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  1. Price : $700 Condition : Used rex kelway tuned length low mount t3 external gate manifold $700 garrett gt3076r 0.63 vband rear $800 if you buy both parts ill throw in a custom vband dump / front pipe for $150 to suit the above setup. made 289rwkw @ 23psi with greddy easy cams and all the supporting mods on sr20det. pm if interested. can post at buyers expense with e-go.
  2. orange s15 mess.

    I don't know the car but i remember this video, pretty sure it's the one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB0BQ-1srNQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  3. Nitto 2.2L stroker s15

    looks epic bobby hanging for this to be finished so you can take me for a lap down slater haha
  4. my s14 317kw

    put up some more details dude specs on the engine?
  5. What oil filter?

    I use a ryco z145a (same as 442) with my grex relocator. does the job fine.
  6. Pink Ping Pong Balls

    lmaoooo fml was really getting into that story
  7. S14a, GT3076r on e85

    how do you find it to drive on the street response wise? when does it start to make boost and when's full?
  8. S14a, GT3076r on e85

    wicked ride very similar to my setup standard bottom end still? no head gasket or head studs? very impressive
  9. I've never tuned my car with a poddy. but I've always run the factory airbox, all we did was pump a whole in the side making the opening much larger and k&n panel filter. made 289rwkw @ 23 psi does the job fine
  10. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    epic triskitss looking forward to seeing it tuned
  11. ^^ agreed. if we got the confirmation it was on 100% would have gladly rocked up and paid my $180
  12. the cages would meet their current requirements for passengers. however from what I've heard, September onwards side intrusion bars will be required.
  13. Making a S15 drift car?

    Oh yeah you're right, cause there's nothing reliable about a daily Toyota Aristo..... lol obviously i meant it in his case doing an engine swap, take it easy son
  14. Making a S15 drift car?

    sorry man but the words 2jz, rb26dett, daily driver and reliable don't belong in the same sentence.