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    can you do tomei reytec?
  2. Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Intank S15

    mate ive got a sock and fittings to attach to the 044 to be usable intank if you're intersted..PM me

    Boney M FTW!
  4. The Hurt Locker

    i liked it...thought avatar was better though..felt like the storyline flowed better
  5. Truck Drivers

    my uncle scored $50/hr working with couriers palce with this double axel..not sure about rates now with the GFC and other factors in the industry though

    heya all i will be having a Working at Heights course being taking place at my place on Sunday 28th March 2010 (next sunday) and we need a minimum of 6 people to have it go ahead according to the trainer. i've already got 4 of my boys (so 5 including me) attending so need at least 1 more! this is a great opportunity for those of you working in the trades field or looking into working in construction. remember, all expenses are tax deductable under work expenses. details are as below. Date: Sunday 28th March 2010 Loation: Liverpool, NSW Course: Working at heights (elevated work platform) Fee: $295 Instructor: Ahmedi & Associated (OH&S training company) contact: 0432315780 Dominic (me) come on here's your chance to get into a high demand course. even if you dont need it yet, its a good thing to have incase you ever need to work on an elevated platform. if workcover busts ur ass, i'll bet the fine and consequences will be ALOT WORSE!

    sweet! exactly who im after. chasing to buy a decent square block (almost anywhere) willing to go up to $350k tops including all fees and rates. otherwise how much is a decent flat going for these days? my mate recently bought one in cabra for $204k and the guy next door sold his at auction 2 weeks later at $250k, so in theory, he potentially made $46k in 2 weeks...how is the financial market btw? havnt been on the look
  8. heya needing some expert help car is tuned, ECU works fine, drives fine, but then chucked back onto the dyno to load back my power tune, and wtf?! my car makes less power now (same temp and humidity etc) but main concern is why after each run the charts would show the car slowly leaning out. starts out at 12.7 and works its way up to close to 14 =O potentially dead fuel pump maybe? fpr should be working fine, purchased new as was pump and tuned with all running fine with lots of leeway. thinking maybe should hardwire the fuel pump with a relay but cant find that thread (either on NS or wherever). so thinking just bite the bullet and fit a bosch 044 and ditch my walboro 255. second issue....need a wiring diagram for a Billion VFC Max (the gauge one controlling fans and displays digital voltage and analogue water temp). best i could find only shows half in english. attached copy of wat i have despite hard to read abit. uuugggg...wish i knew a jap lol cheers in advance!
  9. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    metal cat....ugg i should do a write up on my car aye...bn thru soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much *tear*
  10. Private Track Day Oran Park North

    ive got tafe woulda love to come though
  11. 1/2 red devil, 1/2 red texas

    things could get nasty in the tank...some devils tend to get territorial and demolish anything

    the wait is as mentioned ridiculous, but i still have high hopes for it. MASSSSSIIIVVVEEEE let down on PSP GT5, thought it would be more like the previous GT's but lets face it, you cant even modify cars or even do class licences like before (which made things abit more challenging)..if its anything like the PSP version, then im getting Forza 3 [already know its awesome ]
  13. PS3 MOD CHIP?

    sounds cool but.......there's always something that goes wrong
  14. 4age gear box chrunchs?

    ur clutch might be gone mate. mybe synchros, maybe pedal needs to be adjusted...
  15. Upgrade Basket

    i agree with blingcommander. clutch, fuel pump, injectors, front half of exhaust and computer would do you wonders. good tune will see an easy 270rwkw
  16. dont listen to the noob ^ im running 273rwkw on safe tune with std manifolds (hot n cold side) and tb, std fuel rail, injectors upgrade is good but they are SIDE FEED, not top feed. coil packs arent necessary im running stockers..just a little heads up that noobs generally dont give too useful information (not saying that all info is useless, but alot is junk)
  17. putting a head unit from a random car into my s13

    of course u can get it to work if u wana test, stick the strip the red and yellow wires of the new deck togetherand put to positive terminal of battery and black to the earth and the deck should turn on
  18. Headunit cutting out

    yes, isnt that what the installation instructions tell you to do in the first place anwyays? alot of electrical issues are derived from bad earthing
  19. Head Unit Playing Up

    as mentioned above, check wiring. unless maybe the cd player is just stuffed all together
  20. turbotech ones are among the best on the market i rekon. tried and compared against other bleed valves and IMPO best value for money and best control
  21. so wats wrong with just using a key?...if it aint broke dont fix it
  22. Stripped Interior

    primer, then coupla coats of spray paint is a cheap option out. otherwise full respray in 2pac with protective coats if u never going in the back or plan to put anything there