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  1. If the s15 is pewter, that is my mate's mum's ar. He painted them because he was bored, as you do. Tow bar probably more for a bike rack than for any actual towing duties.
  2. Xbox One

    I don't understand why its a Beta, I don't think they aren't changing anything from now until release date. Pre-ordered mine in November before I even decided on getting an Xbox. Also, has anyone had issues playing blue rays?
  3. PS4

    Can you reformat the HDD like for the PS3? I formatted a HDD to FATT32, and I could put play vids from the portable HDD as long as the file was under 4gb.
  4. car impound

    I concur with above statement
  5. PS4

    JB (Noarlunga) reckon they have a second shipment coming in on the 24th of December. Most Eb Games I have spoken to say they wont be getting any more stock until around Feb next year
  6. The Last of Us

    From what I have been told, Naughty dog have said they dont want to take the Joel and Ellie story any further, They are releasing a DLC if you havent already been in the loop called the last of us: Left behind. I don't play many games, but this has to be number one on my favourite games ever list. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6V0HNNHQK4
  7. PS4

    Following the issues with the PS4, in particular the over heating issues. Comparison size of fans in Xbox1 and PS4. http://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-discussion-1000000/wired-see-what-s-inside-the-playstation-4-30911829/?page= Talking to the guys at EB, and they said that the first shipment of PS4's are all sold out, and the next shipment is due in on the 24th of December, if not Mid to late Feb. Found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hUUsqhetX4
  8. After Earth (2013)- Do not watch

    Is it worse than the great gatsby? That is by far the worst movie of the year in my books
  9. I watched the E3 episode of GG last week, and saw some pretty amazing games that tickled my pickle. I noticed that alot of the new games are coming out on PS3/Xbox360 as well as the new gen consoles. I have a PS3. the last two games I recently played were the new Tomb Raider and Last of Us. I was amazed at what the PS3 is actually capable of visually. which surprises me it has taken this long for gaming developers to fully utilise it to this capacity. If they are releasing these new visually stunning games on both PS3 and PS4, is there a need to upgrade consoles when I know that the PS3 is probably capable of delivering the same graphic detail? I dont play any games online at all, so this online business is more of a hinderance than anything for me. I like to play a game for its story mode for the full experience I understand that the new gen consoles are cheap as chips considering that the PS1,2 and 3 were well over $1000 on release. Is there any real good reason to upgrade to a new gen console until they stop bringing games out on the PS3 platform because it can't handle the strenuous task of processing more visually amazing games? Any advice for a noob gamer like myself is much appreciated
  10. fitting and turning apprenticeship wanted in sa

    I did my apprenticeship as a fitter and turner through a group training scheme. They pay less, but job security is there if you get offloaded, or the company goes bust. http://www.gtasa.com.au/find-a-south-australian-group-training-organisation I did mine straight out of school with Group Training Scheme. Im pretty sure they are now AIGTS or something. theres a few on the link I posted.
  11. shit apprentices say/do

    Worked with a young apprentice that was passionate about trance music. I dont know if he was doing it to piss people off, or he really liked Frsh FM (Dance music station). He would go around, change all the radio's to said station, turn it up, then walk away. It annoyed one of the workshop silverback so much he threatened to "give him a smack" I was asked to shadow him (4th year apprentice) to site for some basic weekly checks. Asked me what a blowdown vessel does...... twice. Asked if he could borrow a sharpie. Proceeded to write the description of every item on said item so he didnt forget next time because I could physically see his eyes glazing over when I tried to explain in in lamens terms. Always brought a mini eski into work. It was always packed to the brim with food. Looked like he was surprised everytime he opened it, I can only assume his mum packed his lunch for him everyday. He hated getting his hands dirty, wore gloves for pretty much everything he did. He was VERY safety conscious. Boss asked him to drill a couple of 12mm holes. He proceeded to go to his safety bag. Put on a pair of ear plugs, ear muffs, safety glasses and a safety shield. This process took him about 5 minutes. I proceeded to the office to grab the work camera and take a photo to prove to the rest of the workshop I wasnt lying. He saw the picture and got upset He was given a repetitive task one day. Came up to me and asked how I would feel about helping him make a mini workshop ZEN garden. He would go to the beach at lunch (about 5 mins down the road) and "get sand". I naturally said yes. He went across the road to the sushi place and stole some chop sticks to "make a rake" for said garden. He wasnt the brightest spark. He was asked by the group training company to write down his daily tasks in a journal. I was reading it one day, and it said: "Today I was a powerstation" I laughed so hard, I cried. I showed him, and we had a 20 minute discussion on him being a transformer. He was a gym junkie, and would spend every moment he wasnt at work or out clubbing at the gym. He would come to work everyday and tel us about how much his is bench pressing. Whenever we would ask him to help lift something, he would ave to go to the toilet because he was consuming so much protein powder. Theres heaps more. Thats all I can remember at this stage
  12. Epic car fail thread

    Is this the one that has the roof scoop as well?
  13. Top Gear

    I hate the fat guy with noodles for hair. Is he still on Fifth gear? I dont know what his reason for being on the show is.
  14. Epic car fail thread

    You will find that is a factory option. They had a butt load of different colours/stickers/interior options to make every car "individual" if you remember the advert. or individual enough that there wont be another one exactly the same. I think they sold a total of 12 cars Australia wide. that is one of them!
  15. Top Gear

    Top gear is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first episode was hilarious,