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  1. wheels choice for my r34 gtr

    Im still looking for a midnight purple r34 (like in the pictures) or very clean black example. But my choice would be Volk RE30's, imo they look better, and are much less common than the te 37's.
  2. Thanks for the info, those ones seem to be the only ones available atm. I end up sourcing some reverse el glow dials, which I prefer the look of for about half the price. My Nissan dealer end up getting the automatic brake pedal instead of the clutch/brake pedal for a manual... hmm he advised that apparently the part number that I gave was for the auto brake pedal, so Ive still been waiting for the clutch/brake pedal to arrive.
  3. We'll when I bought the car it had 20x8.5 wheels on 225x30 profile which I eventually intend to buy some deep dish 19x9.5 rear & 19x8.5 fronts. Still I wanna have this corrected without playing around with wheel sizes.
  4. I have read in other threads that the speedo and tacho reading have changed and read approx 300rpm higher. I spoke with another mechanic who advised that the speed sensor is in the gearbox, look I'm no Nissan expert but feel free to suggest any other mods that are needed so my speedo & tacho are reading close to correct after performing this mod. I haven't heard anyone recalibrating both these either but if u have any links to threads where this is needed please feel free to provide.
  5. Ok Thanks for that I'll keep that figure in mind if I do decide to open the casing up.
  6. Aym23q, you have done the same did you need to calibrate your speedo? I was under the impression that the abs sensor calculates the turns to to get the speedo readings. I'll test tomorrow but I was hopeful that I didn't need to calibrate and the abs sensor should be accurate after the gearing were changed.
  7. The attached picture shows a 4.3 ratio diff i.e. 48/11=4.364 This will be the certain way to confirm I would guess a 4.11.1 be 45.2/11=4.11.1
  8. My gps does so I might give that a go or have a mate follow me and compare speeds.
  9. Not freaking out but shouldn't it be reading 110km/h @ 3100rpm in 6th my speedo is still reading 2800rpm in 6th @ 110km/h.
  10. Recently installed an r33 series2 abs diff centre & drive shafts to have a shorter 4.11 ratio for my s15. The install when't smoothly everything bolted up fine no issues, I took it for a quick test drive and it did feel like it accelerated quicker. They day before on I took some rpm/speeds with the original 3.69 helical diff in 6th gear, which were: 100km/h @ 2600rpm 110km/h @ 2800rpm 120km/h @ 3100rpm I performed the same test with the newly installed 4:11 and the speedo & tacho are showing almost identical readings as the original 3.69.1 stock ratio. Obviously Im a little concerned that the speed & rpms in 6th have not changed. I found some estimates from a different forum that had the below numbers for the same conversion in 6th gear. r33 4.11.1 110km/h @ 3100rpm standard 3.69:1 110km/h @ 2800rpm The abs sensor is the original that I plug-in into the replacement r33 abs diff so I would presume it is reading correctly. The r33 diff came with thicker 5 bolt drive shafts and were slightly uneven but still bolted in fine. It was actually heavier in weight when pulled out and the case had slightly different markings. I may also need to jack up the rear end and count the turns one arvo but any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it strange that the rpms don't match up, now what's the chances the previous owner took out the centre and put a 3.69.1 centre from an s15! its kinda looking that way. I also noticed that when I turned the tail shaft end of the r33 diff the drive shafts spun in different directions and after we took out the original helical they both spun in the same direction. Can anyone who has done the same conversion please advise us your speedo/tacho readings in 6th gear at the above speeds as I believe the rpms should be at least 300-500rpm higher from the original 3.69.1 ratio. I want to eventually use my helical centre but I need to work out my current dilemma.
  11. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Hmm looks like your s15's brother from another mother!...maybe someone should build one like the yellow green one in the back ground lol. Big Ups on the build, keep up the good work and persistence.
  12. Unfortunately 2 piece rotors aren't cheap, event the dba 4000 & 5000's are around $300 each I think last time I checked. I went with these as they around the same price and not copies. Next time I need the outer disk it will be also be cheaper and I can always upgrade to a larger size (330mm) if I was to add bigger callipers. Just need some deep dish wheels to suit now!
  13. Just upgraded mine yesterday with slotted APEXi GT spec 2 piece front rotors they were $589 a pair from Access online. They fitted perfectly and I even decided to paint the callipers gold, I believe replacement discs are around $300 a pair so they will save you a bit in future. Rated at 800°C 280mm Diameter 30mm thickness Slotted / vented 36 vane
  14. I called them back up and gave the part numbers you had and they said for the set of 3 $158 which I was happy with. There going to get back to me whether they bolt on in place from the standard rubber ones. I'll keep yous posted. Kinda off topic, I wanted to get the glow/plasma dials for the instrument cluster (preferably blue/aqua). Ive Googled & checked ebay for the S15 ones but I can only find ones for the s13 & 14. I would have thought they would have been more available given the later year model. If any one knows where I can source these Id greatly appreciate it.
  15. BS is what I thought aswell but he was making it out that the pedals were the whole unit including arm assembly. I will give him those part numbers ago and hopefully they match up. The guy also said they need to be ordered from Japan and no where in Aus had them in stock. Let us know what there like when you get them, Thanks.