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  1. Bling sounds like he is calling it a resevoir when he is actually meaning his overflow tank. Remove the lid of the tank you have and see if there's one pipe/hose that goes to the bottom, make sure that the hose from your radiator neck goes to that pipe/hose on the overflow bottle. If you have a concern that the cap might be failing you can take it to have it pressure checked or just buy a new one for $30 Could also be an engine problem too.
  2. Jasinex's JDM S15

    His is jdm with option Navi dash, the factory GPS goes there and is the mechanism isn't busted you just pull the old unit out n mount new screen in there.
  3. s15 rpf1 wheels

    Looks like gtr wheels fr here mate.
  4. s15 rpf1 wheels

    ^ gtr wheels are 18x9+30 n that looks kinda gay.
  5. s15 rpf1 wheels

    No meisters just heavy as shit.
  6. High Compression SR20DET Build

    He wasn't refering to e85 as being the downfall of the engine, he was refering to running high compression. I'd would prefer to think anything under 10 isn't high compression, if stock engine is 8.5 and you raise it to 9-9.5 that's not high is just higher than stock. Google search will give up a lot of answer in regards to building any type of high comp turbo engine. High comp will produce good torque and awesome response but make your engine into a time bomb in the wrong hands. From what I've found through researching the reason for going low comp is to provide a safe engine that's not on it's exteme limits. We're as high comp motors are border lining every aspect of the motor and one slight miscalculation and she is gone. Need a real good tuner who knows what he is doing.
  7. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Longer teeth, offset teeth, full top row of teeth. Makes for good pics, it's hilarious. Haters be hating cos they didn't think of it.
  8. A mate of mine is motorsport director for wrx club and his kids were doing trackdays with instructors from about 14. As you said might be different but, hence why I asked Donny to inquire for me.
  9. I know aasa and cams allow for 12+ to drive a vehicle. Would be pretty cool if the young lad could get into a car on a wet pan n learn some skills. Do some investigating and let me know donny
  10. How does the car borrowing work? Is there an age restriction? Gf's 15yr old brother wants to do drifting but his s14 is auto n need to piss off the ultra widebody so it fits on trailers.
  11. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Funniest shit ever. And the teeth adds giggles to the sport instead of being so serious. Car has a face and the colour theme is awesome. Boy has a good imagination
  12. s15 rpf1 wheels

    17x9+22 is perfect for s15 u can't go wrong. Just need a bit of camber and roll rear guards. I change from 17x9+22 because they didn't clear my front brakes(Evo brembo calipers) So I changed to 17x9.5+18 with 235/40/17. I have no rubbing issues. I use standards struts with lowered springs and adjustable camber tops. -4 camber in the front and -2.5 in the rear.
  13. Make sure it's not an import for starters as heaps are on the market for cheap prices but the are garbage cars with half arsed resto's Make sure it's not an import that's been converted to rhd My boss has the current Cayenne v6 turbo diesel, the old model he had was the v8(replaced starter motor in the valley of the engine fukn homos) He has a silver 993 twin turbo last of the air cooled, absolute weapon His brother has a 2010 cayman R which is really racey to drive, carbon bucket seats, short shifter is awkward n stiff as its all linkages n not direct in the box. Bosses daily is a 928 v8 and the timing belt snapped, engine survived and belt wasn't hard to replace. All the older Porsches if not restored are junk full of rust that why they are cheap, good thing is that you can buy every little part available for every model Porsche ever made, none of this discontinued bs. Down side is cost to repair be it mechanical or body. If you going into the idea of buying one with the "I have to save every dollar for the next couple of years to buy one" idea then your better of not buying one. If you don't have a 100k to slam down on a really good one n then send it off for a full resto then it's not the car to have. A lot of people restore Porsches n change engines n gearboxs, this automatically decreases there value amongst the Porsche community as they look for cars with matching numbers. Just my 1st hand experience and what I absorb from my bosses knowledge. I always wanted a C2 964 (911) carrera turbo(from bad boys movie) but doesn't mean I'd actually buy one lol. Porsche are way over engineered
  14. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Can't they learn out in the carpark so we can watch kris do his thing. Kris has a a jap cage. Just now they all restrictive n shit, I don't even do the sport n am annoyed by the rules, can't imagine how he feels.
  15. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Yer I understand the point of beginners groups, but it just didn't seem like a lot of the beginners shuda been on full track. They just didn't seem to have a grasp of what they needed to do. Not tryna start n arguement up in here or anything. The beginners if they are beginners shud be on a skid pan learning basics were they can have a passenger showing them the ropes. Obviously pushn some of your buttons so I'll quit talkn, but yer just my opinion. I was there n I saw how it was. The rules n the way it was run n then with pros mixed in with noobs purely cos stupid rules is pretty ridiculous. Even you guys should agree with that?