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  1. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 50 Price : $30,000 Condition : Used Over two years the car was stripped back to a bare piece of metal, fully seam welded, expertly fabricated and rebuilt with brand new, top quality parts. There's no poor quality replicas here, everything is real and chosen to work well together. Since finishing, the car has performed well at drift events, and has been featured in the April issue of Fast Fours magazine (front cover, center pull-out and multiple page spread). If you want more information about the car, please contact me; I'm happy to answer questions and negotiate with serious buyers. The full build has been tracked in detail on my blog, The car/blog has a Facebook page with over 7000 likes; so it's definitely a crowd please! Blog: http://www.sidewayslife.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/sidewayslife -- Engine: Rebuilt SR20DET making 380hp and 425Nm CP Pistons, Manley Rods Nissan main bolts, ARP head studs Cosworth metal head gasket Tomei 260º 12mm Pro Cams Tomei adjustable cam gears Tomei solid lifters Nismo mounts Aftermarket Industries oil catch can -- Induction & Exhaust: Garrett GTX3071R twin-scroll BRAE exhaust manifold Twin 38mm TiAL wastegates 50mm TiAL blow off valve N15 70mm throttle body GReddy intake plenum (N15 TB version) Custom Fabrication 81 3” v-band exhaust -- Cooling: Earl’s oil cooler GREX filter relocation plate and thermostat Tomei oil filter block Earl’s power steering cooler Koyo N-Flo radiator w/ BA Falcon thermo fans Nismo 62º thermostat Blitz CS intercooler -- Fuel: Carter GP4600HP lift pump Bosch 044 main pump Aftermarket Industries surge tank Jaz fuel cell Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors GReddy fuel rail Tomei Type L pressure regulator Earl’s pre and post filters -- Driveline: RB25 gearbox with Fabrication 81 cut and shut bellhousing Modified shifter with Parts Shop Max adjustable knob Nismo mount Parts Shop Max solid diff bushes -- Brakes: Parts Shop Max hydraulic handbrake Project Mu front and rear rotors Independent Wilwood handbrake calipers Factory S14 front and rear foot calipers HEL braided brake lines -- Wheels & Tyres: Front: Work VS-XX 18x9.5-23 Achilles ATR Sport 235/40/18 Rear: Work VS-XX 18x11-18 Achilles ATR Sport 235/40/18 -- Chassis: Interior stripped except dash and door trims Stitch welded every seam (including underneath) Fabrication 81 custom weld-in cage Fabrication 81 tube front end with bars through to cage Fabrication 81 reconstructed boot and firewall -- Exterior: Bodykit is now in bad condition, they're cheap though Vertex aero copy Origin roof wing Origin 20mm front fenders Origin 50mm rear fenders (Type I) JDM boot wing JDM grill -- Suspension: Parts Shop Max Pro coilovers 10kg front springs, 8kg rear springs Parts Shop Max Pro front lower control arms with tension rods Parts Shop Max eccentric steering rack bushes Parts Shop Max Pro steering knuckle modification Parts Shop Max Pro rear lower control arms Parts Shop Max Pro rear knuckles Parts Shop Max Pro traction rods Parts Shop Max Pro toe rods Parts Shop Max Pro camber arms Parts Shop Max solid subframe risers No front or rear swaybars -- Interior: Recaro Pole Position drivers bucket seat NRG generation 2.5 short hub NRG quick release kit RPM flat suede steering wheel -- Electical: Optima Batteries D51 Completely rewired by Kev Rowley Custom switch panel Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 Haltech / Racepak IQ3 display dash Note: This car is unregistered. It is complied and hasn't been written off, so it COULD be registered if you went through a lot of trouble of making it roadworthy.
  2. Towing my S14

    May I ask how much you would have spent on bushes? A lot of the ones I see on carsales have replaced brakes which is good. I have previously been recommended to replace the rear springs so that's a good suggestion. Have you done this or can anyone give me more specifics on what kind of springs are more suited to towing?
  3. Towing my S14

    Alright, thanks mate. Does anyone else have any input? I'd really appreciate it! Would I need stiffer springs in the rear? Anything else? I haven't towed much before.. obviously
  4. Towing my S14

    Well thats reassuring. Would you trust it to tow interstate? Is this something that is guarenteed to happen? If so, is it just a matter of getting it fixed when it does, or should it be done as a preventative thing? I'm looking to spend as little as possible for a little while after buying the car and this sounds expensive..
  5. Towing my S14

    Thanks. Which version is your dad's ute? Some of my friends are concerned by the torque/power of the Barra 182 in the XT/Futura, but I don't really want to go to a XR6t. I don't know much about Ford suspension hehe, is it a matter of replacing the joints? Thanks. I've read about this problem and that in any case it's better to have a dedicated transmission cooler so this was definitely a plan.
  6. Towing my S14

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else out there tows their car with a BA Falcon MK2 sedan (XT or Futura)...I'm looking for a tow car / daily and this seems to fit the bill. Pros: - Fuel economy isn't terrible - Relatively cheap (around $7000) - Parts are cheap - Some luxury features such as cruise control - Tow rating of 2300kg Cons: - Doesn't have massive torque/power - Rumours of them stretching, but that may just be overweight caravans every weekend - IRS compared to live axel & leaf suspension (though apparently this is okay cos they have roll bars) - It's a Falcon - Might have to spend more to get heavy duty rear springs I've probably forgotten something. I'm really looking for some help / suggestions. I drive ~560km each week for work, 99% highway. I want to tow my S14 one to two times a month, usually about 1hr each way but interstate occasionally. I know there have been towing threads and I've read them to get to thinking this Falcon is the best all rounder for me. Any help/opinions appreciated.. Thanks!
  7. Body rotisserie

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has a body rotisserie in the Brisbane / Gold Coast area that they would be able to lend me for a little while? Willing to pay rent in the form of low sums of money or beer. I can pick up and drop off. Cheers!
  8. Very old thread but is all this stuff sold? Do you have any current specials like these?
  9. How does the vacuum hose connect to the back of the boost guage? I've seen some pretty terrible designs come out of china.
  10. These are great, installed on S14 with no problems. The oil feed line didn't have a banjo bolt as pictured.
  11. Hi All, Just a brief message to let anyone interested know that SuperGlory.com.au will be having their 6th drift event at Archerfield on Tuesday Nov 23rd. Details below: Date: 23/11/2010 Time: 4-8pm Location: 63 Colebard St W, Archerfield (most likely Acacia Ridge in your GPS) As usual it should be a fun and friendly night with plenty of action. Spots are all full but spectators welcome! See you there! Zac
  12. I remember from science in High School that things like gas burn blue when they are really hot and orange/red when they aren't AS hot. Don't know if that translates to this or not haha.
  13. pig series?

    It is series 2.
  14. should be able to login from the homepage imo... annoying havinv to go to a actual forum etc to