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  1. Is round 3 going to happen?

    LOL me too hopefully round 4, im slow when doing big jobs on the car lol
  2. Is round 3 going to happen?

    wow i just read 1 run at a time HAHA Id be embarrassed to be a drifter if it went back that way. gay
  3. Is round 3 going to happen?

    yeah thats the shit dave, HTS morals lol Ive done the last few drift days for around $350 thats entry fee, fuel and tyres and ive got a 5th and 6th those times, Cant afford it is just a limp dick excuse you prob need to get a job
  4. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    All stuff sold except sr20det engine, has everything bar turbo, injectors, afm and ecu. $1900
  5. North west are jawing this weekend lol, a few big builds underway in the HTS Garage workshop, plus leader has bailed to port douglas to sip cocktails the fag lol
  6. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    Haha this makes me laugh
  7. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    Loads of sr20 parts for sale including engine, gearbox, apexi power fc, nismo injectors located in Ulverstone, tas click the link http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=487349
  8. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    sr20det engine for sale pm me! nismo injectors, apexi power fc, gearbox and exedy clutch etc etc
  9. Tas drift fest

    Yeah well thats a proper entry which i woulda done lol
  10. Tas drift fest

    So i was the only one doing gay fishies lol
  11. Tas drift fest

    I was told on the start line that the judges want to see fishy whole straight, that only reason i did that...
  12. Tas drift fest

    will certainly agree... seeing the pile of tyres brendo brought with him...most other drivers would throw out or give to the bogan next door for his commo burnout machine... to then be pulling the fastest entries consistently was a credit to him... Cheers boys, i think i would have got trusky if i dropped them to 24psi.. so close, next time maybe ps: devo tyre shops already threw them out lol..to me
  13. Tas drift fest

    Does anyone know if the news coverage has been put on the net and where it is?
  14. Tas drift fest

    OH matty russel oh shit oh shit true
  15. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    Some gear for sale... blacktop sr20det engine very healthy apexi power fc with hand controller sr20 gearbox exedy 3 puck clutch 2871r 52T .64 turbo PM ME!
  16. Temp Accomadation in SA

    Yes SA trips are awesome when staying with mark and jules

    Can we get a driver list? entries you've recieved so far
  18. Tas drift fest

    I be there sporting second hand 16's i got for free lol hell wreckin them in 4th. cyas there
  19. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    no one cares miles haha
  20. First Drift Practice Day Of 2011

    Why the entry fee rise? i didnt get a pay rise
  21. 2011 Tasmanian Drift Series Dates

    You're all about the big entries brendo! Haha they are mint tho
  22. Drifting Tasmania Rd 4 2010 Photos

    yeah havent got around to it lol
  23. 2011 Tasmanian Drift Series Dates

    Is there going to be a big entry comp at the tas drift festival? Can we get a speed radar gun going for it? so that an accurateish speed reading plays a factor in deciding the biggest entry?
  24. Drifting Tasmania Rd 4 2010 Photos

    Haha just livin the dream ay royce
  25. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    hope so mate i almost got that front bar fixed to ha doubt il be able to keep up with u boys closest iv come to drifting to in the last 10 months is hooking one wheelers in the wet with my commo Haha nice im keen for powercruise too this time, i want to 5th gear scando the back corner on second hand treads haha