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  1. 110kw... I didn't think it would be that low. Stock CA18DET manual got around that. Is timing and compression all fine? If so then taking it to the dyno will iron anything else out. How many km on the engine?
  2. brisbane chinese restaurants

    The one is Darra is pretty good. If you're in Sunnybank then give Little Hong Kong a go
  3. I have rotors and calipers... don't have any of the rest
  4. Oh hey dude, you didn't need to go to all the effort on the CA manual, I already did it years ago This manual is fully searchable and contains the missing pages: http://www.eightballmedia.com.au/180sx/S13.CA18.Service.Manual.complete.rar It was already on the General Stats section of the site in Owners Manuals. Also it has clickable links to sections in the manual, just like the new ones. It also has links to individual pages. Not sure if I completed all the linking (it was years ago), but enjoy!
  5. CA or SR Turbo Lines?

    i think at least one of the ca lines is slightly longer usually. so it still works on sr, just with a little more slack
  6. Here are your answers. You're right, this is like a ghost town in here lately. I don't know if i'll ever reach 1000 posts... 1. Original CA injector resistor pack - Some injectors need it, some won't. Keep in place if injectors work properly. Lots of rx7 injectors need it. 2. Automatic transmission resistor pack - Have no idea if this is still needed after manual conversion. Factory manual cars have an unused plug here. 3a. The square heatsinked box with an electrical plug on each side is the coil pack ignitor. 3b. The other stuff the coil pack ignitor is mounted on is the factory electronic boost control valve. Controlled by the ECU i believe. Limits maximum boost and also boost in 1st gear and reverse. 4. Front wiper amplifier. You need this for front wipers to work.
  7. Try to PM meminto: http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showuser=663 It's his video. I wonder what happened to his car. Hope he's doing ok.
  8. Could be a problem with the switches. You might see the correct voltage but not enough current going through. I've seen them get dirty before
  9. You need a new rubber stopped that the brake switch presses on to turn off the lights. When it gets old the rubber goes hard and cracks. Can replace the rubber stopper from nissan for a very small amount of money. Part numbers in this old post from me: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=430630&view=findpost&p=5747627
  10. Ghost-Mobile

    get a dirty old 180/s13, put an rb in it on the cheap
  11. S13 tail lights LED bulbs?

    led bulbs are dull unless you get the very expensive ones with heaps of very bright leds in them. if your tail lights are dull then i'd advise inspecting how clear the bulbs are then measuring voltage going to them. lots of old dattos have grounding problems causing the lights to be dull, it's quite possible that our cars are getting old enough to have those kinds of problems too.
  12. yep i'd say if it doesn't rattle then it must be gummed up and dirty inside and then it will need cleaning or replacing. btw welcome back meminto!
  13. too much oil and it can just not run, or yes like someone said above it can churn air somehow and wreck it. not so much of a problem for s series engines, they just smoke like crazy.
  14. seems to be one piece with the valve under it? 1181751E00 http://nissan.epcdata.ru/180sx/xxxxxxxx/4001-ca18dt/engine/140/11817/ For future reference: http://nissan.epcdata.ru/180sx/xxxxxxxx/4001-ca18dt/engine/ Pretty confusing on that diagram though, but there's not really anything else it could be. The things listed on diagram 211 are accounted for.
  15. could need regreasing, that wire in the groove usually has grease on it but the grease could have become old and gummy or gotten dirty