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  1. Mates SLQW s13

    seriosly the worst tail lights i have ever seen
  2. Tein Coilovers

    is any one having problems with contacting RMS? they havent been in the office all week and have no idea wtf is going on with my order. sorted
  3. R-Rated S15 Varietta Jap Spec Red Manual

    gate it nuff said
  4. order a skip bin, place de motor in skip bin go buy det motor with loom and ecu go do nuts.
  5. Motorbike helmets for drifting

    yep look for the australian standard ticks and you be right.
  6. no pne had this problem?
  7. hey guys been building this motor for a while now, and got my poncams yesterday. put them all in lubed up ect.. set crank to TDC 2nd mark on crank pulley from left.. set the intake side cam to 10 o clock and zorst side to 12 o clock when i was putting the zorst side on i had to force it on a bit to line up with the silver link on the chain but i think it when on ok but im not sure if it has skipped a link on the crank pulley?? how do i check if i have? cause im freacking out!. any ways i thought it probaly hasnt slipped at all so i put the sprockets on and bolted it up. i didnt notice what side the lobes where on the cams when i put them in so i will check that tonight. i put the tensioner in and it tensions but if i rotate the motor it rotates then as the cams go over a lobe it sort of flicks over fast makes a wierd noise and the chain goes loose between the 2 cam sprockets.. i am so confused and freaking out i spent 3 hrs last night doing this and f**k me im stumped. is the chain sopposed to be 100% tight all the way through the rotation or only when the motor is spinning fast.? please links pictures any thing will help please help if you have assembled an sr mark@universaldrafting.com.au
  8. awsome hold a s13 set for me, shouldnt have spent that $150 on piss and going out on the w/e!. im so f**ked sitting at work brain dead.
  9. will this fit an low mount GT3071R? very interested thanks
  10. Gate position

    pics!!! of your gate setup! put em up!
  11. SR20 500hp Build up

    hear is what you have to do mate. get that nice N/A motor strap it down to a work bench get oxy cut in half throw in bin if your building an SR20DET start with an SR20DET that is the best way to start off i think. lol good luck mate
  12. Will this be bad for flow?

    be fine man bolt it up.