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  1. Passengers will be allowed, just need long clothing, full covered shoes, helments and a
  2. Guys this is one of the best events at mallala! So much track time and so much fun! When I did it i had so much fun and at the same time learning from top drifters such as pickering and monkhouse. For the last two years I have been instructing and had an awesome time teaching you guys! I'll be there again this year helping you guys build up your skills from beginners to G1 drivers! All the instructors are very nice and approachable, feel free to come upto us for any questions The tip i give the most is to run the same brand tyres at the rear and buying brand new tyres. Why? Well they last a lot longer! (= more track time!) and you can properly learn the grip and slip levels of the tyre therefore improve on your skill and keep pushing harder! See you guys out there! Come say hi, I can't wait!
  3. D1's Back to basics S13

    Did some judging at the SA round of stadium drift and drove my s13 in the free time great fun, exhaust was on the ground all the time, people could hear that i was coming. the exhaust also fell off and i held it on with a t shirt as you can see in this photo
  4. D1's Back to basics S13

  5. D1's Back to basics S13

    haha i hear you about the ripple strips! i went off at one stage and omg i thorght i killed the thing and munted the sump but just kept driving and it was ok, its just a stock ca so no lol haha dan i just hold the thing flat and see what happens! thing loves it haha
  6. Kenneth Moens New Video

    sweett! so much smoke!
  7. ADGP Round 1 review

    Top photo Luke!
  8. Stop delam all over guards.

    Some people run tyre shine on the body for an easy wipe off but does attract dirt also, contact seems to be the best way.
  9. D1's Back to basics S13

    my drive way, fair straight and still leaves some rail on the ground haha
  10. D1's Back to basics S13

    haha i did but didnt last long haha such a good photo, low, sparks, smoke, foggys
  11. D1's Back to basics S13

    Exactly! haha loves it!
  12. D1's Back to basics S13

    not many people did haha yeah i got a t28 on mine just stock motor on 10psi i think has plenty to have fun in!
  13. D1's Back to basics S13

    Just stock diff dude, stock lsd, using 3rd with ease
  14. D1's Back to basics S13

    haha no one knew it was me, they all look the same haha simon, my mate gave to meto test them out, think he said he made them? not sure on what specs they are but no bind makes me happy!