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  1. i have a set of SSR 16 x 8 wheels with toyo r1r tyres.. check my link.. http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=470058&st=0&p=6016944entry6016944 cheers Plus
  2. Blitz Active Clutch

    Hi Mate i can get you a replacement clutch plate.. we have one laying about at home.. $250
  3. you could prob just use normal clear perspex then put window tint over it..
  4. blow off valves

    you have pm.. i have a brand new blitz bolt on kit..
  5. hey bud.. you can have my seats for $50 both left and right.. im in Wantirna South. 0404 856 591 cheers Plus
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, My Company is again looking for a young person to fulfill a role in a FULL TIME Internal sales position for an automotive accessory wholesaler! we are located in South East melb.. and are very well known within the automotive accessory retail market.. our products are in pretty much every automotive retailer throughout Aus. if you would like to know more please email me at sales@autoconcepts.com.au and send through your resume. and i'll forward it onto the appropriate parties experience in the field would be handy!! cheers Plus
  7. 1985 Bluebird SR20 project

    I have some bluebird spares if your interested mate.. i just stripped my SR20DET Bluebird.. list goes.. Series 3 10 Bolt diff with welded centre.. R31 Wagon Fuel tank.. Series 3 Crossmember 3" mild steel custom mandrel bent exhaust system with Magnaflow 3" muffler.. might have other stuff lying about but thats all the major stuff i can think of.. Plus 0404 856 591
  8. sr20det missfire

    hey mate, i had issues with supersparks.. i went through 3 sets and had 4 of them fail... i ended up going back to Second Hand Stock standard coils and touch wood havent had an issue so far.. i would have gone down the path of individual bosch coil packs but spent the money on other things instead.. Plus
  9. Try Robert at Sabbadin automotive in Mulgrave. Roberts lane. he has done a few Exhausts for me and his welding is second to none! 9558 4422
  10. Kriss for moderator thread.

    AWESOME! good to see the bluebird fans are still out there if ya need any spares mate let me know! i have my old shell which is getting picked up by scrap metal pretty soon.. i have 10 bolt welded diff, with slotted and dimpled discs with green stuff pads.
  11. Cleaning a pod filter

    there are cleaning kits available for the drift pods at autobarn...
  12. Drift rails from Autobarn

    There's no such thing as Drift Rails.. that part number is a SAAS part number which work with Drift products seats...
  13. Lets see ya dogs!

    i always wanted a husky. how do these dogs cope in hot weather? Surprinsingly my dog likes to sit out in the sun on days between 21-28 degress any hotter she'll be in the shade.. she's an inside dog and we have air con so she's ok most of the time, when it's not on she'll be spread out on the tiles like a snake.. we just always make sure that she has fresh clean cold ice water when it's hot. they love playing with ice blocks! she hates getting washed and hates air being blown directly on her face. Huskies are very loyal dogs and very loving. although they look scary my dog couldnt even hurt a fly she'd rather lick it and play with it!
  14. Lets see ya dogs!

    Here's my 5 year old Female Siberian Husky Jamba. she's posing on the stairs. Love her to bits