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  1. Make : FORD Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $18,000 Condition : Used Regretfully sale due to 12 month suspension of licence. odo >90,000kms Car is in excellent condition and has been religiously serviced - previous owner only drove 20,000km in the four years he owned it. I have owned this vehicle for almost 1 year. Modifications performed by NIZPRO, include; - Xcal 3 reflash unit - Heavy Duty valve springs - Drift high-flow panel air filter - Nizpro upgraded fuel injectors (60lb i think) - X Force 4" stainless steel exhaust (dump/front pipe, high-flow cat & s-bend) ($4800 inc. labour - receipts held) Power output currently 260rwkw @ 15psi (dyno sheet held) I have also fitted an aftermarket gauge setup (oil pressure/boost) with a genuine VDO mount and Drift Iridium gauges. Approx 9 months reg $18,000.00 FIRM Not overly keen to sell but willing to for the right price.
  2. Pedo Bear and American news

    ROFL made my day
  3. Facebook V8 over Japs.

    V8's and toilet paper come in 8-cylinders and i wipe my arse with both
  4. MMA

    The only way to become a good fighter is to fight; lifting will only help u with strength/conditioning once u know how to use it. I would suggest training for mma flat out for at least 3-6 months until u have a basic understanding then work on your s&c. It also helps if u have a background in either grappling or standup before u move into training mma.
  5. Hey everyone, im just wondering if any of you have dealt with Advanced Jap Auto Imports (over in the western suburbs) or if you know of anyone who has had work done by them? Just curious to see what you people have to say. Cheers.
  6. red faced police

    casual day? lol
  7. Omega 3 / Fish oil - Capsules vs Liquid form

    essential fats (omega 3,6,9 from fish flax etc) are volatile and easily oxidised by light heat and air exposure. Oxidised oils are rancid. who wants 2 swallow a tsp or more of off oil a day? Yuck. Good brands state where the oil is from, how its processed and how fresh it is. fish oil produced in smaller quantity rather than mass produced is less likely to be sitting on the shelves of your local health store for months and months under uv lights and heating going off. Break open a cheap capsule and smell it..taste it. It'll be like oil from a sewer.
  8. MMA training program?

    at the moment this is what my training is like; mon rest tue mma wed squat + bench thur mma fri deadlift + military midday, rest, then kickboxing sparring at night sat kickboxing in the morning then rest sun rest id like to make wednesday a rest day and train sunday instead, but its the only day i can get to ptc so if i were u id try and organise a rest day every alternate day of the week
  9. PTC Newsletter

    i'll be coming wednesdays with the Krajacic boys from now on; combined with 2 more days of lifting a week (as well as 3 days fighting) i'll be back on track in no time at all
  10. PTC Newsletter

    To my knowledge, when max's lifts started progressing the most was when he stopped playing soccer? In fight-sports, strength is important markos but not as imporant as technique, endurance and time on the mat. Now that i have started training again (after my 2 month break) i want to implement some regular PTC training into my program. btw my non-competition total was 585 before i took time off lifting, 465 was what i totalled in BATB2 In regards to the comment about Nick's squat, i wasn't picking at his form, i was simply reminiscing about the photo; definitely something i'd frame and put on the wall you know that i am no "knob jockey" and the first person to appreciate the efforts of others. I am well aware of the depth, weight and form that Nick squats with and can say that is VERY impressive
  11. What you ate for Dinner

    i eat chicken, tuna and steak every day. tuna with rice for morning and afternoon tea, chicken + mash potato/broc/carrot/zucc for lunch, steak + mash potato/broc/carrot/zucc for dinner
  12. is it really that much cheaper than buying it here?
  13. supplements

    mmmm... fizzy and nice tasting...
  14. supplements

    this is only a WPI/WPC blend, International Protein have one called Superior Whey for $140. Extreme Mass is much better protein as it contains 5 types; WPI/WPC/Hydrolized WPI/Micellar Casine/Egg Albumen. It is also better for gaining as it has 42.5g of protein and 42.5g of carbs per serving (of which only 9g is sugar; lots of complex carbs). It also contains Glutamine and MCT oils. 3 scoops in 500ml of milk is rougly 630 calories - 2 shakes a day combined with a lot of good food and you're laughing.
  15. Would you take roids?

    yeh, not clever, everyone should know this
  16. supplements

    International Protein Extreme Mass, Vitamin Me sell it for $119.95 for 4kg
  17. Chicken in a Can

    are you f**kin serious?? how does it stay in the can?? its dead. the same way tuna and beans and f**kin corn stays in cans Well normally before canning the chicken, they kill it. The dead chicken then doesn't have that much choice concerning where it stays. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. supplements

    No prize for guessing who's missus works at a health shop. LOL nick did u still want protein?
  19. supplements

    Protein (IP Extreme Mass) pre-training (Horsepower; tri creatine, arginine, beta-alanine) Fish oil (Melrose) Magnesium (endura max) Joint support (glucosamine, msm, chondroitin) Multivitamin (Fusion) Probiotic (inner health plus) Glutamine (IP) Silica gel (Planet Health) Zinc (Ethical Nutrients zinc fix)
  20. Ask Max

    Dear Max, How can i get girls to like me? Regards, Jarrod.
  21. The Post pics of your body thread

    markos, any idea how many grams of tuna/chicken and rice max is consuming in each meal?
  22. Would you take roids?

    you can train only biceps and you'll see results too. Still fcuking stupid taking dbol on its own is pretty much pointless if u want to keep any of your gains for longer than 2weeks after you stop it. imo, it should only be used to kick-start a cycle of long-ester injectables (eg. test enanthate) that take approx 4 weeks to take effect, or to bridge cycles of injectable steroids.
  23. The Post pics of your body thread

    very impressive RUff, keep up the good work
  24. m&m's place

    My mate has one identical in his gym, they are awesome
  25. m&m's place

    Ask Houghy. Did he buy it? - if yes, lucky him r u f**king serious mike?