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  1. 2002 WH Statesman V8 - $11,450

    Make : HOLDEN STATESMAN Transmission : Kilometres : 195 Price : $11,450 Condition : Used Hey guys, im selling my 2002 WH statesman. The car has been a dream to own, never had any problems and never missed a beat. It has leather interior, lowered and 18" VE sv6 rims. Regularly serviced, paint is in good condition with a few minor blemishes as can be expected from a 10yr old car. The car has a towbar and would make a perfect tow car for you're track car All reasonable offers considered, need to sell as soon as i can so i can purchase another car. contact: Fergus - 0487996601 i am located in Prospect, Adelaide. http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=12248691
  2. alot mexican, but nice photos, and the rest of the car is tidy as!
  3. WHO CAN Design a business card?

    sorry mate.. the business is nick art and photography. the name speaks for it self. so you want someone else to design a business card when your advertising yourself as an artist/photographer??
  4. clean and tidy, nice work man!!
  5. Insurance on 180s

    i payed around $900 a year when i had my 180, and was under 25, with just car insurance
  6. praying mantis

    had one in my garden, got some cool pics
  7. you can pay by card on the day
  8. The white 180 that could

    lower and pulled out camber will make this look so fresh!! love white xd9's, and on a white car is insta-win, nice choice man
  9. They are idiots up at regency don't worry that won't be the first f**kup they have or will make
  10. Which Rims Are Better

    gtr wheels
  11. agreed, looks tight, you got any wheel specs? or better pics man??
  12. haha, the paying in cash line is the best one!! when selling my sil80 i had so many idiots rock up; one guy drove around in an old statesman, and ended up trying to sell me that, rather than making an offer on my car. Another guy came back about four times, then emails me and offers 2k below what im asking, but wasn't cheeky enough to ask me in person. A mate of mine had someone come pickup his car after agreeing to buy it, but before leaving looks at the fuel gauge and it was only quarter full, so says he's going to pay $50 less because he has to go put petrol in it now
  13. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    mr. boss baller, definately fitment winner, and props to those guys for driving all the way over the border to get here
  14. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    awesome show; awesome cars, awesome turnout of spectators, good vibe. A credit to the organisers and people taking part