstate

    That’s all I did! Got an AE92 from WA went to regency they sent me around the corner and filled out the paperwork! They didn’t check the car at all I had 17s on it and when it came time to open the bonnet the clip leaver thing in the car was broken and I couldn’t get it 'I’m a girl, didn’t want to break a nail' so got them to. They just laughed.... They won’t do anything to you, all they do is match up the numbers and send you on your way!
  6. Hey I’m really sorry for the loss of your son. Not long ago my uncle died after the jack under his car failed causing the diff to crush his head. He was a car person thing just like the rest of you and had been all his life. He died at the young age of 50 leaving behind his wife and 6 children and 5 grandchildren. If only he had of put the stands under his car he would still be here today. I see a lot of people working on their cars at the track without using them and it makes me sad to think that this kind of freak accident could happen to anyone at anytime. A lot of people die in car related accidents not just on our roads but also under cars and in workshops and I just wanted to make everyone aware that this kind of thing does happen. My uncle was a great driver and always did the right thing, it was just this one time a 5 min thing under the car I guess he just thought it would be ok. So just to everyone working on cars make sure even if its something that’s going to take 5 seconds do the right thing coz that’s all it takes.